Vue De Monde – Personality on a Plate – Round 2

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The last time I had visited Vue De Monde I was crazy impressed to know that my belly could not eat the next morning. Maybe it was because we had devoured an entire degustation menu, who knows. I was so convinced this time round that I’d know the menu off by heart but I was entirely wrong.

The adventure begins

Flashbacks appeared when I walked into the restaurant and was welcomed with Melbourne’s CBD view, but this time the night sky. Photos don’t do this restaurant any justice!

That view

We were first greeted with the pumpkin and all. Simplicity was a key for this course. Texture was whipped to perfection like I was eating air with hidden gems of walnut pieces to bring you to the crunchy side of things. The dip had a creamy outcome with a whiff of Indian cuisine and a tinge of curry taste. It went pleasantly well with the bite-size house made naan bread.

Pumpkin and all

So this is what it feels like again using top notch fork and spoon. This was the only time I would appreciate and carefully use utensils as I was told by the waiter it costs hundreds and thousands of dollars. I did my Google research and yeah I can confirm I would need insurance if I ever snapped these babies…YIKES!

Them baller cutlery

For our second course we had turnips with fresh milk curd and emu which had a variation of Asian herbal flavours that was topped with a few petite pieces of chicken skin crisps. This dish had a heavy fragrant of turnips and blended so heavenly with the milk curd

Turnips with fresh milk curd and emu

The third dish had arrived in a raw manner that I thought we were eating beetroot but I was fooled by the looks and only discovered closely that the dish had charred seasonal greens and buried underneath raw squid with smoked chicken fat, and fermented Davidson plum as a intriguing sauce. It was fascinating munching on these strings of charred greens as it somehow reminded me eating those packets of Korean seaweed snacks and the noodle like squid played well with the plum dressing.

Raw squid with charred seasonal greens, smoked chicken fat, and fermented Davidson plum

Full speed ahead and VDM train brought us Western Australian marron. The three ingredients ran and swirl so well together, amplifying each other’s flavour of pine mushrooms, macadamia and glued so well with the tender piece of marron sure got my belly squealing for some more, I almost shouted out “ENCORE”.

Western Australian Marron with pine mushrooms and macadamia

Uncovered the Western Australian Marron with pine mushrooms and macadamia

The world is your oyster when our cleansing plate of moonlight flat rusty wire oyster with lemon myrtle had arrived. I was fueled by the tangy, sour and vinegar flavours on my taste buds.

Moonlight flat rusty wire oyster with lemon myrtle

One would weep just to touch the crusty curves of the beer and fennel bread as it was still warm, crunchy and brown. Sitting beside was a rolled up cultured butter that compliments so well with the bread. Ahhh….Breaking Bread.Haha.

Beer and fennel bread with cultured butter

Next up was the Mark Eather kingfish with spanner crab and beach herbs, which I personally wasn’t a fan of due the the acquired taste of the beach herbs that had overtaken the spanner crab. On a happy note I was amazed by the tiny froth bubbles surrounded the greens which seemed like this dish was living on the wild wild side.

Mark Eather Kingfish with spanner crab and beach herbs

By now you can almost hear my expandable dress burst it’s last stretch but the show must go on and we had the bright and beautiful Kohlrabi with Yarra Valley salmon roe and a mountain of marron coral. This was seasoned to savoury perfection and made good friends with the beer and fennel bread.

Kohlrabi with Yarra Valley salmon roe and marron coral

Close-up of Kohlrabi with Yarra Valley salmon roe and marron coral

My eyes fell instantly to the Davidson plum sorbet with sorrel and flowers. It sure was a promising delightful taste. Picking up my silver spoon, I spooned out a dollop of sweet, tangy plum sorbet which was bathed in liquid nitrogen. The pleasant smoothness of the sorbet blended perfectly with the bitter-sweet taste of sorrel and flowers.

