Sweet Street by Anna Polyviou at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

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In Sydney, dessert playgrounds can be hard to find at night. Luckily last Wednesday, Shangri-La Hotel’s executive pastry chef Anna Polyviou gave over 500 hundred sugared up guest the opportunity to discover sweets like never before. It was one funky dessert pop-up event located right inside the five-star luxury hotel, Shangri-La Sydney’s Grand Ballroom. We were treated to street-market style set up with disco lighting and a DJ playing night-club music throughout the evening.

Sweet Street (1)

For $55 per ticket which includes 10 tokens and the opportunity to go hard out for all things sweet, I’d say it’s surprisingly worth it! Dedication to sweets is a serious matter and what makes this event so Willy Wonka like is inviting friends along. Special guests like the unconquerable Adriano Zumbo, Tim Clark from CacaoKirsten Tibballs from Savour SchoolBernard Chu and Yen Yee from Melbourne’s LuxBite and off course Shangri-La hotel’s pastry star, Anna Polyviou.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (2)

What’s your favourite Zumbaron flavour? Adriano Zumbo stall.

Sweet Street event showcased the best treats and in between our splendid sweet-tooth madness, prizes from KitchenAid and dance competition was all happening under the one roof.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (3)

Scrumdiddilyumpshus Éclairs from Cacao Lab - Tim Clark 

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (4)

Just before the show starts, it’s family portrait time with the Asians N2 Extreme Gelato X LuxBite

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (5)

Selfie time with the BOSSES from N2 Extrem Gelato and LuxBite before the event. No biggie!!! 

Heaven for lovers of chocolate, this extraordinary handmade chocolate garden is completely edible. Unfortunately Kirsten Tibballs display wasn’t for us to eat. However to accommodate, she was selling one stunning chocolate goodie bag for 1 token a bag.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (6)

Gigantic chocolate mushroom from Savour School

Chocolates and painted butterflies that’s also edible is the perfect gift combination to win my heart. This has got to be one of the delicious Chocolate Dessert Garden for your next dinner party that will leave your guests awe-struck. If only I knew how to grow and maintain my own chocolate garden.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (7)

 Mother nature has turned into CHOCOLATE!!! – Savour School

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (8)

A bag of awesome chocolate treats from Savour School (1 token) 

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (9)

Let’s see what Anna Polyviou stall has got for us hungry sweet tooth.

Anna’s Taste Test Donut was inspired by Sydney’s Hartsyard chef Andy Bowdy to create a CRAZY doughnut-flavoured ice cream. I think this may be the next trend for Sydney.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (10)

 Doesn’t this remind you of The Simpsons cartoon donut?

I can never ever get past the Passionfruit Posset with seasonal tropical fruit compote-garnished with mango pearls. An incredibly refreshing fruity treat! Served in a petite cylinder cup. For a moment your mind may wander off to a tropical island as the pearls offer a nice burst of mango flavour.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (11)

 Passionfruit posset and tropical fruit (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (12)

Donuts get in ma belly!!!

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (13)

Berries and vanilla panna cotta (1 token) 

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (15)

Bar tender from Blu Bar on 36 cocktail bar

For the people who fancied a nice adult beverage,  Blu Bar on 36 cocktail bar offered only one type of cocktail-Spydah. It included tonka bean infused with rum, banana liquor, ginger beer and a scoop of ice-cream. The cocktail name sort of makes our skin crawl, but you’ll feel pretty festive after downing it.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (16)

 Spydah (2 tokens)

Savoury option for the night was supplied by Shangri-La and that too was another corner no one missed out on. My favourite was the Shredded pork salad as the meat was supreme in taste and it was so freaken tender.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (17)

Don’t go pigging out tonight, ok? *Oink*
Sweet St_Nessy Eater (18)

Shredded pork salad (1 token)

There is always a reason why Anna decided to abduct the lolly bag man from his Luxbite pastry lab in Melbourne. You’re properly wondering why? [Please continue reading...]

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (19)

 Concentration is the key to making eye-popping ice-creams at N2 Extreme Gelato.

