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Thank goodies this week is over for me. I’ve had a really tough week and I don’t know where to begin.  Let me just say I’ve been in tears throughout this week because one of my goals  that I’ve dreamt since forever is not coming closer to me than what was planned. It seems like the doors are closing on me. But I do know there is hope. With the support and comfort  of friends and family I managed to recharge myself all back to a normal again.

Besides my rollercoaster week and the cooler weather coming closer than expected I ended up at KOH-YA (Shop 1, 9-17 Young St.,Neutral Bay NSW 2089) celebrating the joy of this week finishing.

This restaurant is one of my most favorite in my list because it gives me the  freedom to eat as much as I like within one and half hours time frame.  I recommend to go for the banquet ($39.90p.p), it is a fair bit , but for what you pay, you can select a lot from the menu and service is provided that they bring it to your table straight away. It beats having to line up around the buffet . ( Click on the first image and it will direct you to their website)

Koh-Ya (8)

Oh! And if you have a sweet tooth, it includes desserts as well.

I had a craving for something soothing and Seeweisse Beer for ($4.50) did the trick.  The beer rich, sweet and earthy flavour that blends so well with the BBQ.

Koh-Ya (1)

Food arrived so quickly even though it was a full house on a Friday night. Beef sashimi was demolished in seconds because it was that good.

Koh-Ya (2)

I was committed to order something healthy at a BBQ place and glad I did the right thing. This plain looking spinach salad seemed to be popular at our table. So fresh and crisp with sprinkles of almond with a dash of unknown dressing that made me order a few more.

Koh-Ya (3)

Who can forget the famous Yukke (raw beef with egg yolk). That almost made me forget their was a BBQ happening.

Koh-Ya (4)

So pleased that night because “Special of the day” was salmon and tuna sashimi. By judging the waiter’s expression of amusement I think I had ordered a fair amount  of sashimi to the point the chef may of giving me large chunks rather than regular size sashimi pieces. I may of eaten more than one kilo of raw fish. Insert high pitched squeal haha.

Koh-Ya (7)

Under beef tongue arrived and straight away cooked because the seasoning smelt so good and yes it was tender and juicy when cooked to medium rare.

Koh-Ya (5)

I haven’t forgotten the best part of this place OX TONGUE. We ordered ten serves for starters and slowly ordered another ten then five and finally two serves. So total twenty-seven serves between three peeps isn’t soooo embarrassing.

Koh-Ya (6)

Tip: Order a bowl of rice and let the meat sit on top of the rice so the rice can absorb the oil and seasoning. And there you have it rice with meaty seasoning.  Rice and meat goes really well together.  Especially for cold windy nights coming closer.

Koh-Ya (9)

Such shame my tummy couldn’t fit as much food as I would have wanted. There is so many variety of food to choose from. This is just a quarter of what I had ordered for the mains. As for desserts six scoops of green tea and a plate of mix fruit completed my belly.

If you’re smart don’t wear anything fancy because your most likely going to come out downright smelly and dirty. On the other hand satisfied and filling.

Koh-Ya (10)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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3 thoughts on “KOH-YA, Sydney

    iamtoofree said:
    May 4, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said:
    May 6, 2013 at 9:33 AM

    I agree ox tongue is delicious! I know so many people that won’t try it because they don’t like the sound of it but it’s so good. And thanks for this review, we’ve driven past this place a few times! 🙂

      Ness responded:
      May 6, 2013 at 3:30 PM

      I’m glad you have a liking for ox tongue as well! It’s not easy gathering a few friends to share this experience. 🙂

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