Three Williams New Spring Menu

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Just in time for spring, Three Williams has just launched a BRAND NEW MENU. As a loyal customer, we know Three Williams doesn’t normally open on weeknights, however I’ve heard in the next few months they may be extending its hours. Over the past few weeks, they have been serving specials and for some of these dishes they’re going to be mains on the new menu. Feeling cheeky, my body was ready to sample a smorgasbord of delicious additions. Three Williams have been doing a pretty dame good job with serving their devilish French toast and classic narnies. To get to know each other a bit more, guests sat down just for this event.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (0)

So much personality was around the Super smoothie ($8) – I had feelings for this cheeky energetic boosting drink as it consisted of apricot, apple, LSA and banana. You’d go on panic mode if you don’t act soon to ordering this. The smoothie provides many essential vitamins and minerals that plays a very important role in the body. Personally, I don’t often cross paths with smoothies that include ginger, kale or cinnamon (dairy free), but this caught my tastebuds attention on the first sip that did consist of it. You’d want to add this to your morning as it tastes so refreshing with that punch of ginger in the jawline under the tongue. Luckily the ginger is not overpowering, so you are able to the sweet apple and cinnamon. There’s definitely banana somewhere because the consistency is thick, however very easy to sip.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (1)

Super smoothie ($8)

I was on competition mode when the Crispy school prawns ($8) arrived at our table. With six hungry food bloggers, I’m sure I was a gorilla who just dived my fork and knife first to every dish that arrives at our table. Wait a minute…gorilla’s use cutlery?! The crispy school prawns is going to be another charming sentiment to the snacks section. I honestly didn’t expect this dish would be the under $10 budget because it’s seafood and secondly it’s crazy delicious. You certainly can’t spot any oiliness, but you may feel threatened by some of the prawns as they are quite sharp around the mouth.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (2)

Crispy school prawns ($8)

I was like YEAAAAAH when I saw the Seasonal house made soda ($5 cup/ $12 jug) coming towards our table. I think I need to shave my legs for this Raspberry and Lime soda because it certainly reminded me of summer. There is a nice light fizziness that came along with this soda. The colour looks amazingly gorgeous and the flavour is packed with more lime then raspberry. So shout out to the raspberries to bring in more of their flavour!!!!

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (3)

Seasonal house made soda ($5 cup/ $12 jug)

The suspense was killing me that the narnies was next up on our tasting menu and what better way to socialise with the other guests was to comment on their Instagram or Facebook. The moment finally arrived and so much quality time was spent on the first narnie that contains herb rubbed free range roast duck with roast pears, rocket, apple balsamic and aioli ($16).

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (4)

Narnie: Roast Duck with roast pears, rocket, apple balsamic and aioli ($16)

For my childish behaviour, I had to do what was right and undress the first layer of the narnie bread to see closely all the other ingredients. Whoa, WHOA, WHOOAAAA, I think I’ve taken ownership as soon as Cath from Confessions of a Glutton passed the rest of the narnie to me. Let me be truthfully honest, I ate ¾ quarters of that narnie and I am not afraid to admit that I liked it. The roast pears were sensational and I was completely glued to the juicy tender roast duck pieces. As for that narnie, it’s still super soft and ready to be tackled by me. It’s an excellent combination with that creamy aioli sauce and the green piece of healthy rocket.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (5)

Only I would do this to a narnie. UNWRAP IT BABY!

There’s no excuse for me to hold back on the second narnie that includes wild mushrooms, baby spinach, truffle balsamic, stracchino cheese sauce and parmesan ($15). Keeping it classy this time, I decide to let my fork guide me to the mushrooms first. I can definitely see myself converting into a vegetarian. It’s such a down to Earth narnie that the truffle balsamic got everyone’s attention without having to try so hard to sell itself. Call me crazy but those mushrooms with the truffle balsamic and cheese sauce has got to one day turn it into a salad or a side dish. Not holding back, I tried to get as many mushrooms in mouth as possible. Like I said, I’m ready to convert into a vegetable!!! FYI it’s RARE for me to say that because I absolutely HEART MEAT.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (6)

Got to appreciate that wildness in this narnie. ($15)

There’s a mixture of feelings with the Grilled Atlantic octopus tossed with savoy cabbage, chilli, radish preserved lemon, hazelnuts and jalapeno dressing ($17). You can find a true voice in this salad as there’s an exquisite place of balance of sweet and sour, crunch from the cabbage and hazelnuts and chewiness from the sliced soft octopus. There’s so much texture on this plate that it made it hard for me to really define the speciality of this salad, however outstanding presentation of colours on this dish.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (7)

Grilled Atlantic octopus salad ($17)

What’s next is the organic tofu with charred broccolini, roasted almonds, Japanese seaweed and fresh peas ($15). I loved getting to know the natural flavours and textures of this healthy dish. Tofu and almonds seems to be two of the hottest condiments in any salad across Sydney, but it gets fancier when the broccolini welcomes itself on stage. I can see myself settle down with this.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (8)