So I’ll get straight to it and say the LIMITED EDITION ‘lollybag burger‘-chocolate brioche buns that was held together by an ENORMOUS scoop of lemon gelato plus a ganache, made from melted Redskin candies, in place of a the ordinary ‘tomato sauce’. From the top 100 & 1000s charcoal brioche bun with confit lemon popping candy, musk whipped creammandarin and eucalyptus gelatofreckles spread and served with a syringe full of injectable liquefied redskin candies.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (20)

 Limited edition: Lolly Bag Burger (2 tokens)

Nitrogen frozen gelato was also on offer with Ferrero Rocher that contained chocolate coated rice bubbles, chocolate and hazelnut gelatohazelnuts and just for the stack of it why not serve it with a syringe full of injectable melted chocolate.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (21)

 Ferrero Reveal (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (22)

 Min Chuan Chai from N2 Extreme Gelato

Just right next door to N2 Extreme Gelato, Bernard Chu and Yen Yee of Lux Bite Melbourne decided to tart things up. This stall showcase new flavours such as lavender, blueberry and vanilla and tarts. All tarts were SOLD OUT before 8:10pm and I was extremely happy I somehow managed to sample all three flavours.

Endless Love is LuxBite’s popular dessert, inspired by Pierre Hermes Ispahan. This tart includes rose and lychee ganache filled, topped with fresh raspberries and silver to garnish. Next, Sood Tee Ruk is a happy ending…that Luxbite are giving lemon meringue tart a Thai twist. This tart includes Kalamansi lime curd with jackfruit, longan, chilli, salt, meringue, kaffir lime sherbet.

For the final tart, we had blueberry tart that’s filled with Heilala vanilla rice pudding and hazelnut praline cream, topped with fresh blueberries and chunks of hazelnut.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (23)

 Assortment of tarts from LuxBite.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (24)

 Great catching up with my Melbourne friends Bernard and Yen at LuxBite.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (25)

Spicy Lamb and Beef skewers (1 token each)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (26)

Papaya salad  (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (27)

  Pork salad (1 token)

Sweet as! The Éclairs from Cacao Lab were rendered in new ways, including Hot Choc Dog and deep-frying. Starting from left to right we have:

Caipirinha-Tangy lime creme with brown sugar smash and Cachaca boost

Hot Choc Dog containing Chocolate mousse, raspberry gel and say whaat? grated ‘chocolate’ cheese.

 Pop Choc with 66% dark chocolatepop rocks and rice puffs

Salted Caramel

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (28)

Éclairs from Cacao Lab – Tim Clark (1 token each)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (29)

 Delicate eclairs in the deep-fried coconut version.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (30)

Caipirinha-Tangy lime creme with brown sugar smash and Cachaca boost (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (31)

Hot Choc Dog Éclair  (1 token)

Move over soft serve because Anna’s parfait yoghurt with a chunky centre is the NEW THING. Yoghurt ice-cream has never looked so pretty before, until now. It’s only appropriate to eat this whilst watching TV. This finger-licking parfait ice-cream yoghurt attached on a wooden popsicle stick topped with crunchy caramel popcorn. A splendid way to bring the Sweet Street to an end.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (32)

Mag-Anna’s  Salted Caramel Popcorn (1 token)

The Strawberry Yoghurt was an absolutely sinful ice-cream. I was really fascinated with how adorable this yoghurt was. In my opinion a sensational rollicking dessert!

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (33)

Mag-Anna’s Strawberry Yoghurt  (1 token)

Dedicated to only serve sweets, Anna has been recongnised for her skills in the pastry kitchen. She is the brainchild behind Sweet Street and is one of the founders of the Sydney Pastry Chef Club. Together with Adriano Zumbo, Min Chuan Chai of N2 Nitrogen Gelato, Bernard Chu and Yen Yee of Lux Bite, Tim Clark of Cacao Lab, and Kirsten Tibballs of Savour Chocolate and Patisserie, they are unstoppable. This event is basically your ideal childhood birthday party for all the GROWN UPS.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (34)

 Anna and friends at Sweet Street.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Rabbit Hole – Cocktail Concepts & Culinary Craze

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Tucked away at the basement level and hidden quietly beneath Elizabeth Street in Sydney’s CBD, be sure to spot a pair of white ears. Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining is the ideal venue for impressive cocktails and artistic style are on show with each dish. The owner and cocktail specialist Dough Laming genuinely seem passionate about what they do here. Twenty food bloggers was invited to an evening of ‘Cocktail Concepts & Culinary Craze’. We were all very lucky to indulge in this first class French cuisine that was crafted by the Executive Chef Jeremy Metivier.

