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Onyx Lounge- Newtown Stations Secret Cocktail Life

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Don’t feel guilty about going straight to the bar and ordering endless amounts of cocktail, tapas and dessert at Onyx Lounge, near Newtown Station. This romantic bar specialises in adults only drinks and has over 120 cocktails you can choose from, from their menu. Yes, this bar allows you to create your own mini tapas party for the evening with the choice of share plates, mains, pizza and burgers. Seconds from Cuckoo Callay, this newish bar is surprisingly gorgeous and hidden upstairs. Keep an eye out for the Onyx sign on King Street, Newtown.

Onyx (16) Nessy Eater

 You can easily spot Onyx with this sign.

Onyx (15) Nessy Eater

 Speechless when I first walked in.

Onyx (1) Nessy Eater

 Deciding what to eat at Onyx.

I love the look of the swanky Fairyfloss cocktail ($16.90). This beverage is without doubt a girly drink because it’s so hard to hide behind the curtains with the contagious colour of pink. A large pile of fairyfloss was swimming in vodka and strawberry coulis.

Onyx (3)

 Fairyfloss cocktail ($16.90)

If no one orders this Blue Galactic cocktail ($16.90) then you need to move to another galaxy. The idea of bringing vodka, blue curacao, lemon, and berry coulis is brilliant. It is possible to believe we didn’t order another one because it was the most desirable cocktail for the evening.

Onyx (2) Nessy Eater

 Blue Galactic cocktail ($16.90) 

We cheated a little with the Quesadilla Chicken ($14), conning our way by chucking a few slices of chorizo. However the marinated chicken strips, mozzarella cheese on a flour tortilla served with avocado dipping sauce seriously knows how to knock your face with burst of flavours.

Onyx (5) Nessy Eater

 Quesadilla Chicken ($14)

Onyx (9) Nessy Eater

 That close-up!

Remember to look carefully at the Chorizo and Potato ($14) as it was a bit of a roller-coaster of flavour and fun with Spanish pork chorizo slices, chat potato chunks in an oven roasted roma tomato and smokey chipotle chilli jam. I found the chorizo to be very tasty as it literally brings the heat to this dish. I was challenged to go fire walking with the tomato and chipotle chilli jam.

Onyx (6) Nessy Eater

Chorizo and Potato ($14) 

It is compulsory to order the Deep Fried Tasmanian Heritage Brie ($10). The cranberry sauce brings the best out of the fried brie. It’s kind of like a stepping stone of new flavours. This dish brought a confident smile out of me. Under enormous pressure from Almighty Princess, I ordered another one of these because our hearts couldn’t stop melting for these.

Onyx (3) Nessy Eater

 Deep Fried Tasmanian Heritage Brie ($10)

Onyx (7) Nessy Eater

You know how to make my heart melt fried brie ❤

Discover the Spicy Italian Meatballs ($16) as you attempt to give your tastebuds some character. There is no way you won’t connect with these meatballs because every bite full contains that extra heat to your body. The texture is faultless with a bouncy chewiness centre  with the splash of the homemade tomato sauce and shaved parmesan atop, it lets your tongue enter a whole new world. If you’re craving for some spice, better feed your intestines with this bowl of meatballs.

Onyx (10) Nessy Eater

 Spicy Italian Meatballs ($16) 

Back in the day I remember that fairy god mothers would sprinkle rainbows on my toast but when you’re 18+ the 100 & 1000s cocktail ($16.90) is the new way of seeing rainbows and butterflies. This cocktail contained vodka, triple sec, lime juice and cranberry juice. It goes down sweet with the extra colours.

Onyx (11) Nessy Eater

 100 & 1000s cocktail ($16.90)

Almighty Princess and I were set to order desserts, so it occurred to me that the Pistachio Ice-Cream ($10) appeared to look classic on their menu, so what we did best is order it. However, something about the presentation didn’t seem right. I felt like it didn’t have its own identity and it was chilling to see it look like this. But the scoop and half ice-cream had flavours of pistachio, fig & honey and buried undernealth berry coulis with fresh crushed pistachio nuts which made me ask for more.

Onyx (12) Nessy Eater

 Pistachio Ice-Cream ($10)

It’s hard not to love the Flaming Chocolate Tarte ($10) on a Friday night, especially if your dessert gives you a front-row seat to see it go on FIRE. Which mine did. I’m a sucker for the quirky tricks and creative spirit when a restaurant offers this kind of ingredient.

