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Ever visited a grocery store that amazed you in almost every single alleyway? I certainly have. So my first mad discovery Tabasco spicy chocolate, just melted my heart away. I wanted to just open up the tin box and shove all the bite size chocolate’s in my mouth, but I’m afraid of spicy substances. Next discovery Mentos in cinnamon flavour , definitely a win for creativity.

Still in the sweet sweet candy department I managed to move my trolley along down to the other side of the store. However I soon managed to find fairy floss, not just ordinary fairy floss flavours. I am talking about fairy flavours like vanilla, rose, chocolate, orange blossom and pistachio. Frustrated and confused, I didn’t know what to pick, so I quickly left that   section empty handed and now I am regretting every bit of it. After leaving the candy department, I tried to avoid my confusion for candy and randomly picked a different alley way.

Mother of Spreads !!! I certainly didn’t want to leave this department. Why? because I finally found my new morning spread on toast.  Never knew marshmallow can exist as a spread and I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Just opposite the tubs of variety spreads displayed sauce’s and on my to buy list was definitely not ice cream sauce. But because I am amazed when I found blueberry sauce 50% organic blueberries, I had to quickly dunk it into my trolley.

Sitting along side the sauce was incredible mini ice cream cones, couldn’t help it to compare it with my hands to see how mini they really are. Seriously, sugar cannot get any better, organic coconut sugar found in my trolley cart.

Who said only a few people in this world can afford Lamborghini? because they are all wrong. I finally purchased one, in a tin.

Tunnock’s milk chocolate seemed perfect for my afternoon snack or should I say a great snack while doing my grocery. Overwhelmed by this place, I honestly didn’t want to walk out of this place, ever. It is definitely not an ordinary grocery place, it’s like wizard of oz. Just follow the yellow brick road.


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