Rabbit Hole (1)_Nessy Eater

 Nice decorations happening here at Rabbit Hole.

We were all greeted with a glass of Remy Martin VSOP with pomme verte, elderflower, strawberries and apple served champagne style. Without hesitation, this was a highly prized flavour for the ladies as it contains a small perception of sweetness.

Rabbit Hole (2)_Nessy Eater

 Getting started with Champagne.

Extremely clever way of dressing the poached oyster is using green apple foam and liquid nitrogen kiwi spheres with ‘Magdalene’s Marvel’ and hidden beneath yuzu jelly. The form and spheres give it a unique richness of taste and flavours can be fully appreciated with the jelly.

Rabbit Hole (3)_Nessy Eater

 Poached oyster with green apple foam liquid nitrogen kiwi spheres

Not long after, guests were seated in adjoining dining room for a degustation menu. It was lovely catching up with some bloggers and meeting new friendly faces.

Rabbit Hole (4)_Nessy Eater

 What will we be having tonight?

Doug Laming presented a molecular cocktail with yellow Chartreuse and Blanco tequila. He specifically focussed on a very ground breaking technique called caviar spherification. They literally look like caviar-shaped balls and are formed from liquid. This mini sized cocktail was pretty remarkable. You’d sparkle and ooze out joy if you saw this in person. Firstly, embrace the madness of the caviar shaped balls that’s infused with alcohol. Then you got to let the grilled lime, agave, jalapeno and coriander express themselves. Can you feel it?

Rabbit Hole (5)_Nessy Eater

 Caviar spherification

Rabbit Hole (6)_Nessy Eater

 Grilled lime, agave, jalapeno and coriander with Chartreuse and tequila.

With the incredible presentation of the cocktail came with an exquisite starter dish –scampi with bloody Mary emulsion, coriander and tomato cous cous. The fleshy tail reminded me of a lobster and is closer in both taste and texture. I was genuinely entertained by this dish because the coriander droplets was frozen when it arrived to our table and then slowly melted. Turning it into a nice sauce. For the crispy legs with ‘Ay Caramba’ I was so jittery because it was perfectly golden and had a nice crunch. The cous cous matched perfectly with the bloody Mary and scampi pieces as it introduced a whole new savoury flavour.

Rabbit Hole (7)_Nessy Eater

 Scampi with bloody Mary emulsion, coriander and tomato cous cous

Rabbit Hole (8)_Nessy Eater

 Them legs!

It’s the curiosity that makes me want to know more about the white chocolate ball. At first I thought it was sea urchin due to the looks of it. Excuse Me Waiter and I couldn’t put our finger on it with the flavour but it was familiar like lemon. When Doug told us that inside the white chocolate contained lemon curd and prawn, we were surprised. The flavour did seduce us and it was quite creamy.

Rabbit Hole (8B)_Nessy Eater

 White chocolate ball with lemon curd and prawn.

There’s a reason why Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining is talk of the town when it comes to their cocktails and I can finally see why. When Doug presented a theatrical liquid nitrogen mojito air as our palate Cleanser, all my emotions were mixed together. I think I have 50 million photos of him entertaining us on my camera. It’s more than you should have of your own stuffed toys.

Rabbit Hole (9)_Nessy Eater

 A lot of liquid nitrogen for everyone.

Rabbit Hole (10)_Nessy Eater

 Shaping the mojito air into balls.

Rabbit Hole (11)_Nessy Eater

 Carefully finding the mojito balls.

Rabbit Hole (12)_Nessy Eater

 Scooping the mojito airs to serve.

My gigantic mouth looked like it devoured an elephant in one bite with this mojito air. It was very refreshing as if I was like eating clouds mixed with marshmallow. The flavours are noticeable and spot on to the point you’d think you’re throwing a mojito party in your mouth.

Rabbit Hole (13)_Nessy Eater

 Mojito Air

Rabbit Hole (14)_Nessy Eater

 Nice and cloudy with a hint of marshmallow texture.

Rabbit Hole (15)_Nessy Eater

 Couldn’t help but squeeze in another photo. 

