Color Chinese New Year

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GONG HEY FAT CHOY’ to everyone who celebrates  Chinese New Year. May you have good health, wealth and prosperity.

To start of my day I woke up at 6:30am to get ready for  The Color Run 2013 , The Happiest 5Km On The Planet and I totally agree!

Was so excited in the beginning and to the finish line of the run, especially the end. There was a after color party, once you had finished running your 5km.  Every 10-15mins explored color cornstarch powder, with vibrant music playing at the background. It felt like I was high on colors and also  the crazy crowd was wild and entertaining, DJ knew what songs to get the crowd going and the MC was enthusiastic. I would of loved to dance my whole morning away.

But unfortunately I had to quickly rush home, change and head back out to celebrate Chinese New Year with my folks and relatives. As I greet myself in a lady like dress to relatives, flashing red and gold pockets appear in my face!! Also box of chocolates.

Seems like only reason I love Chinese New Year are red pockets, chocolate and massive feast, all day and night!

Here are just some photo moments of my colorful day.

To quickly summarize I managed to donate money to a good charity Heart Kids , did my first run for 2013, get to see my relatives, big feast day and night and finally satisfied to receive  a pile of shiny red pockets!

Once again Happy Chinese New Year readers !


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