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Bring on Sashimi and Sushi Busshari, Potts Point

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HEY Foodie Friends! It’s been a while since my last post and I’m slowly coming back to planet Earth. Forgive me, but ERMAHGERD winter is here. Since I’m slowly returning to the eating world I thought it was time to visit Busshari in Potts Point that is minutes away from Kings Cross Station. As I entered the restaurant I look around and it’s dark with a few dim lights, but that didn’t matter because I easily spotted the bar seating, YIPPEE!

Busshari_Nessy Eater (1)

Is your belly excited or what for some Japanese food?!

Busshari_Nessy Eater (17)

What? There’s sashimi and sushi at Busshari?

Busshari_Nessy Eater (16)

Busshari Bar Seating 

We started with the chef’s selection sashimi plate ($34) that includes ocean trout, tuna, scallops, kingfish and fabulously decorated with red kombu and seaweed. Undoubtedly fresh! What a way to start dinner.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (2)

Chef’s Selection  Sashimi Plate ($34)

Was it really necessary to take another photo of the fresh sashimi plate? YES IT WAS! My favourite was the ocean trout and tuna which had an utterly decadent texture to it and had us fighting over the last piece with our wooden chopsticks.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (3)Liking the side view?

There was an impressive looking sake menu and well I had to order one for the team. Teehee. We tried spotting a waitress with our sake bottle, but instead she brings a selection of handmade sake cups to our area first and excitingly informs us to choose a cup. I took a gamble and embarrassed myself by singing eeny meeny miny moe. Look below what I picked…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (4)

Which sake cup shall I choose?

The Tengumai sake ($17) had the perfect sweet balance and matched incredibly well with sashimi and the sushi plate. Just a tip: If you order sake’s lukewarm/hot in winter they’re usually the ones where you instantly feel the alcohol going around to your head (like you might with vodka). After two shots of sake it did its job making my world spin.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (5)

Tengumai Sake ($17)

I felt comfortable staring at the chef’s selection sushi plate ($34), it was hot property between two hungry food lovers. I try the unagi that’s freshwater eel broiled with a sweet brush of teriyaki sauce and tamagoyaki as well as uni nigiri and they were wonderful. The textures made me crazy that I didn’t want to share so what else to do but to continue to eat….

Busshari_Nessy Eater (5B)

Chef’s Selection Sushi Plate ($34)

This has got to be the LARGEST tamagoyaki I’ve ever had as I found it hilarious that it looked like a Japanese surf board and it’s edible. It looked so LOOOOOOOOONG that I compared it with my iPhone, almost the same height. It was tasty nonetheless.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (6)

 My Tamagoyaki looked like a surf board. HAHA!

We applaud when the plate of  sushi roll rainbow ($17) arrives. Usually normal people would eat the sushi but I had to do investigate each sliced sushi piece. Rainbow rolls are awesome in my world because you get a nice variety of fish, and they’re colourful and I love colours. There was a mix of ingredients including tuna, salmon, yellowtail and prawn.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (7)

 Sushi Roll Rainbow ($17)

Turns out I was lucky enough to eat three quarters of this dish. These babies didn’t disappoint and had a tasty inside of avocado, cucumber and crabstick. I loved the fragrance of the rice as it was well put together with the other ingredients.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (8)

It’s ALL mine! 

Fasten your seat belts because the soft shell crab karaage ($18) was FREAKEN INSANCE and finger-licking good. There was good chemistry with me and those crabs. It did look double battered, but looks can be deceiving my friends. It didn’t take much to make my happy with this dish and certainly wasn’t willing to share. I take the biggest piece that I could find and it was light and crisp. It almost felt as if each piece was hollow inside but had a strong flavour of the crab. A very exciting dish to order if you HEART FRIED STUFF.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (9)

Soft Shell Crab Karaage ($18)

Well when there’s fried food on the table one has to order Asahi beer on tap ($9.50) just to balance the flavours…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (13)