For the most tender, juicy and succulent meat, the glazed pork belly with droplets of butter bean puree, sliced radish, pickled carrots and passionfruit with ‘The Rabbit Hole, White Negroni’ is a must have. Emotion flooded my heart when I slowed made a sharp cut to my piece of meat. The sweet flavour was ridiculously infectious along with the puree.

Rabbit Hole (17)_Nessy Eater

  Glazed pork belly

I tried to save my passionfruit so I could properly get a selfie for it. It had passion alright and somehow the texture felt and tasted like rice paper. I think this could be the next healthy snack food for me.

Rabbit Hole (19)_Nessy Eater

  Papper thin passionfruit

A trendy drink lately is the ‘Rabbit Hole redistilled bitter lemon gin’ with No. 3 Gin, Solerno blood orange served short on an ice sphere containing a lily. I had pleasure sipping this, though some people pointed out it was a tad strong for them but I manned up and still finished the whole thing. Who are we kidding, this cocktail is disguised for a female drink, but really it’s more suitable for the gents because it’s strong aroma of gin.

Rabbit Hole (20)_Nessy Eater

 Rabbit Hole redistilled bitter lemon gin

You’re looking great there spherical gnocchi of mascarpone and savarin, black cardamom and mushroom consommé with ‘Rosemary’s got the Blues’. When I first came across this impeccable dish, I was utterly shocked at how well-presented the gnocchi looked. The comforting flavours and textures of the mushroom consommé is a real winner. This extra special cosy course reminded me of my mother’s homemade herbal soup. It has clean, deep flavour that’s dangerously addictive. I absolutely adore the gnocchi, it’s a very scientific kind of dish in my eyes because the outer layer is see-through.

Rabbit Hole (21)_Nessy Eater

 Spherical gnocchi of mascarpone and savarin

Rabbit Hole (22)_Nessy Eater

 It’s not your ordinary gnocchi.

As you slowly take your first bite of the gnocchi, be prepared for the creamy mascarpone and savarin to ooze out. Extravaganza!

Rabbit Hole (23)_Nessy Eater

 Interesting gnocchi.

Rabbit Hole (24)_Nessy Eater

 So does that mean you’re good to go?

You know what would be good? The Bowmore 12yr made with rosemary syrup, fresh pressed blueberries, apple and malic acid served cocktail style. It’s a great beautiful winter cocktail that’s a mix of something classic. A drink everyone will enjoy as it tastes and is a sophisticated beverage.

Rabbit Hole (25)_Nessy Eater

 I call it the girly cocktail.

Rabbit Hole (26)_Nessy Eater

What could this be?

I can’t explain to you, how much I love the way this fireball whisky made with ‘Rabbit Hole’ coffee liquor, vanilla and chocolate bitters served as a bitter foam inside gold edible glass was incredibly interesting. I’m sure those fancy ladies would thoroughly enjoy this dessert, not because it’s gold but the foam is amazingly smooth with that coffee kick.

Rabbit Hole (27)_Nessy Eater

 Fireball whisky

Can someone babysit my full belly whilst I eat the toffee apple sugar sphere made with cinnamon foam, almond nougat and apple with ‘Wonka’s Wasted’. This has got to be the unhealthiest apple I’ve eaten this year. Nothing beats the crunch of this sphere on a crisp winter evening. The taste so much better than ordinary candy apple. When the waitress delivered 5 of these apples to our table, I honestly felt like Doug and Jeremy has tricked me to eat this delicious red candy apple. Luckily they’re not the wicked stepmother, nor am I Snow White.  How is it humanly possible to whip up twenty of these?

Rabbit Hole (28)_Nessy Eater

 Definitely not Snow Whites apple.

It’s seriously one of my favourite candy pieces and it offers a truly unique sensational taste as well. To overcome the sweetness, keep dunking it with the crumbled nougat and apple pieces along with the foam. When no one was watching, I legitimately crammed everything into my mouth.

Rabbit Hole (29)_Nessy Eater

 Look at that crack! 

You can really appreciate an excellent cocktail at the Rabbit Hole Bar & Dining. Beautifully presented dishes is heavily influenced by French cuisine and the quality of the food, tasted amazing. This unique venue is a favourite and I can’t wait to return for some crazy cocktails and desserts. The desserts seriously looks epic in person.

