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Take 2: My Food Bag- Healthy Recipes‎ Made at Home

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What a surprise we are halfway through winter. With this cold season making feel a little insecure about my eating habits, we’ve become attached to My Food Bag, so that we can ease our way through to eating healthy again and reminding ourselves that there’s FRESH fruit and vegetables options for when we cook at home. 

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (1)

That healthy rainbow spread right at your door step.

There has been some recent improvements that My Food Bag product and experience made. 

New Monday AM delivery time – Enjoy delivery while you sleep! My Food Bag now offers their foodies the added convenience of a NEW delivery window, Monday 2:00am – 7:00am. Win back your weekend and wake up to a delivery on your doorstep! It’s all part of continuing to offer a convenient service to suit the busy lives of their foodies.

New planet-friendly packaging – My Food Bag is committed to delivering their foodies only the freshest seasonal produce available, in packaging which is planet-friendly. They’re now delivering the goodness in their 100% recyclable Chilltainers and Brown Paper Boxes, all kept cool by their new recyclable ice bricks. This new packaging has replaced their traditional bags to continue to ensure the best quality delivery service.

New suppliers – My Food Bag has teamed up with a number of new local suppliers to continue to bring their foodies only the best! While of course remaining free-range, organic and sustainably sourced (wherever possible)

Reduced recipe times – A team of nutritionists and dietitians have been working hard to reduce their recipe preparation time, while retaining variation and a healthy balance of ingredients

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (2)

No kidding about freshest local Australian produce, meat and fish.

Let’s experience first-hand the following changes… 🙂 Excited (*Insert* happy dance)

Now let’s start with delivery…I must say My Food Bag does keep you informed through email and text, even days before your order, so that you are aware your groceries are coming. Thumb up for that top quality service. Whilst I was in bed dreaming about the things I’m going to cook for that week I did receive 2 alerts on my phone; one for when they deliver and the other saying my groceries are in front of my door.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (3)

Delivery came on time just before I head to work. Many ticks for that!

Unpacked my goodies around 8am and they were still nice and chilled. I could smell all the ingredients even before I had opened the brown box. Now that’s another thumb up for quality food supplies.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (4)

Didn’t need to waste time hitting the markets to find fresh meat. Thumbs up for that effort!

I dare you to take a peek at the latest scrumdiddlyumptious creations from Nadia Lim and her team for easy recipes cooked in your very own kitchen.


Taste: An old-fashioned favorite made with the freshest of ingredients. Enjoyed tasting the blend of vegetables with the marinated spice mix fish. It seriously was fresh from the fields to my dinner table. My tastebuds could separately taste the cubes fresh fish and veggies. The only thing that bugged me was my sweet potato wasn’t cooked as I followed the recipe. Other than that this was an earth friendly meal.

Verdict: Let’s taco bout this recipe baby, it felt like a fun Friday night meal that was super perfect for my boring Monday night in. I spiced up my nacho bowls with edible Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff soft tortilla bowls instead of using the suggested homeware bowls. I mean life is easier when everything is edible, right? Muahahaha. Saved myself from cleaning more dishes by adding my own idea to this dish and yes I was completely stuffed with two nacho bowls.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (5)

There’s something fishy about this dinner…haha.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (6)

Mexican Fish & Sweet Potato Nacho Bowls


Taste: Might I say fresh, generous, and prepared to perfection, this chicken stuffed with parmesan and basil will leave you wanting more. I was stunned that I made this all by myself. It truly had extraordinary flavours that I never knew it was possible. Don’t normally eat chicken breasts because it always turns out dry for me whenever I cook it, but nope not these breasts. Super juicy because of the parmesan. Loved the fragrant of the basil, garlic and red onion whilst it was cooking in the oven. Gold medal for the rich and hearty flavour.

Verdict: I’m really not sure what to say because I have never been in this kind of situation before, but HEAVENS YES I’d make this again, any day. First time stuffing these breasts with an intriguing filling that I could not have imagined. A delicious and easy-to-prepare chicken breasts that makes a great presentation and fills up any big stomach. Felt guilty (NOT) eating parmesan for a Tuesday night but when it’s mixed with red onion, basil and garlic, you know you have to let the guilty card slide. Thank the veggie gods for arriving on time to balance this meal. So far so good! I think this has become my signature dish for when friends come over to eat.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (7)

There’s there’s THERE’S parmesan in this dish 😀

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (8)

This is new for me…parmesan, basil, garlic, lemon and red onion mixed together…

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (9)

 Using toothpicks for this recipe. Don’t pick on my breasts! Haha

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (10)

Just winged it. Teeheehee.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (11)

Parmesan & Basil Chicken with Lemon Potatoes & Charred Greens


Taste: Sadly this dish was my least favourite (insert sad face) because it didn’t blend so well together. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sourness taste of the tomato base dish, then moving on to the creamy mayo flavour from the spinach and finally the garam masala beef strips. Don’t get me wrong, all 3 dishes had a full burst of flavour, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. On a much happier note I enjoyed dipping my Lebanese slice bread into the mushroom ragout.

