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Let’s Meat at LP’s Quality Meats

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LET’S MEEEEAT! So it seems we were all feeling a little peckish for meat and so the journey begins at LP’s Quality Meats in Chippendale. To enjoy your experience here I’d suggest to wear something super comfy for example wear fat pants or perhaps bring a pair and put it in your handbag because if you don’t you don’t you’ll be walking like a model who has a twisted stomach or something.

It’s a meat post!

We arrived 10 minutes after the restaurant had opened and already there were hungry peeps huddled up around the bar thinking about what they should for dinner. Whilst making those tough discussions it was wise to order an alcoholic beverage and soak in the the LP vibes.

The early hungry birds that get the worms

What’s for dinner folks?

Of all possible poultries to sample we opt for the chicken liver pâté ($16), which I thought would be a great starting point. To our surprise we had complimentary sea salt butter, marinated olives, gigantic green jalapeño looking all innocent next to the English mustard.

Chicken Liver Pate got me saying OOHhhh & Ahhhh.

Oddly enough I was shocked to have enjoyed the house-made sour dough with the chicken liver pâté together. The bread was soft and spongy with the heavenly spread of pâté.

House-Made Sour Dough Bread

On the face of it, the pâté looked tasty with its blushing pink colour and smooth honey coating with sprinkles of black pepper. It certainly was flavourful and wasn’t overpowering or thick in texture rather light and smooth. We all agreed that it wasn’t short on chicken liver flavour. It was a real winner for the table!

Can’t have it in any other way…

Wasn’t sure if I could finish what I had started because I could feel my soul in a ball of fire as soon as I took a tiny bite out of the green jalapeño that was at least 10cm tall, YIKES! I was on Struggle Street as the chilli range went from moderately to extremely hot, call the fire brigades guys!

Life is like a jar of jalapeños, you never knew which one is going to burn your tongue.

Didn’t want to be a party pooper and not order the gin ($18). It was a great introduction to explore this classic drink and with its acquired subtle sweet tangy taste, I sure wouldn’t mind going for another round.

Forgive me for I have ginned.

In between our starter we noticed a few undercover visitors headed towards the kitchen and gathered around the smoking machine where the meat dreams come true.

Look who we have here…is it the LP Meat Gods?

The beef tongue ($18) had awakened my tastebuds as I never knew that part of the beef with smoked beef fat vinaigrette could be so well married. This was by far the best warm starter dish to order if you fancy a twist.

Beef Tongue with Smoked Beef Fat Vinaigrette ($18)

It may look slightly frightening for some as it looked raw but flavour-wise, we all enjoyed it, especially with the bathed chopped Spanish onions and fresh parsley in the vinaigrette added that extra oomph to it.

Now that’s a really thin beef tongue slice.

I was excused for one moment whilst the Toronto Maple ($18) spun me right round, baby right round like I had entered the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy had somehow got swirled into the mystic clouds. The drink had strong notes of alcohol which I felt it had cleansed my insides so thoroughly that I could only take tiny sips at a time. On a fun note if you’re looking for something wicked on a Friday night then this is the go to.

That Toronto Maple sure made my head spin.

The smoked beef short rib ($48) deserves a special place in my heart and I think it’s important for people who like meat are made aware this badass of a rib exists. You want to know more, don’t you? Well you gotta continue reading…so scroll down!

Smoked Beef Short Rib ($48 -Left) & Smoked Sausage ($14-Right)

Hallelujah in my mouth was the smoked beef rib! I felt like I had a connection with that thick juicy piece of tender meat and it may sound like I was overreacting but surely you can agree with me if you were there to witness and taste it yourself. I was in disbelief that the rib was so tender and completely balanced with smoky flavours all around that I didn’t need the English mustard, tomato sauce or chimichurri. I couldn’t and wouldn’t stop when I had my first bite; however the only problem for us was we demanded more of it but bear in mind the price tag, so we had to end it here.

Let us meat again, pretty please?!

Time is a funny thing because when we had ordered the bread roll ($2 p.p), we had thought of a clever idea and built our own beef rib burger without any extras required. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to provide proof of this as I was in a bit of a sticky situation, but imagine having two of your favourite things – meat & carbs put together and then VOILA! You know you want it…haha.

You see me bread rolling…you’re hating.

Finally for the smoked sausage ($14) the texture and smell were promising, as was the enticing glossy smoky look. Without being overpowering with spices it was a taste we’d all enjoyed as the texture was neither too firm nor soft and tasted gourmet.

You’re looking smoking hot LP sausage!

A highlight at LP Quality Meats was everything on their menu are all hand made in- house, which means what you pay for is what you get. The MUST HAVE I’d recommend include chicken liver pate, beef tongue and smoked beef short rib. Everything on their menu is for sharing and it would be best to go with no more or less than 4 hungry humans, just so you can try a bit of everything. To the LP Meat Gods out there, please take me with you on your journey to the meat land as I really enjoyed all the dishes we ordered.

