Reuben Hills, Surry Hill

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On a sunny day walking along Albion Street in Surry Hills, you may notice many petite hipster cafes along the street. In particular a small narrow wooden door and next to a clear glass open window, it looks tiny from outside and quite cosy but when you walk through their narrow entrance, it becomes three times spacious and fully crowded with people.

It was extremely packed but we were okay with sitting alongside the walls. Felt like a bar because of the stainless steel stools. The waitress addressed us with a warm greeting and served complimentary water in a milk jar bottle that advertise funky cute images. I kept staring at the jar during the entire conversation cause it was that adorable!

Reuben Hills  (1)

One thing I heard about Reuben Hills (61 Albion St, Surry Hills NSW 2010) is their legendary milkshakes. So without hesitation we ordered Lychee Coconut & lime and Salted caramel ($8.50) each served in a tall large stainless steel cups. Both milkshakes were interesting though in my opinion they should serve in an even LARGER SIZE because I couldn’t get enough of the lychee coconut. It had shredded pieces of coconut, chunks of lychee and a hint of lime.

Reuben Hills  (2)

The Ceviche king salmon served with smoked sweet potato, lime, roasted corn, fennel & jalepenos ($19) was refreshingly delicious. Good chunks of salmon pieces and sweet potato confused me whilst eating because of the colour similarities.

Reuben Hills  (3)

Reuben Hills  (4)

Crab Tacos filled with avocado, sweet corn, smoked tomato & rocket ($18) was a bit too pricey. But the corn chips outdone itself. It was slightly crunchy and soft with a kick of spice, which made it worth it at the end.

Reuben Hills  (5)

When we were just about to pay the bill the waiter arrives with complimentary dessert – coconut and blueberry icing mini cake because it was the end of the day for them. Bonus! The cake was really good, it wasn’t too sweet and can really taste the coconut.

Reuben Hills  (6)

It’s best to go in pairs or with a small group just to chill, but I would suggest avoid going during the busy lunch hour. It does get quite packed and no one likes to wait, especially if it’s during winter.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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2 thoughts on “Reuben Hills, Surry Hill

    Annie @ The Random Foodie said:
    June 12, 2013 at 11:19 PM

    i love Reuben Hills. possibly one of my fave cafes in Surry Hills. haven’t tried the ceviche so should give it a go. definitely agree with you about their tacos. they were really delicious but quite pricey

    Nessy Eater responded:
    June 13, 2013 at 6:34 PM

    yep! the ceviche king salmon so delicious! you must make a trip back to Reuben Hills to give it a try and the tacos .. thinking about it makes me hungry

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