 Asahi beer on tap ($9.50)

We genuinely liked the wagyu beef sizzling tobanyaki ($33), however for the wrong reason. After a friendly start with the wagyu beef sizzling in a clay pot with extremely hot charcoal we waited for a few minutes before we dived our chopsticks in. To my surprise the meat was kinda bland and lacked that wagyu melt in the mouth texture, but it was overall juicy. Some pieces were a tad chewy and whilst others were somewhat tender. It’s quite a popular pick for the locals as it looks fun, so do give it a go and maybe you’d get lucky with the flavour and texture of the meat. Make sure to ask for a bowl of rice ($4) to accompany those juicy pieces of wagyu or at least turn that boring plain rice into something meaty.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (10)

Wagyu Beef Sizzling Tobanyaki ($33)

I had high levels of affection with the mixed sizzling vegetables including corn, asparagus, mushroom and a piece of carrot carved into the shape of a flower. Something about vegetables being sizzled on a hot clay pot taste so much more awesome that I required a guard to make sure none of these pieces gets stolen from me while I went for a toilet break.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (11)

Top view of the wagyu at its best!

We struggled eating the last two pieces of wagyu and it was a real shame that it wasn’t the highlight of this dish, instead the mixed fresh veggies were. We had to make sure we didn’t get the wrong dish and had asked the waitress to clarify if this was the the wagyu beef we ordered. She confirmed this was the dish and informed us it was the wagyu shoulder. For some gut feeling I didn’t want to believe it. But hey I ate all my vegetables at the end of the day and most of the meat. How can one complain when meat is sizzling right in front of you…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (12)

Woooo this pot comes with hot charcoal inside and a flame…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (14)

Handmade plates made by the Chef himself, Nobuyuki Ito.

Our very last dish had to end with the dessert platter ($15) and I went way to emotional with choosing three part desserts. Living in my own little bubble the pumpkin mousse brulee made me feel like Cinderella who lost her shoe at midnight, but instead I just got fat. Teehee. The brulee was reasonably smooth and had a tiny bit of raw pumpkin flavour. Next the sesame tart was crazy intense with a good solid crunchiness to it and it was pretty generous with the sesame seeds as you can see. For the black sesame ice-cream it was undoubtedly rich and smooth and I just wanted to slab a few tablespoons onto the tart but I was too late. AND if you are a Washoku Lovers member you get a scoop of green tea ice-cream for FREE. All you need to do is just flash that card of yours to the staff. How easy was that?!

Busshari_Nessy Eater (15)

Dessert Platter (3 Choice- $15) 

It was entertaining to see Chef Nobuyuki Ito show off his knife skills as well as plating each dish during the night with freshly cut sashimi and hand-making sushi right in front of us. I can see why Busshari is so popular at Potts Point as they recently celebrated their 9th Year Anniversary. I loved the bar seating area, the food was pretty up there, however very sad the wagyu wasn’t as great as I imagined. I do have plans to revisit this place again soon and try the rest of the sake menu.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (18)

Concentration is key at Busshari when it comes to making seafood sashimi salad.

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater plus guest attended Busshari, thanks SD Marketing Global and Washoku Lovers.

Some meals in this post were independently paid for.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Cho Cho San – Japanese small things and raw things

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Friendship was born at Cho Cho San in Potts Point with another food blogger’s catch-up. There were a few pretty colour languages running through my head when I finally had the opportunity to sit with Michael from I’m Still Hungry and The Lady, Yvonne from Caramel Love and Shirley from The Hungry FoodTech. Usual guests always had to include Isaac from iFat, Irene from Irenes Getting Fat, Amy from Milkteaxx and Annie from The Random Foodie. At Cho Cho San expect Japanese cuisine with an interpretation of the Tokyo Izakaya. This newish joint is covered with black polka dots on a cream layout. Bar seatings are available or for larger groups you’re most likely be located to a rounder table.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (1)

 Cho Cho San, are you ready for us Food Bloggers?!