Watched the LP Boys Work Work Work Work

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Hooters in Parramatta – The American Fun

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Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Me hanging out at HOOTERS on a Saturday night must be odd, right? Well if you mention a few words like chicken wings, burgers and curley fries, then that’s my entertainment and happy meal for the night. You’d be surprised HOOTERS is a family restaurant not just for the males but women and children. In fact inside looks reasonably nice, glossy wooden tables and chairs with a collection of American road signs and a massive open bar area. There’s at least 2 dozen of plasma screen TV’s mostly broadcasting a range of sports and perhaps most customers are too busy concentrating recent hockey scores than the HOOTER girls, who are dressed in trademark white singlets, mini tangerine shorts and who can forget their lovely BIG personalities, so attractive.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (1)

Well Hello Nikki.

I have just the way to kick start this post , boys and girls I present to you 20 Pieces Boneless Chicken ($28.95)!!! Arriving pipping hot from the deep fryer land. This famous boneless chicken is glistening ominoulsy with SUPER THICK and STICKY orangey sauce. The flavour is addictively sweet and tasty. The spiciness level of these chickens will depend on the choice of hot sauce. Votes were in and medium spiciness for the table.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (3)

20 Pieces MEIDUM Boneless Chicken ($28.95)

 I’ve been looking for you Fried Pickles ($9.95) – I know it sounds a bit extreme but I’ve got to stop sounding so uptight and live a little. We are in HOOTERS! Let’s have a little DEEP-FRIED  pickle. We were warned about this dish. And I don’t normally eat pickle, believe it or not. I try to avoid it as much as I can but this basket of lightly breaded sliced pickles is the BOMB! The pickle brings a new crunch. It is dredged in a tasty pickle juice coating and is perfectly golden brown. And if you want to challenge the pickle flavour then dip those babies into the creamy cheese sauce.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (5)

Fried Pickles ($9.95)

Well that’s not fair when I turn my head for a split second and this is what I have left. I shouldn’t be shocked at all how these wings can disappear in the matter of seconds. The 20 pieces of MEDIUM Chicken Wings ($24.95) is a tad different to the boneless chicken. That’s because these wings have bones in them. Bet you didn’t know that right? 😛 As well as less saucer but still freaken tasty.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (4)

20 Pieces of MEDIUM Chicken Wings ($24.95)

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (2)

TV Entertainment for ALL AGES

I am glad HOOTERS is on top of this stuff, off course I am talking about the Western BBQ Burger ($19.95)Their is just so much stuffing in this burger like juicy slices of bacon, deep-fried onion rings, fresh lettuces, melted American cheddar cheese and fat chunky beefy patty that is more than a mouthful. Aside from the burger there’s a handful of curley fries.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (8)

Western BBQ Burger ($19.95)

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (9)

Can you handle this?

For the Quesadillas- Steak ($19.95) a light fluffy warm tortilla filled with a savory mixture of fat juicy chunks of steak and layers and layers of melted cheese served with red tomato based Mexican rice and fresh salad. Least popular appetiser for the table but I think that’s because it’s missing the smashed avocado that adds the delicious twist on an old Mexican favourite.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (10)

Quesadillas- Steak ($19.95)

And you thought we couldn’t handle MEDIUM wings…Well hello HOT WING department.  Would you dare to refuse the 20 Pieces of HOT Chicken Wings ($24.95) ? These wings were a spontaneous creation for the table. River of oil kept flowing out at every single bite. The spice is overwhelming for a beginner but medium-hot for the intermediates. You may need to be saved from their cheese sauce ($0.50) if ever your in doubt and can’t conqueror the entire piece of wing. The chicken wings can’t be described in words, it’s a feeling you’d have to experience it yourself.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (13)

20 Pieces of HOT Chicken Wings ($24.95)

It is ridiculous how the Rib Combo ($49.95) – HALF pork ribs with 300 grams rump with curley fries can be pretty massive for 2 people. For a real awesome value this beast of a plate is suppose to be for 1 person however if you can tank it alone then order it. Let me start describing the pork ribs– slow-smoked baby back ribs covered with HOOTERS BBQ glaze. Can you see how HOOTERS sauce ’em up real nice? Caution: Those ribs involve a lot finger licking from the sauce. Glad that’s not over because the juicy rump is so firm and flavoursome that I squealed out loud.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (6)

Rib Combo ($49.95)

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (7)

Can’t pin down how HOOTERS fries are so freaken curley.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (11)

SHOT GUNS  pork rib! Oink.

Mr Clarke Kent spotted one super lengthy fries sitting on his wooden plate. This potato must be between 25-30cm long. C-R-A-Z-Y!!!

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (12)

Have you heard of the saying “No Curls, No Girls” ? 

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (15)

Women’s toilet sign

My HOOTER experience was almost over and I just couldn’t say goodbye to our lovely waitress Nickki without taking a photo with her. You see what I did to my face? Haha. DIY troll emotion icon. I couldn’t help it.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (14)

That is an amazing pair of eyes Nikki. Don’t you think? 😛

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (16)

 Sweet way to say good-bye Nikki. 

(Note: Ignore the price of the bill as this post did not mention a few items.)

Apart from HOOTERS world-famous buffalo chicken wings, premium juicy beef burgers and extremely curley fries, HOOTERS atmosphere is definitely unlike any other…as there is always something fun happening every minute. Yes, it is kind of overlooked at because of the girls but amazingly each of their dishes we ordered from the menu is very decent. Do order a few drinks while watching sport games as it adds an extra vibe to your entertainment.

HOOTERS Parramtta_Nessy Eater (17)

Free balloon to take home.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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