Hooked Gourmet Seafood, Greenwich

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Timing was impeccable for me as I was around the Lower North Shore neighbourhood and my rumbling belly was in search for local food.

I wasn’t so sure what I’d expect as I walked past local cafes in Greenwich, but to my surprise we decided to choose Hooked Gourmet Seafood, which from the outside looked like a tiny store with a few simple set-up of tables and chairs placed across outside, plus a heating gas stand.

As you enter, on the right side of the shop has a coffee stall and towards the back is a display of quality fresh seafood, which got my attention to try The Lunch Box ($13.90) which was pretty tasty, a mix of battered crab sticks and chunks of fillet fish, calamari rings and crunchy deep fried hot chips, served with a wedge of lemon and tartar sauce. My fingers constantly picked up one piece after the other. Their shop name says it all, I was utterly hooked!

Hooked Gourmet Seafood (1)

I was very impressed with the Chai Latte ($4.50) which had a large surface of creamy froth on top and presented in sprinkled cinnamon. It had a rich taste of chai that blends so well with milk. Essential to order for the chai lovers out there!

Hooked Gourmet Seafood (2)

A classic Hot chocolate ($4) caught everyone’s attention as it smelt very chocolaty across the table.

Hooked Gourmet Seafood (3)

Check out the stunning coffee art of the Flat White ($4) shaped into a frothy warm heart. It sure recharged someone’s energy level, perhaps it had something to do with the barista? ;P

Hooked Gourmet Seafood (4)

The location is definitely convenient for parents, nannies and teachers as it’s right opposite the school and if you’re lucky enough to dine on the street pavements, you can see and absorb the local atmosphere.

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