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (2)

 As you enter Cho Cho San, make sure you turn left.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (3)

 Sake shower bar

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (4)

Patiently waiting for the others 🙂

Thrilled to welcome Fried Eggplant Miso ($10) and normally I wouldn’t recommend eggplants to any one because it’s not my thing. But this has got to be the best vegetarian fried dish I’ve ever encountered. The outside coat is golden with a crisp texture and inside, imagine a gooey overflow of warm eggplant waiting for you. The flavours aren’t over yet, when it’s generously sprinkled with sesame seed, chopped spring onions with a small puddle of house made sauce buried underneath the delicious fried eggplant sticks.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (5)

Fried Eggplant Miso ($10)

My chopsticks carried away when it first touched the Fried Chicken ($14) because of its juicy succulent chicken hidden inside the batter. There was a light satisfying crunch that is enough for you to the whole bowl away just so you could eat it alone. Just don’t forget that spicy creamy mayo sauce that involves a large portion of wasabi.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (6)

Fried Chicken ($14)

When Nicholas Wong exited his kitchen and entered the plating/sushi area, you should have seen Irene’s face, it was gold! Her eyes enlarged and it was glowing. It was as if she won the lottery or something. LOL

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (7)

 Head Chef Nicholas Wong who preciously worked at Billy Kwong, Bodega and Ester.

You’re irresistible Hokkaido Scallops ($18) with corn and house-cured katsuobushi. For some, it wasn’t the most wanted dish on their list, so it’s my duty to eat on their behalf. Tee-hee NE WINNING! The Hokkaido was known for its huge, flavourful scallops. These plump raw scallops were extremely fresh with a tender, sweet and creamy texture. I loved the shaved katsuobushi because one bite combined with the mashed corn enhanced the natural flavours.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (8)

Hokkaido Scallops, corn, house-cured katsuobushi ($18)

I just wanted you to know the Tuna ($22) combined with avocado puree and pickled eggplant was incredibly fresh. Massive chunks of cut tuna with sesame seed atop was my highlight in this dish. The smooth green puree matter so much to me tastebuds as well with soy based sauce to dress up.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (9)

Tuna, avocado, pickled eggplant ($22)

MY INNER FREAK CAME OUT when the Beef Tataki ($18) arrived. Here’s the thing, looking at it, your stomach might not want it. But when the long super thin slice of beef touches your lip you’d be ready to pounce and get your claws out. Buried underneath the layers of melt in your mouth seared beef tataki was wild rice and ginger dressing. It was quite demanding, even for the foodies who don’t like raw beef. It was tender with the perfect balance of sweet and the beef was indeed good-quality.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (10)

Beef Tataki, wild rice, ginger dressing ($18) 

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (11)

 Wild rice and ginger hidden underneath the beef tataki.

We were on shuffle mode and next for me was the Pentuna Ocean Trout ($20) with black pepper and wasabi – A simple dish with a rich sauce of soy sauce that is a perfect backdrop.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (12)

 Pentuna Ocean Trout, black pepper, wasabi ($20)

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (22)

Head Chef Nicholas Wong impressed us with his skills.

Save your breathe for the Calamari ($16) with lime ponzu – These tentacles was successfully grilled or perhaps marinaded, who knows. It was perfection on a plate and I was hypnotised by the chewiness. You’d be distracted at the first bite with the hit of tanginess.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (13)

 Calamari, lime ponzu ($16)

We had fun with the Udon noodles ($15) that contains small shreds of pork and chilli. I couldn’t keep up with the level of affection and attention that the other foodies felt. The udon showed its slippery side and it was insanely chewy. I was faced with the patch of whipped tofu that looked like mayo and that was mind-blowing.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (14)

Udon noodles, pork, chilli ($15)

I'm Still Hungry (1)

 And the food porn begins! Photo Credit: I’m Still Hungry.