Rabbit Hole (30)_Nessy Eater

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest to Rabbit Hole Online Influencer Dinner, thanks to Pendulum Communications.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Maille High Tea – Sydney’s First La Maison Maille Launch

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Did you know you can put mustard on everything from scrambled eggs to seafood? If you knew that already, then you got me. Then let me ask you another question, did you know there is one type of mustard that effectively cuts calories in half? Bet you didn’t! In Mosman’s Bridgepoint Shopping Centre, Maille has just recently opened up their first la maison boutique in Sydney with the collaboration of an Australian local supermarket, IGA. Maille strongly emphasis on creating a “community” atmosphere, which makes it ideal for Australian market.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (1)

Maille’s intimate high tea

Nessy Eater_Maille (1)

The venue was at Boronia Tea House

The most extravagant of mustards will be available in Sydney and Melbourne and will house 24 varieties of mustards, vinaigrettes, vinegars and including the world’s most EXCLUSIVE MUSTARD, Périgord black truffle from Provence and Chablis from Burgundy. A small 100g pot retails for $100 a pop and I’ve been secretly informed, Maille is offering 5 x 500g jar of this extravagant mustard for $500 each pot in Australia. Help, i’m hyperventilating so hard right now. This is without doubt exclusive as the mustard emporium has supplied the European royal courts centuries ago and truffles are only available in France between November to March. Want to get your hands on the 500g black truffle and Chablis mustard? Then lucky you, I found out that Not Quite Nigella is running a competition that ends 31st of August, 2014. GOOD LUCK!

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (2)

 This is just a small portion of Maille products.

Mustard is indeed such a fine, exquisite taste that I never had the opportunity to appreciate it, until now. There’s so many applications for mustard for instance they have a special kind of characteristic in them including a richer, creamier consistency and flavours of spice. Being invited to attend a very intimate high tea with guests like Regional Mangers and CEO’s of IGA supermarket, Manly Daily, The Telegraph and my favourite food blogger Lorraine Elliott aka Not Quite Nigella (which I had cold feet and missed my chance to flirt with her by being too shy) because I was so blown away she was standing metres away from me. This also brings a very special guest who flew into Australia from Paris and is one of the world’s ten mustard sommeliers, Elodie Charlotte-Cleria.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (4)

Be surprised  for some Maille mustard tasting. 

To be impressed by Maille mustard, Elodie Charlotte-Cleria expertly guides us through 15 different flavours of mustard. You should first smell the aroma of the mustard and then evenly spread it on a natural ingredient such as bread stick, a slice of bread (preferably white) or neutral crackers. After this, it is important to place the mustard on the tip of your tongue which is the most sensitive spot.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (6)

 Breathtaking decorations

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (7)

He was having fun pumping $$$$ Périgord black truffle and Chablis mustard.

Our intimate mustard tasting was followed by a specially designed mustard-inspired high tea. The experience was so authentic, in terms of mustard wise. I’ve decided to copy their recipe when I DIY my own high tea at home. Various mustard flavours have their own pairing. You should of seen my eyes as they were open wide throughout the mustard tasting. It was like each mustard flavour knew how to seduce you.

Top level

  • House made scones with fresh cream infused with Maille Cognac Mustard

Second level: assortment of finger sandwiches

  • Double smoked ham on multigrain bread with Swiss Cheese and Maille Honey Balsamic Mustard
  • Smoked salmon and cucumber on white bread with Maille Parmesan Cheese and Basil Mustard

Bottom level:

  • Rare beef served on rye bread with rocket and Maille Chablis White Wine Mustard
  • Roasted beetroot on rye bread with Maille Blue Cheese Mustard

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (9)

Maille mustard-inspired high tea

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (10)

 English Breakfast from T2 Tea.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (8)

 Can you imagine vinaigrette in your dessert?

Soon after, assortment of desserts arrived and they offered a very unique flavour. Some desserts really surprised me that it contained vinaigrette and I liked it. It’s amazing how one ingredient can change everything.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (11)

You should of seen my face when the assortment of desserts arrived.

