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Raw raw meatasaurus Ness has arrived! So when word got out that RENGAYA is offering premium wagyu buffet, YES premium wagyu! marble score 9+ for $69 per person my brain just  automatically calculated how many order’s I’d make to eat all of those wagyu. It took me by surprise that this restaurant offers buffet because a few years back they provide minimum selections of its finest wagyu and servings weren’t that pleasing for my wallet.

When the orders came out, I just couldn’t wait to get my chopsticks straight into those meats and quickly dunk it into the BBQ pan. Whilst it was cooking,  I started my appetizer ‘Yukke’, which is beef tartar. It tasted so delicious, I ended up not sharing it.

To whine down and keep me feeling energize from the over load of wagyu i had ordered Choya Plum Wine (Osaka). It was indeed refreshing. Soon after, a round of Asahi Super Dry on tap beer came filling up the table.

Halfway into eating glorious juicy meat, I noticed beside my other dishes of meat was beef rib porridge. The appearance did not win me, but the flavor of it won my taste buds.

Our last order was up and to finish it off  to a lovely meal was dessert.  My stomach felt like it was about to explode but I always seem to have a extra space in my tummy for my sweet tooth.

I could not resist to eat WA Plate by myself even though I felt my pants were about to burst. Luckily it was a ideal choice because it was incredible. The sweet black syrup drowned the warabimochi so well together. And green tea cre’me brulee was a finishing touch along with organic green tea. And don’t forget the red bean soup, marvelous .

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    December 1, 2014 at 12:05 AM

    […] still a sucker for Rengaya’s premium meat even after a year and a half of visiting them. Click here. Some may question is it worth $69 per person and I’d say “Are you kidding me?” I […]

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