Davidson plum sorbet with sorrel and flowers

A unique flavor experience was tasting the raw kangaroo with figs and muntari berries.It wasn’t a typical dish you’d have on the menu but an eye popping experience for your tastebuds. I felt the figs and muntari berries overpowered the chunky cube pieces of kangaroo meat, however it’s a taste you’ll need to try it yourself to explore.

Raw Kangaroo with figs and muntari berries

Just its aroma won me over was the sizzling wallaby snag and how can I not include the part where a chef comes out to greet us and cooks right on our table with a transferrable hot stone pot. We’re big fans of a good sausage (no sexual jokes intended ;P) but have you tried a wallaby snag before?

Wallaby snag with wattleseed damper and condiments

Wattleseed damper being cooked

After all the condiments had arrived at our table and the snags and damper were cooked, we had the opportunity to get our hands dirty and participate in DIY snag roll. And if you’re wondering do we get to eat it? The answer is YESSSSS!!!!

Wallaby snag with wattleseed damper and condiments

It’s hard to dislike this Aussie fusion snag because well…I’m a sucker for theatrical presentation. I was quite intrigued with the flavours of the sausage and the damper bread.

The finished result of a Wallaby snag with wattleseed damper 

It wasn’t long the waitress returned to our table and greeted us with a very sharp knife to let us know the next course was about to arrive. Hmmmmm I wonder what do need this knife for?…

Have you seen this knife holder before?

Most desirable meat dish was the David Blackmore wagyu striploin. Each pain-steakingly selected ingredient contributed to the greatness of the dish. Wagyu melted in my mouth even before I could chew and the marron coral and cabbage puree had me salivating.

David Blackmore wagyu striploin with marron coral and cabbage

And oh did I mention during the entire degustation we had this spectacular 180 degree view of Melbourne CBD. Nothing special…haha.

Melbourne’s CBD Night View

What a way to start the dessert course was the moment a clay pot bursting with flames comes arriving at our table and I knew we’d be served with entertainment. I’ve got my fun goggle cap, have you?

Roasted marshmallows

You just could not go wrong with eating the roasted marshmallow with frozen pear hidden in the center. It tasted naturally sweet and matched so well with the warm fluffy marshmallow cover. The only sticky situation I had was it easily fell apart, but overall I was pleased with the flavours, it was pear-fect.

Roasted marshmallow

A tantalizing treat was the tea tree, mandarian, and desert limes. You cannot go wrong with something tangy towards the end of the degustation as it loosens up the bloated feeling I got after having a non-stop fulfilling meal.

Tea tree, mandarian, and desert limes

In between my desserts I got distracted by another roasted marshmallows but this time filled with cho cho choooc…you guessed it CHOCOLATE.

Roasted marshmallows filled with chocolate

The squiggly chocolate pieces were easy to crack into with my front teeth and the squishy soaked lime sponge cake had a refreshing taste, texture and fragrant of all things citrus.

Tea tree, mandarian, and desert limes

A chocolate treat guaranteed to make any chocolate lover beg for was the chocolate soufflé. You just can’t go wrong with chocolate especially if you are eating it in front of an amazing Melbourne view.

Chocolate soufflé

Couldn’t contain my excitement when the lamington and gumnuts had arrived. Oh I have missed my petite fours and there was no way on Earth I’d share this with anyone else besides me, myself and I. Each velvety bite of the lamington reveals chocolate mousse swirled with fresh raspberry compote.

Lamington and Gumnuts

It was a superb finish with the gumnuts as it was served frozen and it had a powerful minty flavour that was refreshing with every bite. This reminded me of an eclipse after every meal but a classier way to have it. Haha.


Vud De Monde Lights

For the second time in a row the real star for the evening was when I was being farewelled with a paper bag of goodies called “For the next day”. I couldn’t contain my childish excitement when the waitress tried to explain what she’d be handing out to me at the very end. There’s a reason why this bag is called that because after we had exited the restaurant, we waddled back to the hotel in 9 inch heels. The bag contained freshly tea leaves, two fun-size croissants and muselli, which are all housemade from Vue De Monde.