Verdict: It’s a great destination meal for those who heart mushroom and cherry tomatoes. Would suggest to substitute the spinach with cos lettuce so it would marry so well with the garam masala beef strips. I had plenty of leftovers and decided to mix the mushroom ragout with brown rice and as for the gram masalsa beef it turned out to be a kebab using the bread and adding with spinach.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (12)

Garam Masalsa Beef with Mushrooms Ragout Spinch & Flatbreads


Taste: Silver medal for this dish as there was no game smell of the lamb and who knew you could cook kale. I was shocked you could mix lamb with sweet chilli sauce. It was a great steak that was so juicy that you accidentally bursted the water pipe…well almost. Loved the subtle hints of sweet, chilli from the lamb and as for the kale…OH MY! Incredible flavour that I wished I found this sooner. As for the rice I totally forgot about that being there because I was so distracted by that lamb leg and veggies.

Verdict: I am very like VERY sensitive to wanting to cook lamb  in my own kitchen and eating kale during dinner time because both don’t mix so well in my books, but I was wrong. A winning pair of kale and lamb leg bursted intense flavors and alluring aromas. Loved the serving of solider carrots and mountains of kale.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (13)

There’s lamb leg and kale on the menu…first time cooking these ingredients.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (14)

Lamb Leg Steaks with Coriander Pesto Lemon Kale & Rice


Taste: This dish didn’t go bacon my heart…thank the food gods, instead it was warming my heart. This risotto covered in a decadent creamy texture and dusted with parmesan made me lick my plate clean. A healthy pile of greens with the added pear fruit as a side salad offered a bright crunch when paired with the risotto.

Verdict: I must say I’m surprised with this recipe. Risotto is something I don’t normally whip up in the kitchen because rice doesn’t cook properly, but it turned out very smooth and creamy.  As for a salad that has slices of pear in it, impressive. I do like pear salad now, thanks to My Food Bag!

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (15)

It’s so hot inside, I’m bacon!

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (16)

Bacon & Zucchini Risotto with Pear & Parmesan Salad

Thoughts about My Food Bag

Regards to the following changes that was mentioned at the beginning of this post, let’s see if it approved on the Nessy Eater radar.

  1. Delivery time – Spot on with timing and they text you before and after to confirm delivery to your home 
  2. Packaging – Can’t blame if it’s recyclable and helping the environment 
  3. Food Products – Still impressed with the high quality and fresh ingredients. I’m still intrigued with lamb leg steaks! YUM! 
  4. Reduced recipe times – 4 out of 5 recipes was super easy to assemble as it only required chopping and assembling the ingredients into one pot, so yes it did reduce 5-15 minutes. 

Other notes

  • My Food Bag menus use only fresh seasonal produce, so there’s nothing frozen and they choose free-range and sustainably farmed products
  • Nutritionally balanced meals for all 5 nights
  • Read more here

When it comes to purchasing a week’s worth of groceries, it’s frightening to try new things for example purchasing new meat parts, spices or vegetables because it’s very costly and it takes so much of your time thinking about what to make out of it, but with My Food Bag they’ve done the dirty work for you.

Overall my view on My Food Bag hasn’t changed even for my previous review. My Food Bag does an excellent job with providing fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that can cater for those who cannot cook (that’s me).

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (17)

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater received a trial of My Food Bag-Classic, thanks to My Food Bag.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Behind-the-scenes look at Wonderland

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Last night FremantleMedia Australia was hosting an exciting event to celebrate the return of their Channel Ten drama Wonderland, starring Jessica Tovey, Tracey Mann, Glenn McMillan, Tim Ross, Brooke Satchwell, Ben Mingay and Logie-nominee Anna Bamford. I joined the cast for some drinks and canapés. I had a one on one set tour with Brooke, Jess and Tracey, where each celebrity showed me their own character’s world. For those who haven’t yet watched Wonderland, it focuses on four couples at different stages of life. The show lures you into all sorts of scenarios of love and friendship.


Wonderland cast

We had just enough time to make our way through each set. But before we get started, let the bartender’s refresh us with a glass of bubbly.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (1)

Well hello there bartenders!

The show is very food-centric, with one of the recurring themes being a weekly cooking competition known as FAT Night (AKA Food Appreciation Time). What I like about FAT Night is that this show treats it as a “extreme sport”. Glenn McMillan mentions FAT Night can be quite chaotic as most of the characters are all in the one scene. There’s properly an average of 100 takes to shoot this scene. It means that the actors and actresses would  eat better food! This over eagerness to feed the cast does have its upsides, for example it brings people together. It doesn’t harm anyone if you are willing to give up a bit of online interaction for some more face-to-face connection.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (2)

This is where FAT (AKA Food Appreciation Time) night happens.

We were encouraged to feed our stomach with ‘The Queen of Rice Paper Rolls’, Miss Chu’s catering. So much competition to grab a piece of skewer. YUM!

