Tea Time at Park Hyatt Sydney

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There’s always something about a view, atmosphere and a refreshing cup of tea along with a mixture of sugary and savoury finger food plated onto a shiny silver plate that makes it so reassuring I made the correct choice to stay indoors, when the city is overflowing with rain and it’s impossible to predict whether the clouds will disappear during the midday or not.  I knew that Park Hyatt Sydney welcomed me with open doors and excellent service along with the cosy leather chairs and fresh scented flowers flowing across the hallway.

I was quite fortunate to be seated next to the clear crystal window because as I just arrived, the hotel had two wedding functions going on and I wasn’t quite sure if they’d take visitors on the spot. Thankful, with happy feedback that there was a table available, I just wanted to jump in the air.

Sadly, due to the strong mist clouds covering the view I didn’t get the chance to take a proper photo, but on a exciting note I had the chance to see with my own eyes a cruise boat Queen Victoria, also the Opera House.

Anxiously waiting for the finger food, the lady had asked what type of refreshment I would like , by surprise I read sweet fruits that sounded so refreshing in my head, I thought I’d give it a go and ordered L’Oriental: A blend of tasty and sweet fruits (passion fruit, bush peach and wild strawberry) with subtle flavours of Green tea from China. Boy, that tea was divine, it almost tasted like the actual fruit.

As soon as the tea arrived, so too the high tea, which meant time for me to deconstruct every layer.

Starting from the top strawberry and lychee tart and vanilla and lavender macaroon, my favorite the strawberry lychee tart for the win. Between the base of the tart and filling had a layer of lychee juicy pulp.

Next blackcurrant and violet profiterole and five layered Valrhona chocolate cake with gold flakes as decoration. The Valrhona chocolate cake was a win for my table. It had a pleasant texture of smooth, creamy and crunchy chocolate for every layer.

Finally, cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon, herb crêpe roll, salmon caviar, roast beef, rocket, horseradish tortilla roll and Alaskan king crab finger sandwich. Let down on the savory plate due to its lack of flavor or perhaps presentation. Our table weren’t  so thrilled at eating it.

On the other hand freshly baked scones was given a thumbs up. Especially strawberry jam, there was clumps of strawberries in every scoop that I served on my scone.

Half way munching on my finger food and suddenly I here across my table ” let’s order a few more”.  My thoughts ” why didn’t I think of that!”.

As a result beurre noisette and hazelnut cake, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and crème caramel, almond biscuit. The crème caramel beautifully light brulee’d toffee layer and the almond biscuit was tremendous.

Overall, it was a peaceful way to end my day even as the rain falls so thickly from the clouds, I still managed to pull off a smile.

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