Organic tofu with charred broccolini, roasted almonds, Japanese seaweed and fresh peas ($15)

I got lost when my lips kissed the Slow roasted free range pork lion with the smeared caramelized apple puree on the plate and crafted cherry tomato with black pudding ($18). I felt a connection with the flavoursome pork lion. Mild in flavour with sweet and savory ingredients from the apples and tomatoes. It’s one well-cooked pork lion that makes a sumptuous and unforgettable experience.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (9)

Slow roasted free range pork lion ($18)

I honestly don’t need to introduce the Beer batter chips with home made ailoi because it’s always an essential aspect of creativity to any meal you order here at Three Williams. I will point out it’s EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE! I tried persuading my right hand to settle down with just one more chippie, but no, suddenly my left hand decides to participate in this game.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (10)

Beer batter chips with home made ailoi, MUST HAVE IN YOUR BELLY!

There was chemistry between me and the Rangers Valley mbs 7+ wagyu minute steak with red wine butter and chips ($19). I was so impressed how that minute steak can be so tender, though we had issues with cutting this piece of steak. It wasn’t the steaks fault, it was because the ladies weren’t strong enough to cut through that juicy piece of meat. I’m sorry I haven’t been working out at the vending machine lately. As for the red wine butter, it look so airy and bubbly, it instantly reminded me of paté.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (11)

Rangers Valley mbs 7+ wagyu minute steak ($19)

Feeling like my dress is about to explode the Pan seared market fish with pea puree, broad beans and snow pea tendrils ($20) arrive looking glamourous in green. I underestimated the silver dory as it turned out to be packed full of flavour. You’d be able to smell the aromatic pea puree and the fish flakes easily with a fork. This dish really brightens up any lunch and the seasoning on the fish is properly distributed.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (12)

Pan seared market fish ($20)

My jaw actually dropped when the Crunchy brioche French toast with caramel bananas, hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate ($16) came looking like this. I kind of got a little bit distracted at how this toast can look so innocent, yet it’s so devilish inside. Not to pump me full of sugar or anything, but there’s so many possible reasons why I shouldn’t share this with six other girls. If you naturally assumed I’d be attached to this, you’re right!!! I felt an electric commitment with every single ingredient on this dish. It’s so wrong, yet so right! The toast itself looks trenched full of oil, but kids once you slice through this brioche, surprisingly it’s so light and fluffy inside. The crunchy brioche was so incredibly fun that I couldn’t decline the displayed French toast. Yes, the girls table had TWO BRIOCHE! My body couldn’t help it. I’m just rolling with it, no biggie.

Three Willams Spring Menu_Nessy Eater (13)

Crunchy brioche French toast with caramel bananas, hazelnuts and Belgian chocolate ($16)

This concludes my trip to Three Williams and I am up for anything, particularly the crispy school prawns, brioche French toast and OH the narnies, off course. Three Williams really knows how to drop a major bomb on its customers. They don’t seem to hold back on justifying their own dishes and does one hell of a job at it. Applause to their outstanding team and thank you Three Williams for listening to their loyal customers feedback because there are introducing ALL DAY BREAKFAST!

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest thanks to Wasamedia. Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Behind-the-scenes look at Wonderland

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Last night FremantleMedia Australia was hosting an exciting event to celebrate the return of their Channel Ten drama Wonderland, starring Jessica Tovey, Tracey Mann, Glenn McMillan, Tim Ross, Brooke Satchwell, Ben Mingay and Logie-nominee Anna Bamford. I joined the cast for some drinks and canapés. I had a one on one set tour with Brooke, Jess and Tracey, where each celebrity showed me their own character’s world. For those who haven’t yet watched Wonderland, it focuses on four couples at different stages of life. The show lures you into all sorts of scenarios of love and friendship.


Wonderland cast

We had just enough time to make our way through each set. But before we get started, let the bartender’s refresh us with a glass of bubbly.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (1)

Well hello there bartenders!

The show is very food-centric, with one of the recurring themes being a weekly cooking competition known as FAT Night (AKA Food Appreciation Time). What I like about FAT Night is that this show treats it as a “extreme sport”. Glenn McMillan mentions FAT Night can be quite chaotic as most of the characters are all in the one scene. There’s properly an average of 100 takes to shoot this scene. It means that the actors and actresses would  eat better food! This over eagerness to feed the cast does have its upsides, for example it brings people together. It doesn’t harm anyone if you are willing to give up a bit of online interaction for some more face-to-face connection.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (2)

This is where FAT (AKA Food Appreciation Time) night happens.

We were encouraged to feed our stomach with ‘The Queen of Rice Paper Rolls’, Miss Chu’s catering. So much competition to grab a piece of skewer. YUM!

