Soban Korean Cuisine, Chatswood Westfield

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If you come across muddled oversized wooden walls in Westfield Chatswood then you have landed at Soban Korean Cuisine (Shop 602 Level 6 (Cinema Level) Westfield Shopping Center Sydney, NSW 2067).  The entrance is large and enormous and is connected with another restaurant Towon Chinese Cuisine that serves a different blend of cuisine, Chinese.

Soban Korean Cuisine (1)

After the waiter jotted down our orders we were served complementary banchan in 6 individual appetiser bowls! The joy of taste testing each and every dish is like entering a land of deliciousness. A combination of Sour Cabbage, Kimchi that is fermented cabbage, Pasta Salad served in mayonnaise dressing,  Odeng Bokum- stir fried fish cake quite tasty and a hint of sweetness, Dooboo Jorim- braised tofu very delicious and Manulchongjim- seasoned garlic stems a bit spicy.  Also salt was provided.

It’s never easy selecting one favourite dish though, but the braised tofu (Dooboo Jorim) drenched in soy sauce was indeed my top pick because it was it was flavoursome!

Soban Korean Cuisine (2)

Kalguksu has long been one of the mainstay dishes served in the Korean home and is traditionally considered seasonal food therefore it was essential to order Beef Kalguksu ($11.90) a house speciality. It has the noodles arranged over shredded braised beef, strips of egg, chopped spring onion,  garnished with a slice of chilli.  The broth is made from beef bones which is heart warming for the winter season in Sydney.

Soban Korean Cuisine (3)

Another classic winter dish is Samgyetang ($25) also known as chicken ginseng soup or in Cantonese ‘Yun Sum Gai Tong’, is an inspirational soup based dish. It consists of a whole chicken stuffed with black rice and off course Korean ginseng  and strips of egg to decorate. The chicken broth soup was addictive, you can really taste the ginseng  enriching it’s flavours and taste unlike any other place. It’s usually the chicken broth that takes over the ginseng flavour  and they were very openhanded to give 3 huge pieces of ginseng! Most places only give one tiny piece which you can barely see with a chopstick.

Soban Korean Cuisine (4)

Photos by Vanny Tang

If you’re ever feeling blue, apparently chicken ginseng soup does help fight common sickness for example cold or flu. So you know where to head to if you have to battle it out with the cold and flu.

Can’t wait to taste more of their traditional Korean dishes on my next visit!

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