You’d be stressing if you couldn’t get your hands on King Crab Omelette ($28) with Japanese Curry. This omelette makes a delicious savoury trinity of noticeable pieces of king crab. Better treat yourself to the super crispy edges that can easily snap because it’s so light. The center is unbelievably fluffy with a nice gooey texture. There’s no denying the flavour of the curry, it was heavily included along with chopped shallots. This dish goes so well on its own or even maybe a bowl of plain rice. You MUST MUST MUST order this because you’d go crying out the door if you forgot.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (15)

 King Crab Omelette, Japanese Curry ($28)

Silken Tofu in Tomato Dashi ($4 Each) was sharp on the tomato taste, although it knew how to mask itself. As for the silken tofu, I’d say it was a tad rough.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (16)

 Silken Tofu in Tomato Dashi ($4 Each)

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (17)

You wouldn’t believe this contains tomatoes.

I was capable making love with the Miso Cod ($40) with the flower garden celery and ginger. This grilled cod itself knew how to entertain us with its flavours, although I wasn’t too sure were the ginger was in this dish.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (18)

 Miso Cod, celery, ginger ($40)

I got my battle scars on my chopsticks after rescuing a piece of Soy glazed Angus beef ($36). It was a struggle to get my second piece. I now know I should never ask “does anyone want the last piece?” because someone always answers “yes”, especially when it’s a gang of foodie bloggers on the same table. The beef was bloody brilliant with a tender outcome. It was A+ for me!

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (19)

Soy glazed Angus beef ($36)

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (20)

The beef came with three types of sauce: Mustardwasabi and chilli powder.

Who would mind having another piece of the Tempura Pumpkin ($12)– It was not a  deceptively simple dish because each thick slice of pumpkin was coated in batter and deep fried. It tasted might good! Seriously a favourite thing to eat with a wonderful mixture of flavours and textures.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (21) Tempura Pumpkin ($12)

The Cho Cho Snow ($10) was editable shaved ice that included apple custard. Quite flavoursome with that jelly texture magic happening.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (23) Cho Cho Snow ($10)

After all that, you’d think we’d say no to dessert, hell no. I couldn’t control it any longer because the feelings are to strong when I saw the Banana soft-serve cone ($7 each) with crushed peanut and swirls of caramel. Oh My God…this was freaken smooth and surprisingly not overwhelming sweet, although I really REALLY wanted the green tea, but I instantly forgot about it when this baby was in my hands. As for the waffle cone, I absolutely loved it! Smelt so good as if they were made to order.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (24)

 Banana soft-serve cone, peanut, caramel ($7 each)

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (25)

Feeling BANANAS because of you!

It felt electric when I saw the Steamed Yuzu Pudding ($12) even when on top it included a scoop of sour cream. This innocently sweet dessert had a zingy flavour with a spongey texture hidden underneath the glazed sugar.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (26)

 Steamed Yuzu Pudding ($12)

I'm Still Hungry (2)

Till next time food lovers ❤ Photo Credit: I’m Still Hungry.

Overall, Cho Cho San had some incredible dishes, but it was a little bit pricey as well as the portion may seem petite for some. For a table of nine, we had no option but to order seconds for some dishes, so you’re better off going with a group of four. I was glad walking out with a full stomach because it costed roughly $55 per person and we didn’t order any beverages, not even sake. I am still keen to return and perhaps seat at the bar area, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

Cho Cho San _Nessy Eater (28)

 Cho Cho San’s entrance. 