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (4)

 Satay chicken and beef from Miss Chu

Being the big kid at heart, I was so excited to start the tour when I first walked in. Jessica Tovey welcomed us by introducing her character Dani Varvaris and we landed in her world in Wonderland at her place. You may have recognised this photo in season 1 of Wonderland. If not, then here you go Wonderland Fans! You don’t need to thank me :P

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (5)

 Guess who’s this couple from Wonderland?

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (6)

So much detail in Steve and Dani’s living room.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (7)

 Steve and Dani’s kitchen

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (8)

 Guess which characters bedroom is this?

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (9)

 The famous Miranda Beaumont bathroom scene.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (10)

Dani and Steve’s bedroom

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (11)

 Spotted on Steve and Dani’s fridge

There was no missed opportunity to see Maggie Wilcox home and who better to show me around. Duh! The actress who plays Maggie and that’s Tracey Mann. Tracey had something interesting to say about her acting as Maggie. When it came to filming Maggie, she mentioned it was important that she doesn’t just waffle around the living room and requested to extend the background. With the producers and script writers agreeing, they soon added Maggie’s kitchen.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (12)

 Maggie Wilcox living room

You’ll never believe where this kitchen bench came from! For about $200 Australian Dollars, this beautiful retro bench was bought on Gumtree Australia. Tracey then discussed about the products that’s on the shelves and surprisingly most of the products have been donated. It was highly recommended not to eat any of the foods or use the bowls because majority of the items are for decoration purposes only.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (13)

 Maggie Wilcox’s kitchen

We headed straight back to the main FAT kitchen scene for a preview screening of an upcoming episode of Wonderland and some behind the scene wardrobe with Brooke and Jessica. Did you know? The cast of Wonderland spend about 17 hours on set each day just for make-up and costume. That’s CRAZY!

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (14)

 Chilli prawn salad from Miss Chu

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (15)

 Mind-blown! There’s no natural sunlight. LOL

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (17)

 Dessert of the day from Miss Chu

This is one distinctive set background that convey the nuances of each and every character. It was such an honor to be standing there. This is the scene where Maggie usually has a deep and meaningful quick chat with other characters before she leaves the home.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (18)

 Famous stair scene on Wonderland

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (19)

 Colette Riger and Rob Duffy’s home

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (20)

I bet you haven’t seen this before on Wonderland. (Colette Riger and Rob Duffy)

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (21)

Colette Riger and Rob Duffy’s bedroom

This is the genuine photo of the Wonderland apartment building. I’ve been told by the cast that it was challenging from a time perspective to recreate this apartment, particularly trying to film it from outside but it was creatively fun.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (22)

 Image of Wonderland apartment

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (23)

The Wonderland hallway

It is important not only did Wonderland had to show each character’s individuality, but it’s essential how they relate to one another. Each place indicates the history of relationships and throughout the series a few items gets moved from one apartment to another.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (24)

 Dani Varvaris and Steve Beaumont’s home

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (25)

 Spotted a photo of Jessica Tovey when she was young.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (26)

  Dani and Steve’s photo on the fridge

There were lines of people eagerly trying to get a photo with the casts, and I took the Wonderland crew’s advice by inviting myself to them. Tracey Mann really needs no introduction to Wonderland series. She is of course the woman that plays Maggie Wilcox. It was a reward for Nessy Eater to be invited and get the opportunity to experience this Media City. Throughout the entire evening the crew of Wonderland encouraged us all to take photos and have a chat with the celebrities. With a smitten look on my face, you know I enjoyed my night at the set tour of Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (27)

 It’s Tracey Mann known as Maggie Wilcox on Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (28)

 Michael Dorman known as Tom Wilcox on Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (29)

 Glenn McMillan known as Carlos dos Santos on Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (30)

 Ben Mingay and Tim Ross just taking some fries from my iphone.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (31)

Say hi to Les Hill.

I get a tap on my shoulder to take a CD home and what do we have here…the next episode of Wonderland and the special part is that it’s not released yet until this Wednesday. The less knowledge you know about this episode the better. I don’t want to spoil any Wonderland Fans, but if you must know…except some interesting news coming from Dani Varvaris.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (32)

 Very lucky to be watching the next episode of Wonderland before it goes on air.

The show Wonderland sure share their knowledge about life and experiences between four couples, which inspire every day people. The show is not just about the food, it is about the people that they are with, the atmosphere that they create. The cast of Wonderland work very hard and they represent life values worth note taking. I truly admire the cast because every single one of them are so down to Earth! So tell me readers, would you be nervous meeting the Wonderland cast? And who would you be the most nervous to meet? For me, it was Jessica Tovey and Brooke Satchwell. :D :D<3

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (33)

Casually smiling with the Wonderland ladies plus Simone.

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest to the “Behind the Scenes-Wonderland”, thanks to Fremantle Media .

