It’s a Sugar Hit Fix – Good Food Month

Australia’s largest annual food festival the Good Food Month has returned this month. So this October will be filled with literally hundreds of appetising food and drinks events. Across Sydney the finest chefs and restaurants will be offering great value meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as for the sweet tooth,  sugar hit is also an option.  For the noodle lovers, the traditional Night Noodle Markets will offer authentic Asian food stalls at Hyde Park.

It’s impossible for me or even a truly obsessed dedicated food lover to explore all these events in one jam packed month. My tastebuds is set to capture the chefs cleverly hand crafted sweets on a plate, that is off course the journey of Sugar Hits.

TWENTY-THREE different sugar fix venues, whichever you decide to experience – will be offering a heavenly delicious dessert paired up with a dessert wine for the dessert lovers.  I admit I do have a sweet tooth, an ENORMOUS one too! So I predict this event will be encouraging me to be in a sugar high state and a bigger waistline. Teehee

Until Good Food Month ends, this post will be constantly updated to evaluate these sugar coma adventures.  Read on!

Sugar Hit Fix #1- Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney - $20 per person

Date Visited: 1/10/13

Shangri-Sugar (1)

Dessert Tasting Platter:

Strawberry & Raspberry lollipop

Passion shot

Hazelnut Chocolate Delice

Surprisingly, I was shocked this year they cut down a few tasting items compared to last year. Perhaps I am a bit too passionate of tasting all the bite-size items on a plate but it was still a delight.

From the left the Strawberry & Raspberry lollipop is a lip-smacking treat: Strawberry and raspberry yoghurt droplets covered in rich white chocolate creates a very delicious taste – a great combination. If you look closely, glued white chocolate printed graffiti love heart shaped smiles appear gazing at you- it physically won’t hurt the smileys if you eat them…quick.

Shangri-Sugar (2)

How regular lollipops differ to Anna’s Strawberry & Raspberry lollipop…ridiculously amazing!

Shangri-Sugar (6)

Passion shot: Passionfruit curd, creamy chocolate mousse, roasted hazelnut and passionfruit jelly is utterly enjoyable to eat. There is so much passionfruit action going on in that petite cup. It punched me in the face with extremely tangy passionfruit flavour. At the same time a rich smooth and light blend of chocolate mousse and crunchy crushed roasted hazelnut worked quite well together.

Shangri-Sugar (3)

The classic Hazelnut Chocolate Delice easily knocked the other two sweet items for the best tasting dessert.  A duo set of thin layer of glaze chocolate containing piped hazelnut cream filling. The hazelnut wafer biscuit bar offers a crunchy texture like Ferrero Rocher that balances out several flavours.  I highly recommended you to divide the bar in three parts and place the garnished raspberry on top and eat it together. You won’t be disappointed with the taste! A beautiful looking dessert that can’t be forgotten. Mmmmmm…

Shangri-Sugar (4)

And to accompany your dessert a glass of dessert wine from Brown Brothers. Best to sip it after you have taken your first sweet dessert bite.

Shangri-Sugar (5)

I’m overall happy with the awesome desserts, though this year they reduced the tasting plate of sweets.

Shangri-La Lobby Lounge on Urbanspoon

Sugar Hit Fix #2- Glass Brasserie$20 per person

Date Visited: 5/10/13

With one-hatted restaurant, Luke Mangan from Glass Brasserie at Hilton Sydney Hotel has pleasured my taste buds to a rich solid block of chocolate delice. Atop sweet coated salted caramel popcorn decorated itself across the delice and glued with a thick smooth gooey cocoa chocolate sauce which creates an enjoyable chewy texture. What makes it even more delicious? The crunchy crushed pieces of nuts with a blend of biscuit filling as a base promised a lot of crunchiness.

The presentation and texture of the delice melts in my mouth, where the delice reminds me of a fudge cake that is sinful yet heavenly to devour. That perfect smooth scoop of peanut butter ice-cream looks lonely on the other side of the plate but if you unite the delice and ice cream, together will welcome a chocolate nutty goodness. There’s no doubt you’d be hooked to ask for some more.

In general, this dessert certainly fulfilled my nutty desires, though a tad too nutty for my own liking. Besides the dessert, the Brown Brothers dessert wine paired so well with the entire plate of sweets and nuts.


Glass Brasserie on Urbanspoon

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18 thoughts on “It’s a Sugar Hit Fix – Good Food Month

  1. Having a nice dessert time at shangrila was the best ever in 2013 (lets do dessert or sugar hit )……the worst one was in Harbour Rocks hotel, what we got totally different……scary!

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