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Dining at a restaurant that’s right on Sydney’s wharf and sampling a cuisine that’s Japanese with an Italian twist is something you cannot forget. At LuMi Bar and Dining you’ll be able to maximise the experience as it has a beautiful open kitchen to watch chefs delicately construct your dishes or you can you sip on a cocktail and watch the Sydney view.

Hello LuMi Bar & Dining!

For a weekend lunch, we opted for an 8 course plus snacks which absolutely works for people who’d prefer to seat at the wharf on a sunny day and have a long lunch. First up the snacks arrived at our table with a glass of sparkling NV Rustico prosecco.


We kicked off with the zucchini pancake with generous sprinkles of grated parmesan. This tiny pancake of zucchini had me questioning how I was going to lift it up with my fat fingers as it looked very delicate. One sudden move and it could collapse!

Zucchini Pancake

It was quite an unusual snack but had a natural sweet taste to it. The parmesan cheese added an extra level of creaminess consistency, which I liked, a lot. Zucchini-haters will enjoy without them knowing this baby contains a vegetable in it.

Look at that delicate piece of zucchini pancake

Next up, we were surprised to see the diced tuna wrapped in a thin crispy sweet potato cone. In some cases, tuna is not always a favorite option of mine but serve it like this and I’ll be hunting the chef down. A very satisfying snack that pleases all ages. The tuna was well seasoned and the sweet potato was paper thin. I already feel healthier devouring this and you would too.

Tuna with sweet potato cone

Chanwamushi is a delicate savory Japanese dish that’s simply steamed hot egg custard bathed in dashi, soy sauce and mirin.

Moreton Bay Bug Chanwamushi

At LuMi, the flavors are quite different yet it does keep its original texture as a silky-smooth tofu pudding yet with a hint of Italian. It contained moreton bay bug juice, yuzu dashi and shellfish oil. Not a bad way to blend the two cuisines together into one as it was pure harmonious flavors in a cup.

OH MAN! This chanwamushi was super silky.

We received the housemade rye & spelt brioche. I giggled at the brioche as it looked like one of the Queen’s Royal crown. The brioche was beautifully golden, soft and perfectly puffed outside.

Here comes the Royal Crown rye & spelt brioche.

We smothered the warm toasty bread with easily spreadable burnt butter mascarpone. Add those two combinations together and we’ve created CARB HEAVEN.

I’m telling you…you’re in CARB HEAVEN after having this.

Open kitchen where you can witness the Chefs plate their food art work.

To our next course the tomato & strawberry was fresh fermented strawberries with skinless baby tomatoes. The flavours are zesty and simple, topped off with garden herbs which gave a burst of freshness.

Camouflage, can you guess which one is the tomatoes and which one is the strawberries?

Talk about bugs and everyone will start screaming but when it comes to moreton bay bug, LuMi does a terrific dish that will let you forget about the name!

Moreton Bay Bug

The edible meat was certainly something I’ve never encountered as it was served semi raw but well-seasonally cooked in texture.

Best moreton bay bug dish I’ve had so far!

It certainly brought a strong district flavor to the table which made them a perfect ingredient to marry with the seaweed crisp circular shell and heavily powered with what appeared to be green tea was seaweed powder. GODDAMN IT!!! I want to order another hundred of these.

Just look at this green beauty!

Couldn’t help but order the Yuzushu Sour ($18) just because. A very light, not overly sour cocktail as it contained a mix of Cointreau and Yuzu infused Umeshu. My tongue could feel the delicate hints of yuzu and perfect acidity to refresh my palates for the next course.

Yuzushu Sour ($18)

Here comes some pasta action and we were greeted with four mushroom agnolotti. It was overwhelming to see an oversized plate holding four delicately handmade pasta dumplings as this dish made me feel like I was giant, haha.

 Mushroom Agnolotti

Each agnolotti was thin and smooth holding a warm liquid center filled with a pool of manchego and a hint of truffle oil. Now it made perfect sense why the portion size was served as is. All four parcels delivered an incredible fantasy of pure delicate mushrooms with a surface of creaminess that tastes a gazillion times better than it looks, no offence.

Look how adorable is the mushroom agnolotti.

