Taste of Hu’s Inn Taiwanese Cuisine

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Feeling hungry and coincidently *cough* walked past a new food place, the Hu’s Inn Taiwanese Cuisine offers a selection of their delightful fried snacks, classic Taiwanese rice and noodle dishes  and side dishes. As soon as our bottoms touched the chair, the friendly waiter appeared with their menu and also a notepad and pen for us to tick the dishes we’d like order and pass it back to the waiter to process.

Hu's Inn  (1)

Traditional Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice ($6) filled with a lot of hot steamy rice with a few teaspoons of diced braised pork. Damn. We were hoping for more juicy braised pork and sauce.

Hu's Inn  (2)

The Stew Taiwanese Pork Chop Set ($10.90) that looked similarly to a Japanese bento box shaped container but in Taiwan it is called biandang holds rice, pickled sliced cabbages, glossy sweet cooked corn,  braised pork and deep fried stew Taiwanese pork chop.  I was distracted by the pork chop that was evenly marinated with sweet soy sauce. As for the battered layer, drenched with the sauce- mild in flavour. Yummy!

Hu's Inn  (3)

In the Pork & Cuttlefish Ball Soup (Half price with any main) (Original price $4) it served one pork ball and one cuttlefish ball- a shame it was slightly tasteless however the soup itself  garnished with dry fried red onion and coriander was easily demolished.

Hu's Inn  (3B)

We happily enjoyed the Radish Cake ($4) giving an unbelievable radish flavour with a fluffy radish filling served in a crisp coating. This is the kind of snack dish that should be served in a larger portion.

Hu's Inn  (4)

Black Pudding Cake ($3.50) also known as pig’s blood sausage is a dish that exists here and only here at Hu’s Inn! It may sound a bit sickening, made of sticky rice and pork blood but it’s no surprise a popular snack at local night markets in Taiwan. Trust me; you wouldn’t be able to taste any pig’s blood, only the lightly battered flour cake.

Hu's Inn  (5)

And if you’re the type of foodie who enjoys a traditional Taiwanese snacks then Chicken Heart ($4) (Top) and Chicken Giblet ($4) (Bottom) is your type of snack. Complete with its own flavours though it has been seasoned, you can distinctively taste the differences.

Hu's Inn  (6)

A large spoon placed inside the Braised Beef & Tendon Noodle Soup ($10.90) can’t fail to raise a few eyebrows around the table. Teehee. Unlike regular beef noodle soup, Hu’s Inn offers a tomato version that features soy-tomato broth, massive pieces of beef tendon, braised beef and wheat noodles. Very upsetting the noodles were undercooked although with a combination of textures and flavours, you’re sure to hear a few noodle slurps here and there.

Hu's Inn  (8)

It was hands down for the Wonton Soup ($6.90) as it was served in a medium sized bowl filled with a generous portion of freshly wrapped wonton pieces, placing a large amount of shrimp filling in the center- a dish not worth missing out on.

Hu's Inn  (9)

Hu's Inn  (9B)

Okay I confess, I love Taiwanese snacks but for the Spiced Beef, Tea Egg and Tofu ($7.90) it was ouch on the wallet due to the portion that was served. Besides the price, the mild saltiness of each item encourages your taste buds to repeat it once more.

Hu's Inn  (10)

Feeling thirsty? Give the Ice Black Tea (Half price with any main) (Original price $2) a form of strong brewed black tea mixed with sweetened sugar- a popular pick in Hu’s Inn.

Hu's Inn  (11)

Despite the squishy tables, we weren’t rushed to eat quickly; the service is very polite and more than happy to help with finding the perfect snack or meal for the table. Worth coming back for a light meal or snack.

Hu's Inn  (12)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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4 thoughts on “Taste of Hu’s Inn Taiwanese Cuisine

    milkteaxx said:
    October 10, 2013 at 10:25 PM

    i love how tw food is influenced by all the countries around it, deliciousness all round!

      Nessy Eater responded:
      October 11, 2013 at 9:00 PM

      That’s so true! I can’t wait to go back to Taiwan – I really miss their local food markets.

    grabyourfork said:
    October 14, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    I love Taiwanese pork chops. That batter is also so deliciously seasoned and crispy. I’d love to try those black pudding cakes. At first I thought they were black sesame peanut bars! lol

      Nessy Eater responded:
      October 17, 2013 at 2:35 PM

      So sorry for not replying on the same day ! There’s was an issue in sending replies but its all fixed now. Your right! It does look similar to a black sesame peanut bar 😛

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