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (4)

 Satay chicken and beef from Miss Chu

Being the big kid at heart, I was so excited to start the tour when I first walked in. Jessica Tovey welcomed us by introducing her character Dani Varvaris and we landed in her world in Wonderland at her place. You may have recognised this photo in season 1 of Wonderland. If not, then here you go Wonderland Fans! You don’t need to thank me 😛

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (5)

 Guess who’s this couple from Wonderland?

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (6)

So much detail in Steve and Dani’s living room.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (7)

 Steve and Dani’s kitchen

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (8)

 Guess which characters bedroom is this?

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (9)

 The famous Miranda Beaumont bathroom scene.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (10)

Dani and Steve’s bedroom

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (11)

 Spotted on Steve and Dani’s fridge

There was no missed opportunity to see Maggie Wilcox home and who better to show me around. Duh! The actress who plays Maggie and that’s Tracey Mann. Tracey had something interesting to say about her acting as Maggie. When it came to filming Maggie, she mentioned it was important that she doesn’t just waffle around the living room and requested to extend the background. With the producers and script writers agreeing, they soon added Maggie’s kitchen.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (12)

 Maggie Wilcox living room

You’ll never believe where this kitchen bench came from! For about $200 Australian Dollars, this beautiful retro bench was bought on Gumtree Australia. Tracey then discussed about the products that’s on the shelves and surprisingly most of the products have been donated. It was highly recommended not to eat any of the foods or use the bowls because majority of the items are for decoration purposes only.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (13)

 Maggie Wilcox’s kitchen

We headed straight back to the main FAT kitchen scene for a preview screening of an upcoming episode of Wonderland and some behind the scene wardrobe with Brooke and Jessica. Did you know? The cast of Wonderland spend about 17 hours on set each day just for make-up and costume. That’s CRAZY!

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (14)

 Chilli prawn salad from Miss Chu

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (15)

 Mind-blown! There’s no natural sunlight. LOL

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (17)

 Dessert of the day from Miss Chu

This is one distinctive set background that convey the nuances of each and every character. It was such an honor to be standing there. This is the scene where Maggie usually has a deep and meaningful quick chat with other characters before she leaves the home.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (18)

 Famous stair scene on Wonderland

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (19)

 Colette Riger and Rob Duffy’s home

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (20)

I bet you haven’t seen this before on Wonderland. (Colette Riger and Rob Duffy)

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (21)

Colette Riger and Rob Duffy’s bedroom

This is the genuine photo of the Wonderland apartment building. I’ve been told by the cast that it was challenging from a time perspective to recreate this apartment, particularly trying to film it from outside but it was creatively fun.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (22)

 Image of Wonderland apartment

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (23)

The Wonderland hallway

It is important not only did Wonderland had to show each character’s individuality, but it’s essential how they relate to one another. Each place indicates the history of relationships and throughout the series a few items gets moved from one apartment to another.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (24)

 Dani Varvaris and Steve Beaumont’s home

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (25)

 Spotted a photo of Jessica Tovey when she was young.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (26)

  Dani and Steve’s photo on the fridge

There were lines of people eagerly trying to get a photo with the casts, and I took the Wonderland crew’s advice by inviting myself to them. Tracey Mann really needs no introduction to Wonderland series. She is of course the woman that plays Maggie Wilcox. It was a reward for Nessy Eater to be invited and get the opportunity to experience this Media City. Throughout the entire evening the crew of Wonderland encouraged us all to take photos and have a chat with the celebrities. With a smitten look on my face, you know I enjoyed my night at the set tour of Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (27)

 It’s Tracey Mann known as Maggie Wilcox on Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (28)

 Michael Dorman known as Tom Wilcox on Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (29)

 Glenn McMillan known as Carlos dos Santos on Wonderland.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (30)

 Ben Mingay and Tim Ross just taking some fries from my iphone.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (31)

Say hi to Les Hill.

I get a tap on my shoulder to take a CD home and what do we have here…the next episode of Wonderland and the special part is that it’s not released yet until this Wednesday. The less knowledge you know about this episode the better. I don’t want to spoil any Wonderland Fans, but if you must know…except some interesting news coming from Dani Varvaris.

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (32)

 Very lucky to be watching the next episode of Wonderland before it goes on air.

The show Wonderland sure share their knowledge about life and experiences between four couples, which inspire every day people. The show is not just about the food, it is about the people that they are with, the atmosphere that they create. The cast of Wonderland work very hard and they represent life values worth note taking. I truly admire the cast because every single one of them are so down to Earth! So tell me readers, would you be nervous meeting the Wonderland cast? And who would you be the most nervous to meet? For me, it was Jessica Tovey and Brooke Satchwell. 😀 :D<3

Wonderland_Nessy Eater (33)

Casually smiling with the Wonderland ladies plus Simone.

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest to the “Behind the Scenes-Wonderland”, thanks to Fremantle Media .

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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