By now my body was asking for stomach expansion but the show must go on. For our last savory dish, we were served a piece of lamb that was nicely cooked as the meat would effortlessly part with not having to use much weight on the fork. There was an exquisite level of juiciness in the lamb and full of flavor that paired well with carrot mash.


Don’t need no explanation for the kakigori as it magically looked pretty in pink on a plate. This was no ordinary simple shaved ice as it contained plum kakigori with basilvinegar custard and lime sherbet. One of most interesting palate cleanser I’ve tasted. It was tangy and a burst of aromatic citrus in my mouth with a punch of vinegar, surprisingly a wow factor and an excellent way to semi end it.

You had me at plum kakigori.

To wrap up our tasting menu the salted geranium that included salted geranium ice cream, black currant reduction and a violet mousse was phenomenal. It was sugar-crusted but not to overwhelming and the violet mousse and black currant provided a touch of sweetness with the slight bitterness from the salted geranium. Very enjoyable dessert as I had the opportunity to play with my food by karate cracking the top shell with my spoon.

Salted Geranium

After 3 hours to get through our small tasting menu all I can say is it’s worth every calorie to visit LuMi Bar and Dining, but it does come with a $120 per person price tag, however you get to eat at one of Sydney’s wharf and see a stunning view. I’d say it’s a one of the greatest ways to spend your money on! I hope this becomes a permanent part of my weekend lineup. Okay…maybe I’ll just keep dreaming, haha.

Exquisite View at LuMi Bar and Dining


This meal was independently paid for.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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All Aboard Captain Cook Dinner Cruise

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Saturday night King Street Wharf is the night life in the heart of Sydney. The wharf is packed full of pretty ladies in 2 inch stilettos, families,  cheerful blokes and entertainers.

It was Almighty Princess’s Forever 21 Birthday and we needed a celebratory  dinner somewhere in the CBD. We originally intended to book a fancy hotel for a night and party hard indoors but somehow Ice-cream L popped up an  idea to go on a dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour. Me and Miss Boobie Trap weren’t going to decline after browsing on the net the show boats package deal.

After a long painful walk from Wynyard Station to King Street Wharf in my 10cm heels  we arrived at our destination with no boat. During this time Almighty Princess wasn’t aware of where we were taking her because it was a surprise.

Just so happen at the same time a cruise arrived and two  tall, young, muscular British males exited the cruise topless. Yes, TOPLESS! I think all 4 of us were silently thinking the same thing… to hop aboard on topless men cruise instead of the one we planned. Haha

Not long after our lovely Sydney 2000 show cruise arrived looking spectacular.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (1)

Walking towards our seats I was able to get a glimpse of Sydney’s night life and it was truly captivating to see the sparkling building lights flash, people roaming around the wharf and I hear RNB music on full blast.

It was very generous of Ice-cream L to offer the window seat for me as I am such a BIG KID IN HEELS. During the entire evening we had a lovely, enthusiastic and cheerful host Kerrie who helped made our night even more enjoyable.

Kerrie started off by pampering us with a glass of Complimentary Sparkling House Wine which unloosened my fear of being sea sick.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (2)

Complimentary Italian Ciabatta Bread was provided. It was perfectly crisp outside and warm and soft inside. It would of been better if they offered butter.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (4)

It was very quick for the entrée to arrive before I even had the chance to finish my bread. Not that I am complaining.  Service is plausible.

Miss Boobie Trap ordered Australian Tiger Prawns with Tropical Salsa. It was pleasingly to see the bright redness of the prawns which suggest it is fresh. The salsa mixed well with the green mixed salad. Truly a refreshing entrée to start off with.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (5)

For me Ice-cream L and Almighty Princess we decided to try the first option on their menu Smoked Ocean Trout, Fennel with Black Caviar and Dill Aioli – a pretty elegant and delicate dish. The smoked trout was shaped into a rose and tasted delicious with caviar,  a tiny scoop of aioli and slices of fennel . Shocked when Almighty Princess wanted to give this dish a go as I rarely see her eat anything raw but she thought it was a satisfying dish.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (6)

Service was excruciatingly quick, our mains arrived right after Kerrie had packed away some of our silver cutleries and plates.