 Photos by Vanny Tang

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The Carlisle Bar- More than just Cocktails

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The Carlisle Bar near Kings Cross station gives a splash of up-town Manhattan bar experience with split level bar and nightclub sprawling along Darlinghurst Road. The champagnes flowed freely at the launch, waiters constantly making endless stream of cocktails. Celebrity chef Chrys Xipolitas designed the menu, adding an Asian and Mediterranean twist while bar manager Benjamin Hickey focuses on putting a twist on main classic cocktails by using whiskey, gin and scotch, pairing them with some of their sweet and sour delights.

the carlisle bar_1

the carlisle bar_6


Listen up VEGGIE CONSUMERS , this tossed and turned  Vegetarian Teasers ($26) dish contains chargrilled eggplant with zucchini, capsicum, marinated artichokes, semi-dried tomatoes and olives with pita is quite colourful with a really delicious and crunchy twist. There is room to dunk a piece or two crusty bread into this flavoursome mystery. Each ingredient brings out all the caramelised flavours which is super for a lovely light starter. 

the carlisle bar_2

  Vegetarian Teasers: Chargrilled eggplant, zucchini, capsicum, marinated artichokes, semi-dried tomatoes, olives with pita and crusty bread ($26)

From the very first bite of the the Tortilla Chips ($16) with fresh chunks of avocado, chopped coriander chilli and a squirt of lime kicked off with a bang in my mouth. This oversized vegetarian dip highlights a dab of sweetness, tiny invisible coriander chilli are like hidden gems. Strictly speaking, the lime kept everything reFRESHing , making you feel more relaxed.

the carlisle bar_3

Fresh avocado, coriander chilli and fresh lime dip. Thanks Sherrie from Crystal Noir for pausing.

the carlisle bar_4

    Tortilla chips

the carlisle bar_5

Marinated olives and fresh pita

With a soft, silky, textured centre and luscious stringy stretch, this Grilled haloumi cheese ($14), topped with purple grape and balsamic reduction kept its promise with explosion of flavours. There’s something about this haloumi that I found rather exquisite. The sharp grilled freshness of this haloumi kicked butt! I probably don’t come across this homemade cheese as often but I did notice it wasn’t squeaky like other haloumis I’ve eaten. It is best to eat it whilst it is still hot so you can taste the light but filling springy white cheese. Unlike most haloumi cheese, this robust cheese is not as salty rather more milky in flavour. It is true The Carlisle Bar is one of the very few places in Sydney that has haloumi this good.

Did you know the haloumi was made by an elderly yiayia (Greek grandmother)? Yeah I know right… an 86-year-old makes good cheeeesssssse.

the carlisle bar_7A

Grilled haloumi cheese ($14)

Applause to this bartender for staying calm with all the food bloggers hovering around the bar with bright flash lights going off every few seconds. He still managed to make a few KILLER COCKTAILS.

the carlisle bar_7B

Bartender preparing Clover Club

If you’re in the mood to THINK PINK, then this S-E-X-Y Clover Club ($18) has got you covered by bringing a touch of Aviation gin, seasonal raspberry, lemon and egg white into a glass. This playful cocktail is the cool kind of way to really get you hooked. With the smooth consistency of egg white, a tangy taste of lemon and the predominant flavour of jin, it would be heart-breaking not to give this ago. I believe this drink is disguised with plenty of raspberry and may often fall under the girly drink, but I did see a lot of males in the room trying to secretly sip the entire cocktail in one go. Teehee.

the carlisle bar_7C

Clover Club ($18)

the carlisle bar_7D

Spotted a HEART in one of these Clover Club. Thanks Stephanie from A little bit of Tang  for letting me your hand. 

Can’t stress enough how good these Lightly floured and fried prawn cutlet ($18) taste. It is an ideal second course or light meal because of its SUPER crisp batter being particularly light served with 3 dipping sauce sweet chilli plumsoy teriyaki and wasabi aioli. Honestly, this savoury dish has more than enough flavours on its own. You can taste the golden brown flavours, coriander, sliced chilli and spice. You can coat these fresh prawns with a splash of lemon to add an intense zesty taste. Without hesitation, I give this dish TWO THUMBS UP ( If only I had more thumbs… if only). Such a lip-smacking dish with juicy prawns and the soft fried filling.

the carlisle bar_8A

Lightly floured and fried prawn cutlet

the carlisle bar_8B

Tastiest prawns @ The Carlisle Bar, Kings Cross

the carlisle bar_9

It’s the bartender again! This time his making Eastside Fizz.

