Natural Weekend

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Last weekend I completely wanted to get away from the enormous list of errands that was waiting for me to complete. I quickly drove down South for some peace and quiet, found an amazing lake, relaxed on the open green grass , fell in love with nature surroundings. All things considered, a lovely weekend indeed 🙂

Two years ago I purchased Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval Ring, which I rarely had the opportunity to wear out and somehow managed to find it in the car whilst driving. I’ve always had a passion in purchasing jewellery, but never been able to expose it whenever I go out. Ironically, I general don’t wear jewellery, except the Tiffany jewellery, which is chained onto my neck. That’s because it has a very meaningful memory for me. I’m just struggling to find the perfect outfit to go along with it!

By chance my white collar shirt and caramel coated trousers by Zara somewhat blended well together.

So here’s the well-known Yves Saint Laurent Arty Oval Ring that many girls I am sure of has heard of.

Here are some of my favourite shots with the beautifully lit afternoon.


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