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Breading Bad at Brasserie Bread Gluten-Free Baking Workshop

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Fancy baking in a bakery? How about an evening making a loaf of gluten-free bread and shortcrust pastry? At Brasserie Bread, they have come up with one of the best gluten-free slumber baking party ideas ever. It’s a rare chance to spend 3 hours with an artisan baker and learn the technical skills from starter to finish. For ($160 per person) max 10 students per course, this intimate workshop allows you go create and bake an amazing gluten-free bread loaf, a foccacia-style cornbread and a smoked trout & goats cheese tart with natural ingredient. In 2013 the Brasserie Bread has won sourdough loaf and Gold Medal at the RAS Sydney Fine Food Show Awards and in 2014 winner of champion sourdough & organic bread at sydney royal fine food show. The bakery is always occupied with a variety of hot fresh baked breads and pastries. For those who like to attempt making gluten-free bread, Brasserie Bread offer evening classes. You wouldn’t want to miss out breaducation, if you happen to like bread.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (1)

Gluten-Free Baking Workshop at Banksmeadow Bakery.

At 1:30pm sharp, the breaducation door was wide open and whilst we wait for other guests to arrive, I go do my Nessy thang. Wandering around with my camera and trying snoop around and see how a bakery looks like. This crazy large kitchen has a lot of personality and I am talking about GIGANTIC mixer and LARGE oven, it’s a dream baking kitchen alright. We were almost ready to begin, but it was nice of Artisan Baker Jo to let us introduce ourselves. Just a few centimeters to my left, I happen to be standing next to Go Bake Yourself! Urvashi is incredibly an awesome baker and you’d want her to bake you something everyday! Also standing next to Urvashi, Grab Your Fork’s cousin, Yvonne happens to be in the house. What a small world! This woman is seriously a baking enthusiast as she mentioned this would be her second class. SUPER KEEN BEAN!

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (2)

Baking 3 Hours of gluten-free bread is fun for everyone.

Enough of me waffling and we start off with our starter ingredients to make Gluten-Free Bread Loaf. This includes organic gluten free flour, organic buckwheat flour, organic besan flour, river salt, raw sugar, fresh yeast, extra virgin olive oil, milk, water, xanthan gum and biga. Jo mentions that in the gluten free flour, there is a mixture of organic gluten free flour, 75% organic brown rice flour, 12.5% millet, 12.5% buckwheat. Top secret tip: For every 500grams of this mix, add 1tablespoon of gelatine, so this let’s the bread mingle well together. With the mix of these organic flours and gelatine it helps create a better tastier characteristics, especially the tendency of the bread is quite strong. For the gluten free enthusiast, Jo recommends Eating Gluten Free and Bette Hagman’s recipes. After Jo introduces us to gluten-free ingredients and our schedule, we hop to it with our mixing. We blended our fresh yeast, raw sugar, salt to our cup of milk, then poured it straight into our bowl and mixed thoroughly together till it looks sticky.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (3)

 This is not so hard! Gluten-Free Bread Loaf here I come.

Next, we add water and oil, then continue mixing thoroughly till you get a nice mushy texture.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (4)

 Adding 40ml of extra virgin oil plus 80ml of water into the mixing bowl.

After a nice arm workout with mixing, add 200 grams of biga into the mixing bowl. Did you know? Biga is a natural fermenting dough that is used to create a breads characteristics of flavour.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (5)

That’s 200 grams of Biga.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (6)

 Mixing all ingredients together.

Well that’s a wrap for Gluten Free Bread Loaf. Just kidding! We had no choice to say farewell to these babies for about an hour so they can bulk ferment in a warm place. We all had to make sure our bowls were covered in clean wrap, so no flavours dissolve out in open.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (7)

Placing these Gluten-Free Bread Loaf mixture into the refrigerate room before baking.

Eagerly waiting for a next activity, Jo introduces us to Lupin. Lupin is a fantastic ingredient as it contains LOW GI and HIGH in PROTEIN (up to 40%) and great health benefit for those participating high content of dietary fibre. It is made from dehulled leguminous lupin kernels, not maize. From an Artisan Baker’s perspective, Jo suggest Kialla Pure is an excellent choice to making gluten free products, however if you don’t have that then use whatever that best fits you.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (8)

 Jo talks about the ingredients we were using.

For making our Gluten Free Focaccia, it was exactly the same steps to making Gluten Free Bread Loaf. However slight difference with ingredients: organic gluten free flour, river salt, raw sugar, fresh yeast, organic Lupin flour, extra virgin olive oil, milk, water, xanthan gum and biga. After combining all ingredients together, cover it with clean wrap and store in a warm place. During the waiting process, six lucky guests including myself got the opportunity to go behind the scene and witness Brasserie Bread baking world. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take photos, but let me point this out, it was FREAKEN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! It felt like Willy Wonka Wonderland, except this one’s for the bread fanatics. We stopped at the croissant pastry room and endless trays of croissants were waiting to be baked. We even witnessed bakers who had no gloves on taking out hot crisp sourdough bread straight out of the oven. That’s unbelievably insane!