Overall this was my second visit and again Vue De Monde is a very sophisticated theatrical fine dining restaurant with a sweet little price tag between $250 -$300 per person. Surprisingly this restaurant never ever ever fails to bore me and made me feel like a kid in an adult body. I have yet to visit other similar restaurants like VDM, but in the meantime I’d say it’s still my favourite fine dining place to eat in Melbourne.

“For the next day”

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Above & Beyond Dim Sum Lunch Set- Hong Kong

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Have you been to Above & Beyond Restaurant in Hong Kong? Just imagine a perfect picture postcard from the Hotel ICON’s 28th floor. Up here, the restaurant during the day is stunning and I can already imagine at night the buildings would twinkle their lights and this would be breathtaking. With enormous crystal clear windows that offer a vertiginous panorama outlook of Hong Kong’s skyline, I think time seems to be moving at a relaxed pace. It’s a perfect lunch date with an intimate and sophisticated space with a modern classic twist in elegance. Throughout the restaurant, artworks of hand painted landscapes of Hong Kong and traditional Chinese characters offer another enjoyable scenery too! Mamma Mia, the décor is super sleek with leather chairs, marble bar tables and stylish lounge area.

Hungry yet? You should probably continue reading then…

Above & Beyond (1A) Nessy Eater

Lunch with a view

The view is just as important as the food, right? So for 3 people, we decided to order the Dim Sum Set Lunch– Priced at HKD $218 per person ($32 AUS) (minimum 2 persons). The reason behind ordering this set is because I’ve heard insane reviews about their famous Crispy Taro Cake with Whole Abalone. I can confirm, it’s one of the most impressive dish I’ve had. Though, it would have been nice if there is an option to upsize the abalone… 😛

Above & Beyond (2) Nessy Eater

Seats are actually leather

Above & Beyond (3) Nessy Eater

Modern setting

Above & Beyond (4) Nessy Eater

Views from Above & Beyond 

We began with complimentary Marrowfat peas in XO sauce – The beans are highly seasoned with a kick of chilli. You’ll notice a salty savoury sweet Chinese condiment coming from the chopped bamboo shoots and in between shredded dried scallops.

Above & Beyond (5) Nessy Eater

Marrowfat peas in XO sauce

Folks, please say hello to Mr. Walnut- This complimentary Honey Roasted Walnut with Sesame seed is lightly sweet and extremely crunchy in texture. There’s a nice aroma of coated toasted honey on the outside with generous sprinkles of sesame seeds.

Above & Beyond (6) Nessy Eater

Caramelized walnuts are quite a treat

I believed Soup of the Day was a Chinese traditional pork rib and is very popular soup in Hong Kong. The bone broth seemed to have been nourished for a very long time, therefore the flavours last very long on your tastebuds.

Above & Beyond (7) Nessy Eater

Tasty soup of the day

Above & Beyond (7A) Nessy Eater

Enjoy a selection of fine beverages at the bar area.

Above & Beyond (7B) Nessy Eater

Bringing back the classic but modern touch

This may not sound like a big deal but the steamed Shrimps and Bamboo Shoots Dumpling contained chunks of fresh seasoned shrimps and stripes of bamboo shoots. I loved the sticky silky dumpling wrap that tightly hugs all the ingredients together. The texture has a gentle consistency of chewiness and solid amount of shrimps. If you notice on the right side of the bamboo tray, the Pork Dumpling shows characteristic with a mixture of steamed pork, black mushroom wrapped in a thin golden pleated wrap witha spoonful of crab roe atop.

Above & Beyond (8) Nessy Eater

Shrimps and Bamboo Shoots Dumpling and also Pork Dumpling

BRACE YOURSELFS because I welcome you the Crispy Taro Cake with Whole Abalone – You seriously have to commit to this dish…alone. The fresh bite-size whole abalone sits on a feathery delicate nest of crispy taro. It’s certainly a fresh spin on Chinese dim sum and Cantonese cuisines, sounds dramatic but this is the most luxurious highlighted savoury dish for Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond (10) Nessy Eater

Crispy Taro Cake with Whole Abalone

Above & Beyond (11) Nessy Eater

Getting distracted…

Are you ready for some Cheese and Shrimp Spring Roll? Definitely not your typical spring roll as this is made with tasty melting cheese and cooked shrimps. It’s certainly not healthy as it’s deep-fried to perfection. Great taste also comes from the paper-thin spring roll pastry.