Onyx (13) Nessy Eater

 Flaming Chocolate Tarte ($10) 

This chocolate tarte is a really decadent and it’s so entertaining to witness my dessert in flames. The tart filling is an absolute delight and will make your your mouth water with semi-sweet chocolate, and sweet pastry. Add a spoonful of vanilla ice-cream to lighten the rich texture, but create a creamy flavour.

Onyx (14) Nessy Eater

Never thought I’d be happy that my dessert would go up in flames. 

There’s an array of flavours and textures in Onyx’s menu. For me though, the soul of the menu is in the cocktails and nibbles. From the minute I walked upstairs and noticed the fairy lights, my heart instantly skipped a beat. I naturally started thinking this place is a hot spot in every sense for Newtown with chilled, classy interior and cosy seats. Onyx Restaurant & Cocktail Bar is great for after work drinks and can easily turn it into a romantic date.

Onyx (4) Nessy Eater

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest with $100 voucher,  thanks to Onyx Restaurant & Cocktail Bar.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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The Cottage Winter Menu Launch, Balmain

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You have to see in person how incredible The Cottage | Bar & Kitchen is, a clear peoples choice as it reminds me of a happy childhood garden, but for the BIG KIDS. At first inspection inside, vintage furniture with a mismatch of dainty cups and antique crockery adorn walls is a great prime spot for some long cosy chit-chats with friends and family. You can expect night life entertainment with live jazz music playing throughout the evening in their front garden. This place is charming and definitely completes a warm and homey feeling, along with some quirky twists to their NEW WINTER MENU with their Head Chef, Ellen Young and top notch cocktails.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (A)

The Cottage | Bar & Kitchen cocktail display

Throughout the entire evening, intimate live music kept playing. It was an ultimate experience to watch and listen whilst having a cocktail in my hands. The singer captured many street walkers and so did the guitarist, who robbed my ears. Such wonderful rhythmic music.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (B)

Live entertainment

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (C)

Adorable teapots 

Amy and I were first welcomed with a variety of 18+ beverages such as Villa Sandi Prosecco, Yealands Landmade Sauvignon Blanc and Wilson Pepperstone Shraz. I couldn’t resist getting my hands on Balmain Pilsner, it looked so manly. TheBalmain Pilsner has a lovely fruit driven notes in the aroma, balanced off with a clean crisp finish. It is also the perfect complement with freshly shucked oysters.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (D)

Balmain Pilsner

I’ve been alone with you inside my mind freshly shucked oyster served simply with a squeeze of lemon and merlot mignonette. The whole evening I was looking forward to the free flow of oysters. With the support of Amy standing right next to me all night long, watching me giggle every single time I see the humungous stainless steel bowl being refilled. I thought it was fun!

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (E)

Freshly shucked oysters- Sydney Rock & Pacific 

You should of seen the look of my eyes when opposite the oyster bar, a display of cheese platter was simply sitting there, waiting for us to devour it. Blown away by presentation, my gigantic mouth looks like it will devour the MASSIVE PARMESAN CHEESE in one bite. For the launch, we had the opportunity and honor to try Locheilan Triple Ring Soft– Shepparton VIC, Queso Valdeon blue– Leon, Spain, Wyngaard goat- Woerden, Netherlands and Fleuron Vache Brebis semi-hard-Pyrenees, France. The cheese has its own flavour and with the help of fresh grapes, dried apricot, datespistachios and almond allowed a very distracting new taste.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (F)

More than just a cheese platter

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater

Please CHEESE me!

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (G)

This is getting way too cheesy! Teeheehe

We continued to venture around and stopped in front of The Cottage | Bar & Kitchencocktail bar were the lovely waitress offered us Arancini. These fried rice balls coated in breadcrumbs and stuffed with tomato, smoked mozzarella and parmesan were flawless. This may be a winning combination for a vegetarian dish. Piping hot crunchy bite-size risotto with  melted cheese oozing out on your very first bite means heavy breathing for me. Relax, breathe, BREATHE!

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (H)


This is what I call MELTED CHEESE PORN. You’re the real deal Arancini. Thank you Amy for your two fingers posing behind this super tasty fried goodness.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (I)

I want to see you again…

My body is my temple when you come across mushrooms, stuffed with barley, dried fruit, herbs and chevre. These upside down mushroom are entertaining and juicy. Texture feels squishy and with the chevre atop, a nice smooth creamy finish. I believe the pomegranate adds a refreshing sweet sour flavour kick to it.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (J)


By the time we reached the bar, we already felt a little bit thirty for some cocktails. Lucky this bartender was almost finished preparing the… wait for it…. 