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (9)

 Excitingly waiting to place the mixture into that tiny tray.

I know! Time flies and our Gluten Free Bread Loaf mixture was ready. I am going to make sure this bread is going to look attractive to eat. But first, let me out scoop 250 grams of Gluten- Free Bread Loaf mixture to take home and test it out in my own oven.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (10)

We were allowed to take home 250g Gluten-Free Bread Loaf mixture

Jo suggests we should sprinkle nothing but sesame seeds to add that additional flavour to our loaf of bread. Hmmmmmm I can smell it already!

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (11)

 Get ready to get baked Gluten-Free Bread Loaf.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (12)

Can’t wait to see how these bad boys will turn out. 

Once these adorable tins are in the oven, get your hands dirty cause it’s time for Gluten Free Shortcrust Pastry. Each guest gets one piece of already made mixture that has been refrigerated for at least 1 hour before ready to use.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (13)

 Excited to make Gluten-Free Shortcrust Pastry.

Closely listening and examining Jo’s method of placing the shortcrust onto the tin seemed super easy, but when I done it, it was a bit of a struggle. Luckily, a great tip Jo mentioned is use your roller to evenly shape the edges of the crust. Once you have enough confidence with the mold of your crust, add baking beans to hold the shape before place it in the oven.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (14)

 Baking beans are used to get the shortcrust pastry to hold their shape before putting it in the oven.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees, then push the tarts into the oven for 10 minutes until slightly golden brown. My tart almost looks golden brown, but don’t forget I need to add a few things then back in the oven again.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (15)

Hey! My gluten-free shortcrust pastry turned out not so bad  for a first timer. 

Jo offered us smoked trout, goats cheese, caramelised onion, ricotta and pesto to fill up a lovely tarts. Once all guests were finished showing-off their presentation talents, tarts went straight back in the oven again for about 10 minutes.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (16)

 The best part about making gluten-free tart is filling it with smoked troutgoats cheesecaramelised onion and pesto.

What do you think? The crust was perfectly baked and texture was very nice and crumbly with a hint of buttery flavour.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (17)

TA DA! My work of art :D

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (18)

Fruit flavour refreshments : Frou Frou Cordials is a must try! Taste very fancy without any preservaties, colouring or artificial flavours.

Back to the bakery lab and our Gluten Free Focaccia is ready for us to mold. Before that Jo gives us some helpful hints to create the perfect flavours to our focaccia and that’s adding extra virgin olive oil. Once we’ve completed shaping our Focaccia, it’s ready to get baked!

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (19)

 Allow the mixture to ‘bulk fermet‘ for at least 1 hour in a warm place.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (31)

Jo demonstrating how to decorate the gluten-free focaccia.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (20)

 Time to top the Gluten-Free Focaccia with desired ingredients. 

Can’t believe I made my own Gluten Free Bread Loaf!!! I like I am one step closer to becoming the perfect future housewife :P

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (21)

 Our Gluten-Free Bread Loaf is ready!

Ok ok, I confess and Urvashi can be my witness that most of the time I was the kid in this class. Everyone elses Gluten Free Focaccia turned out to be a normal, except mine and Urvashi. Haha! You see Urvashi focaccia and my Franklinstein focaccia got married in the baking room. They were baking it out for 15 minutes in the oven and they look perfectly happy with a nice golden crisp tan face. They make an excellent couple because they both have wonderful red sun dried tomatoes and sprinkles of rosemary smile and oh, can’t forget dusted cheddar cheese to add that extra personality.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (22)

Haha! Urvashi and I may of decorated our Gluten-Free Focaccia in a different manner.  

Before we left, it was my duty to go for a BREAD-ING SPREE with Yvonne and Urvashi. Can you imagine how much bread and danishes one can take home and eat? Brasserie Bread have an enormous supply of bread, cake and pastries. It honestly didn’t take us long to decide what bread to take home because everything smelt so delicious, my body was ready for it.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (23)

 WOW! Is this bread heaven or what?! <3 <3 <3

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (24)

 Ready to eat Olive & Rosemary Loaf 

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (25)

 Love to whack someone in the head with the Rustic Loaf. KIDDING! Or am I ? :P

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (27)

 All the French Pastry one could ever ask for! 

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (28)

 This is where beautiful breads and pastries are made. 

I only have one sentence to sum up my BREAD-ING SPREE feelings. DAMMMMMN GIRL!!!! Mama’s bringing home the bread. :P I apologise to you readers in advance that your eyes will have to witness a few disturbing photos and maybe some side effects include craving for bread and pastries.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (29)

Just doing my BREAD SPREE  with Urvashi at Brasserie Bread Bakery store. No biggie!

Let me introduce you to some unique breads that Brasserie Bread has to offer!!! You won’t be bored from this bakery. Behold! Organic Sourdough – Large Bakers Round that’s the size of my face and BIGGER.