Above & Beyond (12) Nessy Eater

Cheese and Shrimp Spring Roll

Next we continued with the Rice Flour Rolls – Steamed rice rolls is such a traditional Hong Kong style. Super delicious and somewhat healthy as the filling includes bamboo pitch and mushroom. To add a bit of colour they have added fresh Chinese broccoli for a crunchy finish.

Above & Beyond (13) Nessy Eater

Rice Flour Rolls

When I looked at the Barbecued Kagoshima Pork and Marinated Cucumber with Minced Garlic– This dish surely looks shinier than my hair. Very tasty and wholesome with slices of seasoned pork. The pork was an explosion in my mouth. Overtime it does overpower your tastebuds but I like that meaty flavour. For the chubby stick figures of cucumber, the ingredients of the minced garlic was superb and not overcooked. Every bite was a nice refreshing solid crunch.

Above & Beyond (14) Nessy Eater

Don’t you pork me!

Another terrific bite is the Tossed Udon. I seriously found it hard to find any flaws in this dish. Ok, let’s face it, it does look plain and simple but boy the texture of the udon is fab-u-lous. With added light soy sauce and in between minced pork with chopped spring onions, I think I can now convert to eating just udon’s for the rest of my life. I am impressed how they have cooked the udon’s without undercooking or overcooking it.

Above & Beyond (15) Nessy Eater

Fresh and bursting with flavor is Tossed Udon.

Above & Beyond (15A) Nessy Eater


Above & Beyond (15B) Nessy Eater

Fantastic views over the harbour

We ordered an additional Barbecue Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao) (HKD$38 for 3) ($5.45AUS)-The steamed buns were light and fluffy in texture, and filled with sweet marinated barbecue pork that were finely chopped. You’d want to eat them immediately because Above & Beyond serves it ASAP when the buns are ready to come out of the steamer. Hmmmm so fluffy!

Above & Beyond (16) Nessy Eater

Barbecue Pork Buns

As if all the above wasn’t enough, Dessert of the Day they served hot sago soup with fresh mango pieces. Sago soup was mildly sweet, but it taste really delicious when there’s chunks of mango.

Above & Beyond (18) Nessy Eater

Perfect dessert of the day

Above & Beyond (19) Nessy Eater

Mango chunks and sago, yes please.

Above & Beyond (21) Nessy Eater

So many chairs to choose from!

I was surprised to see the menu prices for Above & Beyond weren’t too dear. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to sample gourmet Chinese Dim Sum. It is quite impressive to have a mini yum-cha whilst overlooking Hong Kong.Yes, the work of art is, evidently, the stunning views of Hong Kong Island and the harbour at Hotel ICON’s 28th floor, Above & Beyond Restaurant.

Above & Beyond (22) Nessy Eater

Photos by Vanny Tang

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WOOBAR Kowloon, Hong Kong – Afternoon Tea Delights

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If you are travelling to or live in Hong Kong then tickle your taste buds with WOOBAR afternoon tea set for two ($398HKD + 10% for Two = $437.80HKD)  ($64.38Aus for Two). This fun-filled two-tiered high tea set offers delightful savories at the top while below, bite-sized sweet items. WOOBAR does tempt us with their tower of goodness and other highlights include creative lollipops, red bean puffs and BBQ pork puff. This set is available from 2pm-6:30pm.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (1)

Sneak peak of the W T Time High Tea Set 

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (16)

Pleasant evnvironment

The Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla is inspiringly aromatic, with natural fragrance of rose, combining with a mystical hint of vanilla. Whilst it’s still hot, you can really smell the floral note blend in the air.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (2)

2 X Rose French Vanilla

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (3)

White Sugar

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (4)

Brown Sugar

Enjoy the special collection of mix savory and sweet bites that WOOBAR has to offer in Hong Kong. For three people, I recommend getting one high tea set, depending on how hungry you are because overtime it gets extremely filling. Unless you’d t like try a bit of everything, then GO AHEAD!