It was my duty to start dessert with Coconut mini gelato drizzled with Maille Passionfruit and Mango Vinaigrette. I am convinced this is one ingredient you’d want to concentrate on. It utterly impressed me that Maille nailed it. You wouldn’t be able to taste the vinaigrette as real fresh ingredients are added and the fruity flavour is just overpowering. It was completely flawless.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (12)

 Coconut mini gelato drizzled with Maille Passionfruit and Mango Vinaigrette

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (13)

Maille Passionfruit and Mango Vinaigrette

Classic macarons with Maille Sauternes White Wine Mustard wasn’t what I expected. In my opinion, looks don’t count, it’s what’s inside that counts. The mustard did bring the white wine flavour forward and overall not overbearing in any way.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (14)

 Classic macarons with Maille Sauternes White Wine Mustard 

Fresh mini strawberry tart with Maille Aged Balsmaic Vinegar of Modena was perfectly integrated into this dessert, though it may not be a favourite for some, as there was an intense complex sweet vinegar flavour but the vinegar slowly oxidizes under the influence of the tart.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (15)

 Fresh mini strawberry tart with Maille Aged Balsmaic Vinegar of Modena

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (16)

 I think I had the best view in the house.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (17)

 Time to cut the ribbon with IGA CEO and French Mustard Somelier, Amelia and Elodie Charlotte-Cleria .

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (18)

 HOORAY! Maille is open.

Having not tasted as much mustard before, my experience with Maille is unforgettable. I am salivating over the idea of so many mustard flavours that I never knew and I have Elodie Charlotte-Cleria and Maille to thank. I definitely have learnt a lot in the space of 3 hours, though there is a lot more to learn from Maille and it is fantastic they continue to educate those who have or haven’t been exposed to mustard. Its exclusive ‘mustard pump’ dispensing fresh mustard is a unique experience only available in its boutiques and we are very lucky Australia gets to enjoy this tasting experience. Overall, Maille French mustard has catapulted the world of condiments during cooking to add flavour or texture to the food and brought forward a whole new level of extravagance. It’s shocking I only discovered this now, but it’s never too late. You have to take every opportunity to exploit such an exotic condiment as it adds a subtle flavour.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (19)

 Like to test your tastebuds with Maille?

The highlight of the high tea is not just experiencing the mustards but taking some home. We were each given an empty Maille gift bag with an empty black box. Our job was to fill it up with any Maille products we desired most. This is what I picked. I absolutely adore each mustard flavour as all the delicate flavours remain perfectly balanced and you’re able to appreciate it.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (21)

Excellent range of gifts from Maille. 

Not only did we receive an awesome gift pack but EVERY GUEST received a 100g pot of Maille black truffle and chablis mustard as a gift. UH-BOH-LIEVABLE! That’s freaken $100!!! At the time, I was actually considering to hire two safeguards to protect me from getting truffle mugged. Teehee. Truffle is the most exquisite ingredient to have and it’s very rare to find, hence it’s expensive. Some say truffles are the culinary equivalent of sex, one whiff and the aroma will automatically turn you on. More importantly, it smells musky, earthy and pungent. The smell is so overwhelming that it infuses any meal. This truffle mustard certainly will be the golden crown on ANY dish, but in my opinion the perfect way to jazz it up is just eat it by the spoonful, a BIG SPOONFUL.

Maille Launch_Nessy Eater (20)

The world’s most EXCLUSIVE MUSTARD, Périgord black truffle and Chablis mustard.

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest to the launch of Maille , thanks to Maille and AC Agency.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Lost the plot at Cuckoo Callay, Newtown Station

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From the moment you pass the exit gate of Newtown Station, you’d easily spot a café filled with people seated outside to gain some vitamin D whilst having lunch or commuters stop by in front of a glass window and placing their orders for a hot-brewed coffee. In a neighbourhood that welcomes the hippest of brunch spots, Cuckoo Callay provides a quirky take to their menus. With many commuters travelling to and from to Newtown, you’d assume this intimate sized café only offer coffee and cakes. Don’t judge a book by its cover kids! The café will have your cravings covered with all sorts of decadent foods.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (1)

 Are you ready?

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (2)

 Love this quote! Nothing is boring at Cuckoo Callay.

As you enter this café, the décor is enough to get your head spinning, in a good way off course. This is because owners Ella and Ibriham wanted something eccentric with cuckoo clocks glued on mirrored walls and an enormous golden metal ring spiking light bulbs to add a twist to the reflection. Don’t feel daunted if their interior decoration is too much for you, the staff’s so sweet they’ll give you a toothache.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (3)

 Mirror mirror on the wall

If anybody knows how to entertain a table, it’s certainly Cuckoo Callay with heritage details.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (4)

 It’s the little things that count!