Country - Sourdough Brasserie_Nessy Eater (32)

French Mountain Bread – Large Bakers Round-It’s TWO TIMES BIGGER than my FACE. 

Granary Toast Loaf Brasserie_Nessy Eater (33)

Granary Toast Loaf packed with variety of 6 grains.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (34)

The Kalamata Olives & Fresh Rosemary Boule ($7.50) is great with soup.

Walnut & Fig Loaf Brasserie_Nessy Eater (34)

Walnut & Fig Loaf ($7.50) contains chock-full of walnuts and dried figs and is the ultimate fruit sourdough.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (35)

Ready to take on the world with my my French Mountain shield and Rustic sword. 

(Excuse my messy Nessy hair, I just came back from a battle).

I am not ashamed of myself for not being that typical girl who enjoys shopping spree at a shopping center ( don’t get me wrong, I love that too), but I rather get some carbs in my system and go all bread-ing bad at the bakery.Teehee.

Brasserie_Nessy Eater (30)

 Nessy Eater girl clearly brings home the bread. Haha!

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest to Brasserie Bread Gluten-Free Baking Workshop, thanks to Brasserie Bread.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Black Betty at The Oxford Tavern- MONSTROUS Meat Feast

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You know the day is still young at the Oxford Tavern because everyone has got their clothes on. It’s very un-sleazy here at Black Betty as they have been firing up an American-style barbecue of smoked juicy meats as well as Australian classics. If you’re a meat freak like me then you can expect the menu to include brisket, pulled pork, sausages and other BBQ offerings.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (1)

 Monstrous Meat Platter at The Oxford Tavern

You’d appreciate the BBQ menu on weekends, with their outdoor custom-made American meat smoker. The meats are cooked overnight for approximately 18 hours and ready to be seduced from midday the following day.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (20)

BBQ Smoker

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (2)

Awesome painted walls

The lust is in the air when you discover the menu. I think I’ve just found the perfect BBQ joint to warm cold winter weekends.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (2B)

 I want to try a bit of everything!

You won’t go hungry here at Black Betty because there’s just too many meaty goodness waiting for you. I’m sure the Drink N Dine Executive Chef Jamie Thomas can help you out.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (3)

 Executive Chef Jamie Thomas

My inner freak came out when I saw this this THIS…GIGANITIC BEEF BRISKET! *Heavy Breathing*…*HEAVY BREATHING*

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (4)

 Drum rolls please for the beef brisket entrance.

Majority of the meats are weighted and sold by the 100gram, so don’t expect the numbers to be exactly 100grams.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (5)

Ready to be weighed?

Oh! Look at this bad boy…just laying there and looking so seductive. I just want to nom nom nom you all up!

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (6)

 *Faints* Such a beautiful view

So much sexual attention is given to this MEAT PLATTER. Where on Earth should I begin? The platter contained a mix of EVERYTHING including snag, ribs, brisket and pulled pork with BONUS side of a bun and slaw. The cost of this platter was about $50 for two people. You can eat with 2-3 people but I suggest go for it yourself, if you dare.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (7)

  Monstrous Meat Platter ready to be undressed.

If you love Smoked Pork Snag ($7) then get involved. This is heavenly delicious with a nice amount of fattiness in the centre and teensy weensy amount of spiciness. It really kicks up the flavours of pork that is smoked.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (8)

 Smoked Pork Snag ($7)

You’d be a sucker for the Lamb Ribs ($6 per 100 grams)- These ribs are surprisingly meaty and marinated to perfection. Pretty incredible flavours that your tastebuds will be ready for. Just look at that beauty!

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (9)

 Lamb Ribs ($6 per 100 grams)

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (10)


It’s nice to meat ya Pulled Pork ($6 per 100 grams)-There is plenty of taste in this shredded pork and is seriously rewarding if you dress it up with the bun, however it’s sad to say it was a tad dry. It’s ok, I guess you can serve it with a thick, tangy sauce.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (11)

 Pulled Pork ($6 per 100 grams)

I need you darling Pork rib ($7 per 100 grams) although these are not melt in your mouth rack of ribs, but they are quite a treat if you squirt some barbeque sauce on top.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (12)

 Pork rib ($7 per 100 grams)

Can you feel the Beef Brisket ($8 per 100 grams) slowly getting to your nerves? With amazingly smokey taste, it’s a forgiven wonderful cut of beef. The meat doesn’t reach the wow factor of melt in the mouth like Papi Chulo’s, however it’s a winner with anyone who loves a bold rich beef brisket in this style.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (13)

 Beef Brisket ($8 per 100 grams)

Lashing onto you BBQ Pork ($8 per 100 grams) - This immediately reminded me of Chinese BBQ Pork. It smelt divine and this brisket promises something fresh and tasty. Pretty much heaven if you have it with the slaw.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (14)

BBQ Pok ($8 per 100 grams)

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (15)

 Out of my mind that I want dessert!