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (5)

W T Time High Tea Set ($398HKD + 10% for Two = $437.80HKD)  ($64.38Aus for Two)

We start off with the top savory level that include Cantonese pickled beef sandwich- Two thinly shaved slices of green cucumber enveloping the two decked cube sandwich with tomatolettuce and beef. The white bread itself was a tad dry but luckily in between the sandwich, a spread of sweet mustard saved the day.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (6)

Cantonese pickled beef sandwich sweet mustard & shaved cucumber

Within a few minutes, these Mini quiche were in my hand. They were fun to eat with the jinhua ham and the shortcrust pastry is all buttered up with a crumbly texture. I enjoyed the little tender bites of the quiche and the bite-sized presentation.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (7)

Mini quiche w jinhua ham

I was thinking about eating the Deep fried seafood roll at the start, but I wanted this roll to continue to be trenched in sweet & sour sauce, so it can include that additional spice. The lightly fried beancurd skin was crisp, served with shrimp and fish meat.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (8)

Deep fried seafood roll

These Hong Kong BBQ pork puff were very attractive and amongst 3 people, we somehow decided to equally split it. This is similar to char siew soh, as the juicy BBQ pork also known as char siu is wrapped inside super flaky pillow puff pastry. I believe the rectangle pieces of BBQ pork meat had a hint of honey and it was tender so it became easy to chew. The only flaw of this savory was no sprinkles of sesame seed to make it look like a genuine BBQ pork puff.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (9)

Hong Kong BBQ pork puff

Similarly to a Peking duck wrap, the Tortilla wrap with BBQ duck  is altered with tortilla wrap and stuffed with shredded BBQ duck meat, strands of cucumber and capsicum served cold. It is a nice lighter option with full of oriental flavour including hoisin sauce. As for the Cantonese pork knuckle terrine, it was dressed up with an elegant layer of pork knuckle and gelatine. If you eat it together with a stripe of spring onion it adds a deliciously sharp, tangy accompaniment to the terrine.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (10)

Top: Tortilla wrap with BBQ duck hoisin sauce Bottom: Cantonese pork knuckle terrine

It’s no secret you’ve been waiting for the sweet bites and it’s FINALLY HERE! We begin with the Red bean puff. I was impressed with the intensive flavour of the raspberry crust, it almost tasted so natural. With the crisp profiterole and a dollop of smooth red bean filling, I found it horribly addictive.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (12)

Red bean puff raspberry crust

You can’t go wrong with milk chocolate, strawberry, caramel and pink sago to add a chewy finish. So I was excited when the girls allowed me to have the Sago caramel strawberry all to myself. It is greatly eye-catching and undeniable the outer shell is molded into a petite cup and is edible. WOOBAR also offers Red macaron cherry raspberry that contains a strong scent and fascinating taste of cherry and raspberry gel with a crunch shell and a chewy texture inside.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (13)

Left: Sago caramel strawberry Right: Red macaron cherry raspberry

Let’s be honest, I wasn’t keen on touching the not so squeaky clean dessert cup as it appears to have some sort of prints or maybe stains? Who knows, but I somehow managed to overcome this issue. Besides spotting the cleanliness of the glass cup, the Chrysanthemum jelly is spot on with the flavour by using chrysanthemum flowers and wolfberries. A very refreshing and not too sweet dessert.


WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (11)

Chrysanthemum jelly

Among the sweets we ended it with the 2014 Lollipop “Mandarin & orange” with the extra-special dusting of gold. This sweet takes on ANY ordinary Chupa Chups. An inverted maroon lollipop made with molten mandarin and orange, coated with white chocolate then milk chocolate . You will be crying if you consumed it in one bite as the orange gooey sticky filling complements the not overly sweet white chocolate.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (14)

2014 Lollipop “Mandarin & orange”

Rounding off the high tea selection is the Traditional & rasin scones served alongside clotted cream & strawberry jam. These scones are of a consistent quality of taste and texture. The addition of rasins adds fruitiness and natural sweetness throughout and soft gluey texture within.

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (15)

Traditional & rasin scones clotted cream & strawberry jam

Make sure you order enough for everyone, or else you’ll find yourself fighting over the last piece of savory and sweet bite. WOOBAR two-tiered tea set is worth ordering and make sure you enjoy the view and their comfy seats. Hopefully next time I visit I will have the chance to check-in to their hotel. 😀

WOOBAR_Nessy Eater (17)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar – Crown Metropol Continental Breakfast

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My first visit to Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar was on a sweet matter and now the ultimate ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT breakfast (from $38.50 per person) is calling. With the simple smart casual interior approach, one of its unusual highlight is the extravagant wooden bird-cage light fittings. Near the entrance you will be pleasantly surprised by the wine wall and at the dessert bar, shelves decorated with crystal clear glass jars that are filled entirely with house-made candies. On a relaxed day, I somehow managed to skip Melbourne’s famous breakfast hotspots and zombie my way down to Mr. Hive.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (1)


The quirky elegance of this spacious long dining room is set to be inspired by Middle-Eastern sense- quite a contrast from the usual bright earthy colours.  Properly furnished in fine black wooden tables are set with soft snug leather chairs. Bizarrely I kept track of the number of waiters who served us, at least five, who are very eager to help you with anything.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (2)

Mr. Hive dining area

Found my own little happy place – this is just one section of our continental breakfast- fresh fruits and cereal is displayed on a HUMONGOUS wooden table, right in the middle of a sacred room.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (3)

Secret fruit room with Bird cage like lamp

Something nutritional and healthy to munch on whilst having a bowl of crunchy cereal with milk.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (4)

Selection of fruits

Never ending table filled with sliced watermelon, grapes, sliced rockmelonpineapplebananaapple and if you are feeling lazy to peel or cut then fruit salad is an option.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (5)

The other side of fruit selection

Contemplating on which cereal to eat first… it may take a while…

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (6)

Can pick any cereal! Which one would you want to try?

I downed several glasses of fruity drinks before I started my next food hunting. It feels like paradise when they offer a tropical selection of orange, mango, apple and pineapple juice.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (6B)

Juice Station

Dishes are replaced at a crackling pace once a plate is near to being empty. The pink grapefruits are a catch to the big kids, whilst dried fruit such as apricots and sultana and nuts like almond are superb nibbles while I stroll a merry-go-round a few times at the fruit section. Teehee.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (7)

Breakfast typically consists of just cereal, right? WRONG. Mr. Hive Kitchen serves smoked salmon for a starter. We were most impressed with the flavours and texture- very smooth and complex. A cold dish that doesn’t disappoint the salmon lovers.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (8)

Smoked Salmon

If you much prefer an Aussie start of the day breakfast, don’t fear because pan-fried crispy bacon (top left) is here. Grab a few chicken (top right) or pork (bottom right) sausages or maybe a sunny-side fried egg?

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (9)

Bacon, Sausage and fried eggs

We are whisked over to the freshly baked pastries area that is too irresistible to not be in my belly. Seriously a pastry haven here in Mr. Hive Kitchen. They offer apricot Danish (top left) with custard for added squishy-ness, light flaky buttery mini croissants (top right), solider of oat muffins (bottom left) and basic bread rolls. Slab on some butter and enjoy it while it’s warm!

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (10)

Please pack me some pastries to take home.

I am a sucker for the low fat thick Greek yogurt (bottom right) with seasonal mixed berries in a jar. An easy peasy way to finish a luxurious continental breakfast.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (11)

Greek yogurt with seasonal mixed berries.

Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar features a rustic dining area, complete with a very relaxing atmosphere for any occasion. With a delicious range of house made pastries, pan fried bacon and selection of fresh fruits, I wouldn’t mind accepting an invitation if they offered to let me grab something for road to go.

Mr Hive Kitchen_Nessy Eater (12)

Mr.Hive bar area

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Mr. Hive Kitchen & Bar on Urbanspoon

Hammer and Tong – Melbourne’s Top Notch Crabby Bun

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HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! Supposedly 2014 was to be about limiting high cholesterol intake and  get back to a better health but clearly I disobeyed my new year resolution within the first week of January. LOL. I guess this is going to be one beefing up year for me. Meals get a little fancy over brunch time with options such as juicy soft -shell crab sliders, truffle butter on a parmesan briont, but if there is space left for a cold beverage then save it for the Golden Gaytime shake. You can’t miss Hammer and Tong since long queues waits inside the cafe, blocking the entrance door. With a twist of vintage-industrial chic and dynamic interiors created for former premises The Brix, atmosphere is quite enjoyable and offer friendly attentive service.

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (2)

Tiny beakers containing salt and pepper.

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (15)

It’s always packed at Hammer and Tong, even the window seats are taken.

What’s predictably good and has Hermit the crab vacate its way to a warm soft bun is the Soft shell crab burger ($16) – With a mixture of soft, gooey and crunchy texture, it will astonish even the most die-hard burger lover. Filled with chopped fresh crisp cabbage, lightly deep fried and battered soft shell crab, a lot of parsley and drizzled with sriracha mayonnaise, it’s definitely not dry. So tempt those taste buds of yours, I dare you. 😛

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (10)

Soft shell crab burger ($16)

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (12)

Just look how lightly battered this bad boy crab is. 

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (11)

Bring out the claws Hermit.

Duck egg, asparagus, truffle butter, parmesan briont ($18) – A splendid buttery cheesy dish that knows how to persuade it to be eagerly healthy with three strands of grilled green asparagus. The one thing everybody knows about this plate is the experience gets off to a bit of a slow start but once you expose yolk porn onto the briont, you’ll be making all the right sounds. Whoever created the briont deserves a million applauses from me because this bread is believed to be half brioche plus half croissant. And I LOVE them both; it’s two in one bread! GENIUS. The briont contains a natural sweet yeasty aroma. It is lightly glazed and unbelievably flakey around the crust. You see the shaved pieces of parmesan? Yeah, it expect it to melt. As for the creamy mushroom sauce, cherish it because you wouldn’t want to share it.

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (8)

Duck egg, asparagus, truffle butter, parmesan briont ($18)

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (9)

You see the yolk porn?

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (16)

Say CHEESE to the briont. 


Flat White ($3.80) is reasonably smooth and the aroma had us hooked. The staff even managed to squeeze in some time to create  a coffee LOVE HE-ART. Such a fantastic presentation.

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (1)

Flat White ($3.80)

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (20)

You know Hammer and Tong has good coffee when this GIGANTIC coffee machine is displayed next to the counter.

Usually, when I read the milkshake section, there seems to never be anything fancy or fun to try. Not the case here, the Golden Gaytime Milkshake ($6) we ordered was surprisingly impressive and LARGE serving size, roughly 650ml. It’s a blend with Australia’s most joyful frozen treat and dairy. Note it’s milkier than thick and there’s a burst of sweet to caramel flavours, also chunks of honeycomb cookie crumbles creates a crunchy delight. Get the brain numbing shake going!

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (3)

Golden Gaytime Milkshake ($6)

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (4)

So much dairy-ness in this shake. 

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (18)

Yeah they have donuts alright!

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (17)

And muffins too. Hmmmm MUFFIN.

Hammer and Tong is worthy of lining up even during peak hours. And yes, it is all because of their famous soft shell crab burger, so get that. If you are crazy for toffee flavoured shake, add golden gaytime to your order. It’s exactly what it sounds like. Till next time Hammer and Tong

Hammer & Tong_Nessy Eater (21)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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