Memorable Moments in Melbourne (Part 1)

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When you hear the word Melbourne you simply start to imagine yourself gradually expressing the happiness that is yet to come, well at least that was for me.

Exploring around Melbourne has always been a heart stopping adventure worth unfolding the streets of extraordinary arts, finding early birdies queue for hours to grab a taste of delicious baked eggs and freshly squeezed juice and don’t forget afternoon tea time,  give coffee a try.

Melbourne is always on the move with something spectacular worth discovering. The city itself is driven by a spirit of laughter and joy, which in my opinion pretty much sums up Melbourne.  But what makes Melbourne are the people and places.

There’s a clash in trend between electric vintage and quirky urban chic but in the end they’re all city of artists.

I managed to experience Melbourne’s wonderful scenery, walked a street maze full of colourful artistic walls, enjoy the aroma of brewed coffee beans and experience toe curling moments with food. It felt like the world stopped spinning, just for me.

If you ever live in Melbourne, it is the friendliest city you’d come across in the world! With such a diverse pattern driven by architectural surprises, you’d question why didn’t you find this city gem earlier?

You’d  be clueless to what to pack into your luggage  as the weather there is like four seasons in one day but I guess it’s an excuse to grab a bargain at DFO.

My first stop, dessert degustation at Mr Hive Kitchen and Bar, I highly recommend you to try give it a try.  It’s sugar orgasm on a plate! We decided to get the four course degustation for $45 per person and matching wine additional $25 per person.  Obviously we couldn’t miss out on this delightful evening that just only serves sugar.

Mr Hive (1)

We were escorted through the maze of the restaurant near to the kitchen, a dessert bar. This is where our executive pastry chef Alex was waiting for us and spent the entire evening  preparing our scrumptious dishes.

Mr Hive (2)

Mr Hive (3)

We quickly skimmed through the menu and let the waiter know we wanted our degustation more than ever.

Mr Hive (4)

Our first course had arrived Citrus Eton Mess , I instantly fell in love with the crunchiness of the mascarpone bite size droplets that worked so well with the tangy yet refreshing mandarin puree sauce and tucked underneath was the smoothest ice-cream I’ve come across.

Mr Hive (5)

Citrus Eton Mess

Sitting right at the bar, it was such an eye opener watching Alex prepare our second dish, the Sticky Date Pudding . We were fascinated with the sticky textures and sweet taste also the pistachio biscuit bridge placed on top of the pudding and a dollop of crème fraiche is such a brilliant idea!

Mr Hive (6)

Mr Hive (7)

Mr Hive (8)

Sticky Date Pudding

Mr Hive (9)

Mr Hive (10)

Whilst our next dish was being decorated by Alex and a few of his other pastry chef team members, we may of silently let out woo and ahs every single time they started plating a new dish.  We must of had a little too much sip of matching wine and sugar high as tables across the other side of the restaurant could hear a bunch of adults giggle like kids.

Mr Hive (11)

Mr Hive (12)

Mr Hive (13)

Mr Hive (14)

At last! The restaurants signature dish Mrs. Hive’s Chocolate Bar, Peanuts & Caramel, our hands were down for the most sinful chocolaty dessert we had that night.

Mr Hive (15)

Mrs. Hive’s Chocolate Bar, Peanuts & Caramel

Mr Hive (16)

Who can say no to this? Very rich and smooth. Hmmm YUMMY!

Mr Hive (17)

Alex informed us that the bottom layer was crushed grapes, impressive!

Mr Hive (18)

The Blackberry Soufflé was a light and fluffy like you’re sitting on airy clouds. Flavours of blueberry waffled into the air as I placed a spoonful of ice-cream into the centre of the soufflé and let it melt.

Mr Hive (20)

Blackberry Soufflé

Mr Hive (21)

Mr Hive (19)

For our final dessert , we were presented with Chocolate Milk & Passionfruit Truffles, which looked old school.

Mr Hive (22)

Chocolate Milk & Passionfruit Truffles

By the end of the night we were full from sugar. I have to warn you, every single dish they offer is main size dishes. So in case you think you won’t be full from this, trust me you will!

Before the show was almost over, we were given Goodie Bag of Sweets & Jubes . OMG! More sugar I can eat at home! (Horary!)

Mr Hive (23)

Goodie Bag of Sweets & Jubes

I couldn’t leave without taken a happy snap with the executive pastry chef Alex,  his such a lovely sweet man.

Mr Hive (24)

Executive Pastry Chef Alex

Unwrapping my lolly bag felt like Christmas all over again.

Mr Hive (25)

P.S Very SORRY readers my camera wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. I wasn’t so sure if I should post this one or not, but I really really wanted to share my sugar madness! 😀 😀 😀
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5 thoughts on “Memorable Moments in Melbourne (Part 1)

    eilxrrr said:
    July 10, 2013 at 9:22 PM

    omgsh i went there for breakkie buffet but dessert looks so awesome

      Nessy Eater responded:
      July 10, 2013 at 11:13 PM

      Do tell me more about the breakfast buffet soon! Dessert was heaven ! 😀

    Sherrie @ Crystal Noir said:
    July 10, 2013 at 10:30 PM

    Oh my those desserts look absolutely to die for!

      Nessy Eater responded:
      July 10, 2013 at 11:13 PM

      Give it a try, if ever your around Melbourne ! 😀

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