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So I have been doing some last minute summer cleaning and managed to find a few little things that brighten my everyday where and realized I have a thing for Chanel.

Confession, I love Chanel. I just love the design of it and how simple Chanel CC earrings can match with almost anything from everyday outfits to cocktail parties. Not only sparkle earrings shine my ears, but Chanel nail polish brightens my nails to finish off my casual everyday look.

For the ladies and (gents) who just skip the morning make up and just brush their teeth and splash water on their face, like me. Well these are just the simple tools to freshen yourself up without the hesitation of waking up earlier or sleeping less.

So I personally recommend the Chanel’s nail polish’s especially the pastel pinks to bright sunset orange to glittering gold which definitely great to show off at work, while typing on your keyboards to writing sticky note pads.

Although I may not have many of their products, but I am glad I managed to have come across a few of them.

And to further brighten up my day, decided to go to the floral shop to buy some fresh pink roses.

Unfortunately, whilst trimming the leafs and roots , i snapped off the rose head. Panic, i quickly rushed to find my first aid kit and found a shiny gold safety pin.  I know, i am a bit silly, but it’s standing up perfectly like all new again.



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Ever visited a grocery store that amazed you in almost every single alleyway? I certainly have. So my first mad discovery Tabasco spicy chocolate, just melted my heart away. I wanted to just open up the tin box and shove all the bite size chocolate’s in my mouth, but I’m afraid of spicy substances. Next discovery Mentos in cinnamon flavour , definitely a win for creativity.

Still in the sweet sweet candy department I managed to move my trolley along down to the other side of the store. However I soon managed to find fairy floss, not just ordinary fairy floss flavours. I am talking about fairy flavours like vanilla, rose, chocolate, orange blossom and pistachio. Frustrated and confused, I didn’t know what to pick, so I quickly left that   section empty handed and now I am regretting every bit of it. After leaving the candy department, I tried to avoid my confusion for candy and randomly picked a different alley way.

Mother of Spreads !!! I certainly didn’t want to leave this department. Why? because I finally found my new morning spread on toast.  Never knew marshmallow can exist as a spread and I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw this. Just opposite the tubs of variety spreads displayed sauce’s and on my to buy list was definitely not ice cream sauce. But because I am amazed when I found blueberry sauce 50% organic blueberries, I had to quickly dunk it into my trolley.

Sitting along side the sauce was incredible mini ice cream cones, couldn’t help it to compare it with my hands to see how mini they really are. Seriously, sugar cannot get any better, organic coconut sugar found in my trolley cart.

Who said only a few people in this world can afford Lamborghini? because they are all wrong. I finally purchased one, in a tin.

Tunnock’s milk chocolate seemed perfect for my afternoon snack or should I say a great snack while doing my grocery. Overwhelmed by this place, I honestly didn’t want to walk out of this place, ever. It is definitely not an ordinary grocery place, it’s like wizard of oz. Just follow the yellow brick road.

Tea Time at Park Hyatt Sydney

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There’s always something about a view, atmosphere and a refreshing cup of tea along with a mixture of sugary and savoury finger food plated onto a shiny silver plate that makes it so reassuring I made the correct choice to stay indoors, when the city is overflowing with rain and it’s impossible to predict whether the clouds will disappear during the midday or not.  I knew that Park Hyatt Sydney welcomed me with open doors and excellent service along with the cosy leather chairs and fresh scented flowers flowing across the hallway.

I was quite fortunate to be seated next to the clear crystal window because as I just arrived, the hotel had two wedding functions going on and I wasn’t quite sure if they’d take visitors on the spot. Thankful, with happy feedback that there was a table available, I just wanted to jump in the air.

Sadly, due to the strong mist clouds covering the view I didn’t get the chance to take a proper photo, but on a exciting note I had the chance to see with my own eyes a cruise boat Queen Victoria, also the Opera House.

Anxiously waiting for the finger food, the lady had asked what type of refreshment I would like , by surprise I read sweet fruits that sounded so refreshing in my head, I thought I’d give it a go and ordered L’Oriental: A blend of tasty and sweet fruits (passion fruit, bush peach and wild strawberry) with subtle flavours of Green tea from China. Boy, that tea was divine, it almost tasted like the actual fruit.

As soon as the tea arrived, so too the high tea, which meant time for me to deconstruct every layer.

Starting from the top strawberry and lychee tart and vanilla and lavender macaroon, my favorite the strawberry lychee tart for the win. Between the base of the tart and filling had a layer of lychee juicy pulp.

Next blackcurrant and violet profiterole and five layered Valrhona chocolate cake with gold flakes as decoration. The Valrhona chocolate cake was a win for my table. It had a pleasant texture of smooth, creamy and crunchy chocolate for every layer.

Finally, cucumber sandwich, smoked salmon, herb crêpe roll, salmon caviar, roast beef, rocket, horseradish tortilla roll and Alaskan king crab finger sandwich. Let down on the savory plate due to its lack of flavor or perhaps presentation. Our table weren’t  so thrilled at eating it.