Reading Nutella Thick Shake ($7) on their menu got me excited to order. Almighty Princess made an interesting point that it provides an aromatic hazelnut flavour with an unforgettable heavenly creamy finish. Though I have to point out, it didn’t reach the thick texture level, however that didn’t matter because you’d be too busy feeding your inner child.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (5)

You know you want the Nutella Thick Shake ($7)

Get out your phone and open up Instagram to #Hashtag Brown with House Cured Salmon ($17). An old-fashioned favourite that has been modernised by finely cutting the crispy potato hash brown and adding a poached egg with a pool of pea puree. With no trouble, this dish can easily be turned into a vegetarian favourite if you switch the cured salmon with grilled haloumi. If you surgically dissect the potato disc with your fork and knife and examine closely, you’d know the Chefs at Cuckoo Callay have done an exceptional job with sticking each strand of potato together.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (6)

 #Hashtag Brown with House Cured Salmon ($17)

With that gooey egg porn atop, it brings the perfect finish to this dish. The slices of house cured salmon is sensational with a flavoursome mix of finely chopped chives and a hint of grated lemon zest. The fragrance of the salmon is so powerful that when it reaches near the nose you’ll relish every slice. The hunt for pea puree is over, though not as smooth as I imaged but the flavour is there alright.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (7)

 Look how finely shredded the hash browns are. 

When Ibriham placed the Callay’s Brekkie Board ($22) on our table, I thought I was hallucinating. This board can seriously feed two people or maybe for one, if your stomach is empty and your extremely hungry and skipped breakfast. I have to tell ya, this is classified a BARGAIN on my list for brunch in Sydney. LOOK AT IT, there’s 8 different ingredients excluding the lemon for $22!!! To me, it looked like an ultimate big breakfast dish waiting for hungry customers to devour it. Personally, it’s a level up to your ordinary big breakfast and I really enjoy every single element on this board. An awesome way to play with your food by mixing and matching the ingredients. For me I recommend cutting the sour dough into halves and go have some fun by turning those naked slices of bread by adding delicious toppings.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (8)

MUST ORDER THIS GUYS!!! Its the Callay’s Brekkie Board ($22) 

Let’s start with rosemary and lamb sausage. An excellent meat-to-fat ratio with an intense flavour of rosemary. This is a gourmet sausage like you’ve never tasted!

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (9)

 The rosemary and lamb sausage are looking super cute.

Next you can dress it up with heirloom tomatoes and button mushrooms. The heirloom tomatoes provide a far superior flavour than ordinary tomatoes and drenched olive oil.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (10)

Looking tasty heirloom tomatoes and button mushrooms.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (11)

 Dang the House Cured Salmon is delish!

No way, there’s more! Double smoked ham that’s served cold. It can be such a great center piece to the piece of sour dough as it does make a beautiful presentation. OH, don’t forget to add avocado.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (12)

 Avocado and Double smoked ham

You can’t serve a brekkie board, if there isn’t any egg porn. Cuckoo Callay never forgets this and makes sure you get two. This is RIDICUIOUSLY UNBELIEVABLE! It was extremely funny to watch Almighty Princess watch me demolish this board alone and only leaving breadcrumbs behind. Pretty embarrassing for me but I just wanted to all of that in ma belly. :D

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (13)

 Got to spot drooling… :P

I honestly couldn’t fit dessert in my stomach and so it was best to take home some sweet treat. The Caramel + Choc Chip Cookie ($4 each) is the perfect addition to your morning coffee. Not overly sweet but manages to tempt the tastebuds with pieces of choc chip is always a delight.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (19)

 Caramel + Choc Chip Cookie ($4 each)

A concoction of Dark choc chip + banana ($4 each) is a sweet symphony. This muffin made from scratch will astonish even the die-hard chocolate lover.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (20)

 Dark choc chip + banana ($4 each)

As I made my way to the counter to pay, Ibriham told me to look up and this lovely themed Alice and Wonderland of Cuckoo Callay was staring at me. This hand drawn piece of art was created by Tim and each character represents a story to it. From the bottom of this drawing, the train represents Newtown Station, a person sitting on the train represents expanding new ideas and rabbits hopping out of the station suggest turning the ideas into reality. Coffee cups that look like building creates a happy zone for coffee lovers and the more you look at this drawing the more things you see.

