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After a crazy few days in Melbourne exploring, I woke up to a nice sunny day in time for mini symposium lunch degustation, which I have been dying to try, since I landed in Melbourne. Sadly to say this will be my first and last time to try Masterchef George Calomaris famous restaurant THE PRESS CLUB (72 Flinders Street Melbourne 3000 Australia) as they come to end this month and will reopen a new renovated restaurant with a twist to their selections of cuisine.

Once I became aware of their restaurant closing down , it was an immediate reaction to go call and make a reservation, especially when I’m a fan of watching almost all seasons of Masterchef.  Quite a convenient location, as it’s located at a corner and a huge sign on top of the building written “The Herald”.

The table chosen the group lunch menu $85 pp , which consists of 5 course entree , main and wait for it… dessert !

Complementary olive bread and sour dough arrived with fish oil butter. A rich smooth  butter that blended so well with the bread was  deliciousness. I almost finished the table’s  sour dough and butter though it was a bit heavy flavor for the butter I still managed to gobble  it down.

Both entree’s and matching wine had arrived and I just couldn’t wait to dig in after the host had finished explaining what each element was. The table voted top entree was 2006 Taste – Saganaki martini, which infused with organic tea , tomato and hamuli cheese with a shot of vodka and 2012 Greek salad – Capsicum, heirloom tomato, Kalamata ice cream yoghurt.  One of my friend admitted he doesn’t like veggies, but with Kalamata he suddenly managed to finish the entire entree.

After a quick conversation arrived 2006 Salmon – Olive oil poached, cauliflower, taramasalata, prawn crackers and for my allergic seafood friend  with veggie issues pan fried quail with steamed veggies.  From the pictures the salmon looks not so cooked, however it was cooked to perfection. The table agreed this salmon was top main dish . Salmon was so moist with flavors bursting out it surprised the table.

By the time I finished my salmon, my tummy started to become full and the host had again served us complimentary bread with butter. Next the 2007 Lamb – Mastic braised neck, pomme puree, yoghurt cheese delicately served to our table. A flawlessly cooked lamb tender and succulent ended up half eaten by me and past onto the table to balance out my belly  for the final dish to arrive, dessert.

SWEET MOTHER OF DESSERT , the final dish was gleaming when it was being served on our table. I finally had an opportunity to try the famous 2012 Strawberry – Bougatsa, caramelised phyllo, sweetened milk Masterchef dish that has numerously been played back and forth in my head , which has been presented in one of the Masterchef TV series. The host mentioned this dessert is called Aphrodite meaning  goddess of love, lust and beauty and I totally couldn’t agree with her more.

Munching away the garden of strawberries on my plate looked devine , the white chocolate mousse fondant drizzled out strawberry sauce and crumpled chocolate taste somewhat similar to Oreo. Did I mention on top of the fondant mousse is a single rose petal dunk in sweetness of sugar ? That rose petal was sugar heaven to me, I am so impressed how the rose petal was so crispy with sugar, I almost snitched someone else’s rose petal too. Just to taste  all over again.

Definitely a satisfying way to end our degustation, with a big smile and my belly is complete.

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