On the other hand freshly baked scones was given a thumbs up. Especially strawberry jam, there was clumps of strawberries in every scoop that I served on my scone.

Half way munching on my finger food and suddenly I here across my table ” let’s order a few more”.  My thoughts ” why didn’t I think of that!”.

As a result beurre noisette and hazelnut cake, salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and crème caramel, almond biscuit. The crème caramel beautifully light brulee’d toffee layer and the almond biscuit was tremendous.

Overall, it was a peaceful way to end my day even as the rain falls so thickly from the clouds, I still managed to pull off a smile.

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Raw raw meatasaurus Ness has arrived! So when word got out that RENGAYA is offering premium wagyu buffet, YES premium wagyu! marble score 9+ for $69 per person my brain just  automatically calculated how many order’s I’d make to eat all of those wagyu. It took me by surprise that this restaurant offers buffet because a few years back they provide minimum selections of its finest wagyu and servings weren’t that pleasing for my wallet.

When the orders came out, I just couldn’t wait to get my chopsticks straight into those meats and quickly dunk it into the BBQ pan. Whilst it was cooking,  I started my appetizer ‘Yukke’, which is beef tartar. It tasted so delicious, I ended up not sharing it.

To whine down and keep me feeling energize from the over load of wagyu i had ordered Choya Plum Wine (Osaka). It was indeed refreshing. Soon after, a round of Asahi Super Dry on tap beer came filling up the table.

Halfway into eating glorious juicy meat, I noticed beside my other dishes of meat was beef rib porridge. The appearance did not win me, but the flavor of it won my taste buds.

Our last order was up and to finish it off  to a lovely meal was dessert.  My stomach felt like it was about to explode but I always seem to have a extra space in my tummy for my sweet tooth.

I could not resist to eat WA Plate by myself even though I felt my pants were about to burst. Luckily it was a ideal choice because it was incredible. The sweet black syrup drowned the warabimochi so well together. And green tea cre’me brulee was a finishing touch along with organic green tea. And don’t forget the red bean soup, marvelous .

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Valentines with Sokyo‏

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HAPPY VALENTINES DAY !!! I hope you all got spoilt by your sweet valentine or even if you don’t have a valentine I hope you managed to do something fun. So this year I decided to why not spend this day at Sokyo at Star City.

On previous visits to Star City it was always a gamble coming to eat here because there is always a minor queue for anything. So in advance I had booked two weeks prior to this day, so I could have a least a chance to get a table. Luckily I did !!! As it took me and my valentine a few minutes to discover where Sokyo was located, I managed to pass by a service counter and ask the lady. I felt so silly because she was facing right opposite the restaurant, which suggest Sokyo’s theme color black does not draw my eyes to find them.

As we sat down on our very spacious table, the waiter suggested some drinks because my valentine wanted a cocktail with a hint of lychee. Waiter came back and suggested lychee with watermelon and coconut martini. As soon as he finished describing the delicious cocktail, I had to order one for myself as well. And boy that cocktail was marvellous.

Our first entree pacific oysters was fabulous, the texture of the oyster was creamy, however I was disappointed at the size of the oysters because they were quite small

Second dish hokkaido scallop sashimi, which was one of my favourites to share was fresh, juicy, sweet and crisp because of the red onions and cherry tomatoes. Blended so well in my mouth.

Next was scampi, I personally was a fan of this dish because it seemed simple. But scampi was perfectly tender to eat.

During our third degustation, me and my valentine got so caught up catching up on gossip, we didn’t realize how far behind we were on eating, until the waitress arrived in her hand the signature Sokyo sushi.

Hence we must of ignored looking at the waiter and our table. Apparently moreton bay bug tempura , denkaguman and kob cuisine tenderloin arrived earlier than we expected during our deep and meaningful chat.

The moreton bay bug tempura was perfectly battered well. Denkaguman was my second favourite dish because of caramelized miso, fish was cooked to perfection, however I wasn’t a fan of the salsa, nor the cucumber, I believe it didn’t blend well together.

After finishing those dishes, kob cuisine tenderloin was our next mission to devour. Lucky we decided to eat this to the end because this was just mouth watering. The presentation of the tenderloin was lovely, the taste of it was so succulent and flavoursome, I had to secretly pinch a few slices off my valentine.

Finally our last savoury dish the signature Sokyo sushi, sadly disappointed me because of the flavour.

And what a perfect way to end the last degustation, dessert.  This certainly knew how to make me smile.  Presentation and taste of each variety was lovable.  Along with our second drink orange mocktail that contain elderflower.

Overall, I wasn’t as satisfied with Sokyo degustation maybe because I personally love not sharing food. Every dish was for sharing and in my opinion to pay $120 per head, I don’t see why I have to share food in degustation. On a happier note I had a truly wonderful evening.

Ciao !


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