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As assignments and mid-exams begin in the next few days I decided to get some fresh air. It’s been days to weeks that I haven’t wondered into the Sydney streets or even catch up with my dearest friends. Luckily the weather was so beautiful and coincidence I was available to attend a project through the sponsors of Yes Optus RockCorps and to be reward an exclusive pass to see The Script, Tinie Tempah and Guy Sebastian LIVE.

It’s amazing how this project  is so successful because everyone seems to be very busy with their own lives and whoever has created this whole concept has brighten or more so engaged people to make a change in their own communities and at the same time to give back to their community.

Within four hours I managed to meet new friendly faces, remember to look whilst painting otherwise you’d paint on someone else, never to lean on the wall that you painted on and use the correct tools for assembling objects. I don’t think I am handy for future household fixtures.

In the end It was lovely having the opportunity to give back to the community and also have loads of fun.

After a quick drop off to the station I ended up in front of The Milk Bar By Cafe Ish. If you ever have change in your pocket, then this is the place to take a short break. They do $5 special on their cheese burgers. The burgers were superb  particularly a huge fan of their buns. I think their bread are freshly baked each day. The milkshakes are uber different to regular milkshakes you read off the menu. The disappointment was when my friend thought the chef was the waiter and nicely asked if he could order. The chef replied in a blunt tone ” I don’t speak English”.

On the other hand, best part of this cafe are the arcade machine tables. Brings back childhood memories, whilst having a snack in between.

Concert time! Bumped into old friends and new. I just could not compare to what happened at the concert with the four hours I  had giving earlier on to the community. Seriously worth my time and has given me a solid workout, particularly my arms due to the heavy lifting and a not so even tan.

Overall I’d do it again if the opportunity comes around and I believe if anyone out there wanting to do something fun, safe, free or even meeting new people. This is truly worth participating in.

Thanks Yes Optus RockCorp, even though I’m not using your network. You as sponsors have provided me a memory that would last a lifetime!


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