The Little Snail made a trail, Pyrmont

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Well we know snails are slow, but do all of them leave a trail? Maybe…well at least I know one French snail that doesn’t hold back in leaving behind footprints of its own adventurous journey. This snail managed to find a place of its own and opened up a restaurant called “The Little Snail“, being right next to Darling Harbour, surrounded by a fantastique view and nightlife too.

You step in, and you know it’s definitely authentic when you hear waiters speak desirable fluent French amongst each other. The interior decoration is… well… dull and simple, but I guess the view outside empowered my judgement, therefore it made up for it.

In my own personal experience, I know by fact that The Little Snail is a delightful gem for French dining and is an inviting place for celebrating on Mother’s Day, Birthdays and no doubt a destination for lovey dovey, romantic dinner dates.

When an old friend of mine (Mr Clarke Kent) asked if I was free for dinner, I replied “Sure, why not?”. He then replied “OK! But it will have to be at The Little Snail”. I was puzzled and ecstatic that my friend invited me along , just the two of us, spending our evening together, with a nice view and don’t forget the appetising degustation but I knew there was something more than just dinner.  You see, I was replacing his so called ” Lois Lane ” for the evening. I basically became his listener, so I think! 😛

It’s depressing to witness Mr Clarke Kent dealing with the struggling months of love hate relationship. Before the whole charade had happened few weeks before the dego, Mr Clarke Kent  was overjoyed, overwhelmed and longed to take ” Lois Lane ” to try French cuisine for the very  first time. He had booked in advance and layout his entire evening plan. And I have proof! I’m ever so curious to how a thoughtful, kind, sweet man can be left stranded? If you were Mr Kent, what would you do? Or If you were me, the listener, what advice would you give to Mr Kent ?

*Insert belly rumbling* Now to the food….

So it appears since my last visit to The Little Snail, which was roughly two years ago, they have altered their menu.  Thankfully their classic dishes were still available. Yeah baby!

I must admit, I’m pretty spoilt in terms of being a listener as Mr Kent treated me throughout the entire evening.  Boy, I can’t stop repeating thank you Thank You THANK YOU! I truly am grateful.

All the dishes we ordered were from the 3 course menu ($60)p.p, but you can order these through the a la carte menu as well, you’ll basically be adding a sting to your wallet. If you plan to adjust the courses and any side dishes, it requires an additional cost.

We weren’t passing off their stand out entree Escargots De Bourgogne, especially sitting in a French restaurant called “The Little Snail”.  It is essential to try the enticing dozen snails as it was bathed in melted garlic butter and marinated in herb-infused court bouillon. Served with toasted bread that resulted in dipping into the mouth-watering juicy sauce was marriage on a plate.  Caution: finger-licking may be involved as the sauce may splash onto your fingers, if you use your hands to dip the bread.

TLS (1)

Escargots De Bourgogne

Our other entree was Boulette De Fruits De Mer, a combination of fresh salmon, prawn and blue swimmer crab, steamed and paired with tomato and chervil veloute. It didn’t disappoint as it was beautifully presented in a rice shaped ball. The chervil veloute was astonishingly amazing! It was the key to making this dish work. The rich, creamy flavours matched well along with the texture of seafood. The colours so bright and fresh, it reminded me summer is not far away.

TLS (2)

Boulette De Fruits De Mer

For our mains Magret De Canard a portion of lightly crispy skin duck breast fillet marries into the sweet, gooey red raspberry sauce served with wok tossed green spinach. The raspberry sauce was overpowering the duck, but the fatty flavours of the duck burst out in the end, delivering a heavenly outcome.

TLS (3)

Magret De Canard

Cote De Veau -The veal tenderloin looked kind of original, but the taste was appealing in my mouth. Covered in champignon and chardonnay beurre blanc, it seemed like my mouth had a mind of its own, constantly chewing and absorbing the texture, the flavours and the feeling.  Aside with potato croquette, which failed as it was served cold and seasonal greens, broccoli, crunchy. I quite enjoyed the creamy sliced button mushroom sauce. It was a great combination with the veal to dig deep into the sauce.

TLS (4)

Cote De Veau

It wasn’t difficult to choose which dessert I wanted to devour, as I have previously tried them all. Mr Kent and I both settled for my favourite Chef Churned Hazelnut and Praline Ice Cream a layer of crunchy and crumbled shortbread topped with a large scoop of hazelnut and praline ice cream and sugar coated on top of the ice cream placed with squiggled grand mariner caramel. Yummy!

TLS (5)

Chef Churned Hazelnut and Praline Ice Cream

Aside from the relationship drama and food, It was agréable ( meaning enjoyable in French) evening.

A plus tard! (See you later)


Photos by Vanny Tang
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3 thoughts on “The Little Snail made a trail, Pyrmont

    eilxrrr said:
    July 7, 2013 at 10:00 PM

    your pics are so gorgeous 🙂 ! i swear last time i went food didnt look nearly as great as the photos on your blog haha ! but looks good!

      Nessy Eater responded:
      July 7, 2013 at 10:01 PM

      Thanks! No no it happened to just be lighting 😛 But food was delicious! 😀

    […] venue is operated by husband and wife team, George and Ann. You may be familiar with this couple at The Little Snail  where French style cooking combined with friendly service meets personality and charm for each […]

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