Time to match our prawn tapa dish with a cocktail. This time I present to you Eastside Fizz ($18) offering Beefeater gin, lime, Perrier water and to garnish mint plus added sweetness, off course. It’s a shake up of zingy and summery. An ultimate summer cocktail delivering a classic sweet and sour fizz and all the old favourites.

the carlisle bar_11

Eastside Fizz  ($18)

You know those moments when you’re chicken can get kinda boring? Well not the Spicy chicken ($16)! With the use of exotic chef’s secret sauce, then BBQ’d. These marinated spicy chicken thigh fillets is one prize winning dish. It’s packed full of interesting savoury flavours for example it has a pleasant Thai coating or along the lines of something Asian cuisines.

the carlisle bar_12

Spicy chicken ($16)

the carlisle bar_13

Can you guess what this cocktail is?

South of The Border ($18) knows how to show off its charm right in front of me. It’s a collection of Tequila, Mezcal, passionfruit, lime and vanilla. A definite caffeine cocktail kick with substantial amount of tequila. The best part of this drink is nibbling on a slice of cucumber that is infused with cocktail flavours. It consists a subtly sweet taste and fairly cleansing effect on your body with the mezcal.

the carlisle bar_14

South of The Border ($18)

The Carlisle Bar is so clever to organise live entertainment for some bloggers like me, who are too shy to introduce themselves for the first time outside a monitor. It was lovely listening to Angelina Ciccotti sing, whilst Adrian Petlevanny plays the guitar.

the carlisle bar_15

Live entertainment featuring:  Guitarist Adrian Petlevanny and singer Angelina Ciccotti |Photo credit to The Carlisle Bar

the carlisle bar_16

This bartender is just so happy making our cocktails he couldn’t hide his smile.

the carlisle bar_16B

Adding a twist and garnish to our final cocktail.

For our final cocktail Blood & Sand ($18) – I was excited to taste the ChivasCherry & HerringAnitca FormulaArdbeg and fresh orange. It’s a drink that doesn’t have the most appetising of names, however this old fashion classic can bring to the table a little hint of smoke coming from the ultimate malt scotch whisky, Ardbeg. The aroma is breathtaking with the fruity floral sweetness however this beverage is best served for the mature audiences.

the carlisle bar_17

Blood & Sand ($18)

The most tender cut of beef would be the Beef tenderloin ($24) – This is a very special beef serving with bourbon jus and garlic crisps. I hear it has been rolled in mixed peppers before being barbecued. It’s known for its mild flavour and juicy succulence, however the meat itself is a tad hard to chew. But overall an absolutely fabulous finish to all tapas degustation.

the carlisle bar_18

Beef tenderloin ($24)

the carlisle bar_19

Cooked to perfection: Medium rare, just the way I like it.

the carlisle bar_20

So lucky to visit one of the VIP rooms.

the carlisle bar_21

Refreshments of Perrier water before we say our goodbyes. 

It was almost the end of the night and the gorgeous Bonnie announced the winner of a social media competition. Basically food bloggers were busy snapping away and uploading onto Instagram in hopes of winning a night of luxury bottle service. It was The Gook who won due to endless likes by the end of the night on her Instagram. As for the rest of the food bloggers including myself, we didn’t leave empty handed. Each food blogger received $50 drink voucherHOORAY !!!!! 

With impressive split level venue : front bar, main club and VIP room. The Carlisle Bar is the perfect setting for after work or an endless night out. Designed to meet your desired experience with an added up-town Manhattan theme. It’s no surprise their cocktail and share menu is becoming a popular demand with 20 years of experience to The Carlisle Bar, celebrity chef Chrys Xipolitas ensures every guests palates are pleased.

the carlisle bar_23

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended Sydney Food Blogger Cocktail & Tapas Degustation courtesy of The Carlisle Bar   (opportunity provided by Bonnie Wu). Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Buns & Balls – A Cheeky Burger Buzz