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (K)

Bartender preparing our cocktails.

Love this lady’s flower headband and also what she was serving, I’m excited to introduce to you… wait for it….

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (L)

Get ready to taste these cocktails

Yes, you caught me with the “Lemon & Basil Gimlet“. Couldn’t put this down because this cocktail is shaken with citron vodka and lemoncella, basil, lemon and lime. This drink knows how to own the stage. There is clean green notes from the lime but also the fresh basil sprigs. It comes out refreshing and every sip is crisp and tangy. This is more so a summery cocktail but I escaped the winter blues with thoughts of the sun and warm weather.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (M)

Lemon & Basil Gimlet

After my first cocktail, I started observing the bartender for the next offerings and tried to embrace the beverage madness that was flowing around the room. All these emotions mixed together is genuinely entertaining.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (N)

What’s next cute bartender?

A bit of splash here and there, it was time to garnish these drinks and get ready to serve. Thoroughly entertained by these bartenders.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (O)

Can that be…

The cocktail that calls out the most to me is the “The Sloe Cuban”. A very interesting twist on the mojito part with Plymouth slow gin, shaken with freshly pressed mint and lime, then drown it with soda. The perfume of the fresh mint is ridiculously infectious. Enjoyed the sweet sweet flavours of this cocktail. Already envision this right next to me whilst I type. You can’t really taste the alcohol but by the time you’re ¾ finished, expect to feel slightly happier than the usual.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (P)

Yes, it is the  “The Sloe Cuban”.

Stepping away from the cocktail bar, Amy and I noticed the Yellowfin tuna tartare. These nibbles knew how to express themselves with beetroot relish, apple, pickled fennel and dukkah. I personally would of loved to eat this all by myself, but people were around. There is plenty of nutrition in each ingredient. The tuna was a tad overpowering but overtime the beetroot relish and apple flavours slowly come out.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (Q)

Yellowfin Tuna Tartare

Roast cauliflower really is fantastic with pulled lamb shoulder, raisins and vinaigrette. The dish was expressive and achieved maximum amount of flavour from the lamb shoulder. You’ll never want to go back to eating ordinary cauliflower when this dish has caramelized sweet raisins and the red pearls of pomegranate seeds that bring a tantalising nice mess.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (R)

Roasted Cauliflower 

Moments later, we’re back at the cocktail bar and look who do we see here, bartender finishing off his final touches to these Speyside Sour cocktails.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (S)

Garnishing these “Speyside Sour” with cinnamon cigars.

Discover the Speyside Sour with Glenfiddich 12 year and ginger liquer, mixed with lemon juice, honey water and finished with orange bitters. The cocktail has a smooth but medium dry finish and perfectly compliments the flavour of the malt whisky.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (T)

“Speyside Sour”

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (U)

Another round of cocktails?…Yes please!

We spotted the Head Chef Ellen Young preparing the next dish. Are you curious to know what she is making?

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (W)

Head Chef Ellen Young at The Cottage | Bar & Kitchen.

You’ll be blown away and be absolutely hooked on the Maple & Cider Beef Brisket. The first thing I will comment about this is it MELTS IN YOUR MOUTH. The aroma of this brisket is yelling out “EAT ME”. The sauce has the complex sweetness of maple and cider. The beef is unbelievably juicy and super tender that I spotted Amy grabbing her second or thirds of this dish. For the paper thin celeriac crisp, it was spot on delicious. If you are pursuing for more flavours then the horseradish cream should do the trick. I am going to make myself loud and clear that this beef brisket is a must order when you visit The Cottage | Bar & Kitchen.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (X)

Maple & Cider Beef Brisket 

Every second was a highlight at The Cottage Winter Menu Launch. Super lucky that Amy brought me along as her plus one. Throughout the evening my hands were a bit occupied with my right hand holding my camera and my left a cocktail or dozens of oysters, so I apologise for the pictures or not having to take enough photos of the venue. Overall,  The Cottage is definitely worth revisiting because I love the feeling of homey with live music playing all night and their lovely antique furniture that feels like grandma’s house.

The Cottage Winter Launch_Nessy Eater (Y)

Attempted to take the GIGANTIC PARMESAN CHEESE Home, result, unsuccessful. 😛 

Photo credit: Amy from Milkteaxx

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest of Milkteaxx (event provided by Pendulum Communications ). Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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