Grilled Atlantic Salmon incredibly popular at our table served with gremolata crust, oven roasted seasonal vegetables and creamy hollandaise sauce to complete the dish.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (8)

Coincidentally me and Almighty Princess ordered the Beef Tenderloin Fillet plated with sautéed peas and pancetta, caramelized onion, rich veal jus with potatoes. I ordered my beef to be cooked medium rare which turned out to be tiny overcooked. The meat  quite tough in terms of texture however when I reached to the centre it was a miracle it had a pinkish colour leaving it with a tender finish.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (9)

As for Almighty Princess she asked hers to be cooked well done.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (13)

Miss Boobie Trap ordered the Slow Braised Lamb Shank bathed in red wine and vegetable ragout served in mash potato. Smooth silky mash can be incredible when dipped with the tasty red wine sauce.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (10)

Burnt meat was detected but it didn’t stop Miss Boobie Trap or me from devouring this dish.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (11)

Behold colourful cocktails ($15.50) each arrived whilst we were feasting on our mains. We weren’t going to celebrate Almighty Princess’s birthday without ordering a few cocktails.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (17)

Midori Splice was surprisingly nice! (that rhymed) mixed with Midori, Cointreau, Malibu, pineapple juice and dollop of cream, garnished with a strawberry and mint. A bit difficult to finish as it started to taste more and more syrupy towards the end.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (14)

Observe liqueur lovers, The John Cadman a delightful creamy cocktail contained Kahlua, Baileys Irish cream, Frangelico Liqueur and cream. A rich flavoursome drink that reminded me of chocolate milkshake.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (16)

Sydney Bay Breeze a fruit bursting cocktail – Vodka, pineapple and cranberry juice.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (15)

For dessert,  Miss Ice-cream L asked Kerrie if the kitchen can organise something dazzling for Almighty Princess.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (18)

Surprise! Almighty Princess’s dessert came with a lit sparkler. After singing the traditional happy birthday she was into her Slow baked raspberry and apple crumble with cream. Crumble pie was great. A hot and cold dessert dish covered with berry sauce.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (21)

Sydney berry included crush of blueberries, light meringue mascarpone and fresh whipped cream with zesty lemon. A sugary dish that Ice-cream L could not let go of.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (19)

The Velvety vanilla and chocolate mousse with light caramel syrup a splendid mousse filling treat. Just breathtaking.

ResizedCaptain Cruise (20)

Nothing beats the dessert I ordered White and dark layered chocolate tower. The NAME SAYS IT ALL! The ladies managed to secretly dig their fork through to my dessert without me knowing. Perhaps it was because I was staring too long at the beautiful view. The chocolate tower offers smooth white chocolate cheesecake. Then a layer of rich dark chocolate cheesecake and the bottom layer a gooey milk chocolate cake. Drizzled with mixed berry sauce and mixed berries to garnish. Oh boy! I think I just died for a moment. This was too good.

A chocolaty experience I would want to repeat!

ResizedCaptain Cruise (22)

The girls and I were extremely keen the entire night as we waited till after dessert to explore the top deck of the cruise. Whilst we were up there we may of taken a few luvos photos and reacted out as the character Rose and Jack from the movie Titanic.

The cruise stopped at Circular Quay without us knowing and all passengers had already left the ship. Can you guess what happened next?

HOORAY! We were extremely lucky to have the last half an hour of the cruise to OURSELVES! *Insert Happy Dance*

We had the cruise ALL TO OURSELVES! 😀

ResizedCaptain Cruise (23)

ResizedCaptain Cruise (24)

ResizedCaptain Cruise (25)

ResizedCaptain Cruise (26)

Hello Opera House!

ResizedCaptain Cruise (27)

ResizedCaptain Cruise (28)

ResizedCaptain Cruise (29)

ResizedCaptain Cruise (30)

Sailing under the Harbour Bridge

ResizedCaptain Cruise (31)

Such a magical evening spending time with my girls and celebrating Almighty Princess’s Forever 21. Teehee. Once again Happy Birthday Almighty Princess! 🙂

It’s great to go on a Captain Cook Cruise as the service was fantastic, food representation was excellent however the burnt lamb shank was the downfall. The colourful cocktails made my night but to top that Sydney CBD scenery was gold.

I wonder how would Sydney’s CBD look like during the day? Just another excuse for me to jump on board with Captain Cook Cruise again.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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