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So what’s the reason for me being in Melbourne? Well, word on the street is that HOPETOUN TEA ROOMS is a place to hang with fresh organic fruity tea leaves  made to order and high tea being its high demands, I had to give it a try, while I am around Melbourne at least.

Located in Melbourne’s CBD [CBD Block Arcade  Melbourne Central, VIC 3000]. It wasn’t so hard to find because there is always a queue outside it’s little shop and most importantly, their cake display. Tourist to even local’s like myself would take out there phone’s , camera’s to d-SLR’s , just to make sure they get a picture with the yummy cakes displayed.

Luckily, the queue was short so didn’t have to wait too long. Approaching to my located seat a gorgeous a single sunrise tulip awaits at my table. Felt so lively after looking at it, even during whilst eating , I just kept smiling all through the end of my meal.

Ordered Fiji organic tea, which has green tea with papaya and wild pineapple and ice chocolate.  FYI, when it comes to my iced chocolate it has to be a good ice chocolate, meaning not just milk and chocolate sauce.  And boy this ice chocolate just blew my mind. Absolutely GOT TO TRY!

It was lunch time and the waitress informed us there is no high tea till after 3pm , therefore I ordered chicken liver parfait. I thought it be just a standard size portion, so once I finish I could just hop to another cafe, but no I was completely wrong.

I have never seen chicken liver main size portion’s to be that massive. It’s definitely shared between two people because I just shouldn’t finish it.  But I must say it’s delicious.  Someone kept stealing my pickled pear relish and I was saving it for the last. Also learnt to eat chicken liver with brie with toast. It’s really good, the spread of liver on the toast then add a spread of brie on top, it’s mouthwatering.

We hit Swanston Street and Flinders Street Station for awesome vibe and view and watched hipsters cruising by and tourist taking happy snaps in every different angle possible, this includes me as well.

Wandering down the Melbourne streets, it was already dinner time. I stumbled across a place called Captain Melville [34 Franklin St Melbourne, VIC 3000], were I heard from a birdie that there sliders are to die for. So without giving any thought walked into the bar and ordered  Bannockburn Free Range Chicken Parmigiana served with Coleslaw and Hand Cut Chips, Pulled Pork Taquito, Western Plains Pork Belly times two and Soft Shell Crab Slider times one, however the bartender paused and casually asked ” You sure just one Soft Shell ? because I am positive you’d be fighting for it after the first bite”. I replied I think one would be fine.  Again, I was wrong, my slider was gone after my first bite.

Patiently waiting for our orders to arrive I thought I’d celebrate by giving my taste buds a Dirty Granny Cider, quite refreshing after a tourist walk around the heart of Melbourne. The Pulled Pork Taquito had arrived coming out of baptised oil, it was still hot and crispy, I had to patiently wait till it cooled down, then demolish it, I did. Very Mexican dish I believe. It has a salsa taste to it and acidic flavor.

Next Soft Shell Crab Slider had been placed on my table because I only had ordered one for myself, I thought this slider would be all to myself. Well, apparently not. Word’s cannot and I mean cannot describe how good this slider was. My first bite of it, just felt like fireworks cracked in my mouth, my eyes instantly lit up. I honestly couldn’t stop thinking about slider for hours. In actual fact I wanted to order dozens of Soft Shell Sliders if I could because I’d swim in them all day. Before I know it, my dreaming was over, my slider was gone….. I was happy enough to have tried it.

Seconds later Western Plains Pork Belly came just in time to save me. The pork belly was crackling for every bite I had and the lettuce was fresh and crisp, just like Soft Shell Sliders, the meat itself was juicy and tender and the bun soft and fluffy just like Soft Shell Sliders. It was practically another tremendous creation Captain Melville has created.

By the time I finished these sliders my tummy was already stuffed, I had forgotten we also had ordered Bannockburn Free Range Chicken Parmigiana. Looking at it, off course I am not going to say no to food, not even my stomach can stop me from this. Was glad I tried it the chicken was moist even though it was bathed and fried in oil, it was overall marvellous. I hadn’t come across a chicken still moist and tender inside even though it’s been fried heavily. If you know a good Chicken Parmigiana in Sydney please let me know. Coleslaw so fresh , it brings out all the individual vegetable flavors itself. Hand cut chips so homie with added salt to give it seasoning, just ideal.

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