There’s some pretty interesting quirks on the dessert section of the menu. Mr Clark Kent and I couldn’t resist to order the Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($9) with 100 and 1000’s. It’s so wrong yet so right, however Mr Kent and I both agree it didn’t meet its perquisites. Shockingly it turned out soggy for both our golden gaytime’s. Somewhere out there a unicorn just shed a few tears.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (16)

 Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($9)

There’s a number of characteristics in this MONSTER DESSERT, The Jelly Wrestle ($20). The waitress each gave us a pair of rubber gloves. It is not for the faint-hearted that no cutlery is allowed. Oh so bad oh so good! Slowly the giant plastic golden platter piled with huge scoops of vanilla ice-cream, red and green and blue jelly, toasted waffles, candied popcorn, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, raspberry syrup, chocolate syrup and sprinkles of fairy godmothers rainbow. Not to mention lots and lots of cherries (we count at least six). It was fun and we enjoyed it regardless of how stuffed we were.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (17)

 The Jelly Wrestle ($20)

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (18)

 No cutlery allowed for Jelly Wrestle. Let me pretend to be a surgical doctor, call me Dr. Eater! 

Black Betty’s selection of BBQ meats will satisfy even the greatest carnivorous cravings. The décor’s and space is amazing. It’s not hard to find the Oxford Tavern as it is located in the corner or find the police station across the road. It’s winter in Sydney, so you have to indulge in all that irresistibly moutherwatering meaty goodness!

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (21)

 Seductive sign

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (22)

Maybe this is more seductive then the topless girls. :D

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Sweet Street by Anna Polyviou at Shangri-La Hotel Sydney

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In Sydney, dessert playgrounds can be hard to find at night. Luckily last Wednesday, Shangri-La Hotel’s executive pastry chef Anna Polyviou gave over 500 hundred sugared up guest the opportunity to discover sweets like never before. It was one funky dessert pop-up event located right inside the five-star luxury hotel, Shangri-La Sydney’s Grand Ballroom. We were treated to street-market style set up with disco lighting and a DJ playing night-club music throughout the evening.

Sweet Street (1)

For $55 per ticket which includes 10 tokens and the opportunity to go hard out for all things sweet, I’d say it’s surprisingly worth it! Dedication to sweets is a serious matter and what makes this event so Willy Wonka like is inviting friends along. Special guests like the unconquerable Adriano Zumbo, Tim Clark from CacaoKirsten Tibballs from Savour SchoolBernard Chu and Yen Yee from Melbourne’s LuxBite and off course Shangri-La hotel’s pastry star, Anna Polyviou.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (2)

What’s your favourite Zumbaron flavour? Adriano Zumbo stall.

Sweet Street event showcased the best treats and in between our splendid sweet-tooth madness, prizes from KitchenAid and dance competition was all happening under the one roof.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (3)

Scrumdiddilyumpshus Éclairs from Cacao Lab - Tim Clark 

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (4)

Just before the show starts, it’s family portrait time with the Asians N2 Extreme Gelato X LuxBite

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (5)

Selfie time with the BOSSES from N2 Extrem Gelato and LuxBite before the event. No biggie!!! 

Heaven for lovers of chocolate, this extraordinary handmade chocolate garden is completely edible. Unfortunately Kirsten Tibballs display wasn’t for us to eat. However to accommodate, she was selling one stunning chocolate goodie bag for 1 token a bag.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (6)

Gigantic chocolate mushroom from Savour School

Chocolates and painted butterflies that’s also edible is the perfect gift combination to win my heart. This has got to be one of the delicious Chocolate Dessert Garden for your next dinner party that will leave your guests awe-struck. If only I knew how to grow and maintain my own chocolate garden.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (7)

 Mother nature has turned into CHOCOLATE!!! – Savour School

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (8)

A bag of awesome chocolate treats from Savour School (1 token) 

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (9)

Let’s see what Anna Polyviou stall has got for us hungry sweet tooth.

Anna’s Taste Test Donut was inspired by Sydney’s Hartsyard chef Andy Bowdy to create a CRAZY doughnut-flavoured ice cream. I think this may be the next trend for Sydney.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (10)

 Doesn’t this remind you of The Simpsons cartoon donut?

I can never ever get past the Passionfruit Posset with seasonal tropical fruit compote-garnished with mango pearls. An incredibly refreshing fruity treat! Served in a petite cylinder cup. For a moment your mind may wander off to a tropical island as the pearls offer a nice burst of mango flavour.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (11)

 Passionfruit posset and tropical fruit (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (12)

Donuts get in ma belly!!!