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Just before summer ends, I paid a visit to a Sydney’s sassy suburb, Kings Cross for a twist in burgers and nibbles at Buns & Balls – HAHA I LOVE THE NAME, it uniquely stands out. It is the trendiest bar with a bit of hip, graffiti walls and an outdoor mini green grass field. You better pay a visit on Friday and Saturday night since there’s DJ’s playing music all night.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (1)

First up, Fresh Watermelon and Vodka ($9) make a great ADULTS ONLY summer cocktail. Made with watermelon juice with a splash of vodka comes well together refreshingly. It’s a perfect drink for someone who really likes watermelon.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (3)

Fresh Watermelon and Vodka ($9)

MOTHER OF CHICKS! When the Spicy Louisiana Wings ($1 each) arrived along with Blue Cheese Sauce, we immediately dived our long arms into the small snack box. It turns out, these tiny wings are chilli S-P-I-C-Y with a lot of flavours. I got zapped on the first bite, but you can control the heat of these wings by covering it up with their deliciously addictive blue cheeeeeeese sauce. What you see is just one third of what we ordered, we kept begging for more of them WINGS and CHEESE! They are DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE, so I suggest you get your 3, 6 or 9 pack and don’t share. Otherwise you’ll be crying!

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (4)

Spicy Louisiana Wings ($1 each)

I was interested to how the Fish Meat Balls ($9) would be served up. Larger in size, made from barramundi, chopped parsley and rolled around in breadcrumbs, these croquettes are positively an eye catcher. Straight out of the fryer these balls will sure cause a few OOOOHHH and AHHHH sounds because of fresh fishy fragrance that appears. A tasty nibbly that provides flakey fish filling and a crispy texture with every pieces of breadcrumb attached. To enhance the flavours, bury those fried dumpling into a pool of BB’s Tartare sauce.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (5)

Fish Meat Balls ($9)

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (5A)

Inward shot of the Fish Meat Balls .

The not so sexy looking Braised Chilli-BBQ Beef Burger ($14) appeared to look at us like err…this, BUTTTTT don’t be fooled, perhaps it disguised itself with juicy tender BBQ beef stripes, a slice of melted cheddar cheese ooze slowly out of the burger, grilled onions, chunky coleslaw and wait for it…CHILLI, just so people like me won’t pinch it off. DAME…SO GOOD!

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (6)

Braised Chilli-BBQ Beef Burger ($14)

Good grief there is no burger as delicious as Tempura Fish Burger ($12) -Made from scratch with fresh barramundi battered in tempura style, dressed in lettuce, cheese and BB’s dill and lime tartare sauce. Seriously MOUTH-WATERING with thick succulent fish fillets that are surrounded by a thin golden layer of crunchy juicy batter. The bun itself been warmed up by the hot heat of the fillets make a good burger partner.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (7)

Tempura Fish Burger ($12)

There’s no need for fancy fries when you have Handcut & Twice Cooked Fries ($8), TWICE COOKED?! That’s just like saying I double dipped! But apparently the secret method of good chips is to fry them twice at two different temperatures. Each hot golden potato chip is lengthways long and is extra crispy. Put little pats of leftover Blue Cheese Sauce and you’ve gone to FRIES PARADAISE.

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Handcut & Twice Cooked Fries ($8)

YES, PLEASE to the Ice Cream Sandwich ($6) with two choc chip cookies sandwiching a layer of vanilla ice-cream and it comes with warm melted Belgian chocolate dipping sauce. It’s the simplest dessert that can sure put you in a good mood.

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Ice Cream Sandwich ($6)

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This ice cream is really STRONG that it can stand upwards. HAHA.

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Buns & Balls seating.

Now it’s your turn to taste Buns & Balls! Located minutes away from the Kings Cross Station, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to CATCH A TRAIN because this suburb has very limited car park spots and you don’t want to end up looking grumpy at the pretty bartenders. Teehee.

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Photos by Vanny Tang

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