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Whenever someone whispers the word “Zumbo” I begin squealing with joy and I start having cravings  for what Adriano Zumbo has to offer with his creations of unique flavours of macarons and famous cakes located at Adriano Zumbo Balmain Pâtisserie (296 Darling St Balmain, NSW 2040). FYI this is just one of many stores he has across Sydney.

Mention just one of his magical macaron names to any sweet tooth in the know and just watch how eyes can light up and lips shape into a smile.

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Look no further sugar lovers because Zubarons are the real deal. Every time I arrive at the counter I can never decide which flavour to take home. Light and crispy outside. Rich and creamy with a good solid crunchy bite. Sweetness level is just perfect. The displayed names of each macaron tastes exactly as advertised.

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Sadly I was half an hour too late on their delicious cakes. I am sure their other goodies such as bread and cookies are appetizing , but I just cannot go empty handed without a box of macarons to eat on the way home.

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I ended up purchasing one box of macarons of twelve ($30) or for one macaron ($2.50), however the macaron thief ate a macaron before photos were taken. It was the pineapple macaroon. So scrumptious brought back memories of my trip to Thailand sipping a pina colada cocktail, but this one didn’t have alcohol substances. Haha

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The salted butter popcorn ridiculously tasty, the pear had a single cashew nut in the centre of the macaron which made for a crunchiness. The blackcurrant deliciously superb. The lychee macaron rocked my world with a gooey flavour lychee in the centre.

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Unfortunately the finger bun, passionfruit and bread and butter pudding slightly shattered on the way back home but it tasted heavenly.

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So lovely the macarons colours looks exceedingly bright and lively.

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Photos by Vanny Tang

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