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (13)

Berries and vanilla panna cotta (1 token) 

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (15)

Bar tender from Blu Bar on 36 cocktail bar

For the people who fancied a nice adult beverage,  Blu Bar on 36 cocktail bar offered only one type of cocktail-Spydah. It included tonka bean infused with rum, banana liquor, ginger beer and a scoop of ice-cream. The cocktail name sort of makes our skin crawl, but you’ll feel pretty festive after downing it.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (16)

 Spydah (2 tokens)

Savoury option for the night was supplied by Shangri-La and that too was another corner no one missed out on. My favourite was the Shredded pork salad as the meat was supreme in taste and it was so freaken tender.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (17)

Don’t go pigging out tonight, ok? *Oink*
Sweet St_Nessy Eater (18)

Shredded pork salad (1 token)

There is always a reason why Anna decided to abduct the lolly bag man from his Luxbite pastry lab in Melbourne. You’re properly wondering why? [Please continue reading...]

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (19)

 Concentration is the key to making eye-popping ice-creams at N2 Extreme Gelato.

So I’ll get straight to it and say the LIMITED EDITION ‘lollybag burger‘-chocolate brioche buns that was held together by an ENORMOUS scoop of lemon gelato plus a ganache, made from melted Redskin candies, in place of a the ordinary ‘tomato sauce’. From the top 100 & 1000s charcoal brioche bun with confit lemon popping candy, musk whipped creammandarin and eucalyptus gelatofreckles spread and served with a syringe full of injectable liquefied redskin candies.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (20)

 Limited edition: Lolly Bag Burger (2 tokens)

Nitrogen frozen gelato was also on offer with Ferrero Rocher that contained chocolate coated rice bubbles, chocolate and hazelnut gelatohazelnuts and just for the stack of it why not serve it with a syringe full of injectable melted chocolate.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (21)

 Ferrero Reveal (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (22)

 Min Chuan Chai from N2 Extreme Gelato

Just right next door to N2 Extreme Gelato, Bernard Chu and Yen Yee of Lux Bite Melbourne decided to tart things up. This stall showcase new flavours such as lavender, blueberry and vanilla and tarts. All tarts were SOLD OUT before 8:10pm and I was extremely happy I somehow managed to sample all three flavours.

Endless Love is LuxBite’s popular dessert, inspired by Pierre Hermes Ispahan. This tart includes rose and lychee ganache filled, topped with fresh raspberries and silver to garnish. Next, Sood Tee Ruk is a happy ending…that Luxbite are giving lemon meringue tart a Thai twist. This tart includes Kalamansi lime curd with jackfruit, longan, chilli, salt, meringue, kaffir lime sherbet.

For the final tart, we had blueberry tart that’s filled with Heilala vanilla rice pudding and hazelnut praline cream, topped with fresh blueberries and chunks of hazelnut.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (23)

 Assortment of tarts from LuxBite.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (24)

 Great catching up with my Melbourne friends Bernard and Yen at LuxBite.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (25)

Spicy Lamb and Beef skewers (1 token each)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (26)

Papaya salad  (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (27)

  Pork salad (1 token)

Sweet as! The Éclairs from Cacao Lab were rendered in new ways, including Hot Choc Dog and deep-frying. Starting from left to right we have:

Caipirinha-Tangy lime creme with brown sugar smash and Cachaca boost

Hot Choc Dog containing Chocolate mousse, raspberry gel and say whaat? grated ‘chocolate’ cheese.

 Pop Choc with 66% dark chocolatepop rocks and rice puffs

Salted Caramel

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (28)

Éclairs from Cacao Lab – Tim Clark (1 token each)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (29)

 Delicate eclairs in the deep-fried coconut version.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (30)

Caipirinha-Tangy lime creme with brown sugar smash and Cachaca boost (1 token)

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (31)

Hot Choc Dog Éclair  (1 token)

Move over soft serve because Anna’s parfait yoghurt with a chunky centre is the NEW THING. Yoghurt ice-cream has never looked so pretty before, until now. It’s only appropriate to eat this whilst watching TV. This finger-licking parfait ice-cream yoghurt attached on a wooden popsicle stick topped with crunchy caramel popcorn. A splendid way to bring the Sweet Street to an end.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (32)

Mag-Anna’s  Salted Caramel Popcorn (1 token)

The Strawberry Yoghurt was an absolutely sinful ice-cream. I was really fascinated with how adorable this yoghurt was. In my opinion a sensational rollicking dessert!

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (33)

Mag-Anna’s Strawberry Yoghurt  (1 token)

Dedicated to only serve sweets, Anna has been recongnised for her skills in the pastry kitchen. She is the brainchild behind Sweet Street and is one of the founders of the Sydney Pastry Chef Club. Together with Adriano Zumbo, Min Chuan Chai of N2 Nitrogen Gelato, Bernard Chu and Yen Yee of Lux Bite, Tim Clark of Cacao Lab, and Kirsten Tibballs of Savour Chocolate and Patisserie, they are unstoppable. This event is basically your ideal childhood birthday party for all the GROWN UPS.

Sweet St_Nessy Eater (34)

 Anna and friends at Sweet Street.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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