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (14)

 Spot this drawing in Cuckoo Callay

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (15)

 What an epic drawing!

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (16)

 Love their décor at Cuckoo Callay

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (18)

 Owners of Cuckoo Callay Ella and Ibriham

Cuckoo Callay is the most convenient café in Newtown for those who don’t like to walk far. It’s LITERALLY seconds away from Newtown Station, unless you move at a snails pace then maybe it might take you a FULL MINUTE. I can’t wait to return and sample more of their menu and beverages. You MUST ORDER Callay’s Brekkie Board and Nutella Thick Shake because Nessy Eater Girl says so. Overall, I had an amazing experience and you can really see how much effort is placed on their plate. I mean check out the #Hashtag Browns, have you had hash browns like that before? :D

Cuckoo Callay_Nessy Eater (17)

What a happy Chef at Cuckoo Callay. 

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater was invited to Cuckoo Callay, thanks to Ella and Ibriham.

Please note all meals were independently paid for.

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EatNow on the go- Caesar’s Pizza Palace

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Are you living in a busy hectic schedule that you just don’t have enough time to cook? To make sure you have one less thing to think about, why not order or pre-order your favourite food on the move. EatNow is providing take-away lovers an easier solution by simply downloading their iOS App. Not only does it this app features include cuisine or rating but you’d be able to benefit specials deals and discounts.


For a first time user, download the EatNow app. This shouldn’t be hard for the iphone users.


Now, it’s time to select where you are. For Nessy Eater girl, Sydney’s her home.


After selecting your suburb, time to select a take-away spot you’d like to eat. For me, I think my stomach was rumbling for Caesar’s Pizza Palace and also because I spotted first time users get 20% off total bill. WooHOO!




When time is precious, look for skip to button and this automatically leads to starters, pasta, pizzas…etc.


Getting excited to check out! Once you’ve selected all the foods, click CONTINUE.


Ok, you got me! I clearly decided to be lazy and asked for delivery. Delivery was free, only when you spend a certain amount for example this one was min $20.


You have the option to connect to your Facebook account or just sign up using an email address.


It’s payment time and it takes only 1 minute to fill this in.


ALMOST DONE! Double checking my orders and press the place order button.


How convenient was that? It took me roughly 10 minutes including deciding what to eat and filling in the details.


Don’t have a receipt? NO WORRIES! EatNow will definitely send you a confirmation and order number so you can track your food.


They even do email too, just incase you gave them the wrong number.



Shame delivery for me was 10 minutes late, but that wasn’t a problem for me because the pizzas were waiting. My first food item that I quickly unpacked was the delicious lamb medium ($19.90). I think I was crazy for the marinated lamb fillets, thinly sliced green capsicums, finely chopped onion and lots of feta topped with lemon zest. The pizza dough was nicely thin with a gentle flavour and soft chewy texture.


Delicious lamb medium ($19.90) sure was DELICIOUS.

You may or may not be a little excited for the Lasagne ($13) but this had a ridiculous amount of tomato and minced beef  made with several layers of lasagne sheets. Not what I expected, but I think they may want to brush up on the presentation on this one.




 Looking so red there lasagne…are you blushing in front of me? :P

Moving onto my next pizza, I present to you Penang Chicken Medium ($19.90). This was heavily marinated with chicken, roasted capsicum, onion, halved peanuts topped with satay sauce and MORE peanuts. If you like a bit of tang in your pizza, the wedge of lemon serves its purpose. You’ll fall into pieces if you don’t get a slice of this.


 Penang Chicken Medium ($19.90)


 Coke ($2.50)

I easily get trapped with words like Homemade Cakes ($7.90), so I had to put that in the checkout. I think the plural made it even more convincing for me to order this, but it turned out to be just a huge slice of tiramisu. It was a rich dessert of Italian meringue, mascarpone and soft biscuits soaked in coffee and a good dose of liqueur was detected. The highlight of EatNow for me was the special discounts and free items, but that only depends on the restaurant. Overall, using EatNow iOS app was super easy to use and a great on the go tool making it easy and simple to order a variety of cuisines.


Homemade Cakes ($7.90)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Disclaimer: Nessy Eater received $50 voucher from EatNow (opportunity provided by EatNow). Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.