A Sp’egg’tacular Easter

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Don’t you just love Easter lonnnnnnng weekends? For me especially, this time of the year I have the opportunity to hunt for some CHOCOLATE eggs and overindulge in my desired food eating celebration, chocolate consuming.

By the end of the hunt I predict my legs will overtake my body off to various supermarkets and chocolate stores to snatch some heavily discounted chocolate because sadly for the first time I am skipping the Easter Show, such suitable time for assignments to be all due at this moment right when the Easter bunny is hopping around my backyard and generously hiding yummy chocolate’s.

As an alternative for the Easter Show, I only have a few hours to truly celebrate the bunny arriving during this holiday season.

I know, these Easter eggs  don’t exactly fit in the category of Easter egg hunting, but when I have a pile of assignments that needs proof reading, I really can’t step outside to find the furry bunny. Instead colourful textas lying around on my desk and somehow a boiled egg managed to be sitting on my desk as well, I’d thought I’d play with food.

This is my artistic impression of Wonder Woman, Superman, a nurse and a Mario green Dash Mushroom, well at least similar.

Managed to take a “break-time” and step away from my computer screen. Totally worth the few minutes wondering around my forest backyard.  Can’t go wrong when there is chocolate with substances of cocoa. Just another “eggscuse” to eat chocolate.

Feast time! Thanks to my dearest mummy who organized and prepared for this festive dinner, I have now more energy to continue the “joy” of finishing my assignments.

Soon after the best part arrived, desert. Freshly baked homemade pavlova with strawberry, passionfruit and blueberry fruit pieces, also centred with melted chocolate sauce. If that wasn’t enough for desert lovers then homemade Ferrero Rocher chocolate cheesecake would do the trick. As well as Italian sponge cake with icing.

Before I forget, found Wally! Although he looks rather rounder than usual. He still managed to join us for Easter.

P.S. With some knowledge of using Facebook and the help of a few computer monkeys* finally set up a group page for this blog, Hooray! You don’t know how stressing this is for me. My lack of I.T truly doesn’t help whatsoever.

Feel free to visit this page or perhaps like it as well! Love to hear from you.


* No computer monkeys were used in the making

Happy Easter once again !


2 thoughts on “A Sp’egg’tacular Easter

    Cassandra Leong 梁欣琪 (@__cassiiieee) said:
    April 8, 2013 at 11:36 PM

    Hey you!
    Never realised you had a food blog!! (though I shouldn’t be surprised!) haha sounds like you had a great Easter!!
    Look at those cute eggys!! 😀 Procrastination at it’s best!!
    btw, if you have time check out my blog too? (shamelssly adding it in here)


      Ness responded:
      April 8, 2013 at 11:53 PM

      Hey Cassandra
      Thought be nice to open a blog..typically because i need to improve my english 🙂 and a perfect way to express it is through my interest FOOD ! 😀 😀
      Will be check outing your post from time to time… well more like every day !

      Ness 🙂

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