Eggs Benedict

Finding my inner Flower Child at Westfield Chatswood

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The first thing you’ll notice about Flower Child Café is the ambience and the decor as everything is so florally. I just couldn’t help but smile as it just looks so peaceful. And what a stunning place to eat at with their brekkie, brunch or lunch menu options available all day.

Just on Anderson Street in Chatswood Westfield entrance you’ll easily spot a crowd full of hungry humans waiting around for a table. One thing I’ve noticed about brunch places is that if there’s a line it must be good. And boy I am glad my hungry instincts got this right.

Flower Child Cafe Entrance

As soon as we scored a table we quickly knew what to order and after a short conversation, everything had arrived. What drew me to the Flower Child French Toast ($19) was the lovely garden of fruits which included a scoop of banana mascarpone, freshly sliced banana, crumbs of dark chocoalte, baked peacan pieces, fresh mixed berries and a spread of salted toffee & maple syrup ($19). The toast looked evenly fried on the outside and soft and fluffy inside which made me think this could easily be on my comfort food list.

Flower Child French Toast ($19)

For the benedict fanatics the Eggs Benedict ($19) was quite a cheat day treat with two poached eggs covered in burnt butter hollandaise served with espresso & house made tomato jam with proscuitto. What was fun about this dish was it came fashionably buttered and toasted on a freshly baked croissant. I had a ‘moment’ alone with this because it was hitting all the right notes with the butter and creamy flavours. With the croissant it had the perfect layered crisp and crunch that married so well together with the savoury prosciutto. This is really something you shouldn’t be sharing folks.

Eggs Benedict ($19)

Feeling thirsty for something fruity? Well the freshly squeezed Pineapple Juice ($7) was a summer pleaser as it had a mix of pineapple, pear, apple, mint and a hint of ginger. We were trying to pretend to be healthy…haha.

Pineapple Juice ($7)

Next up the Barramundi Burger ($19) that came with a thick piece of crumbed barramundi schnitzel, red cabbage slaw and was drenched in kewpie mayo sauce on a sesame seed milk bun served with a basket of salty French fries.

Barramundi Burger ($19)

The burger grabbed my full attention as I could easily taste the freshness of that evenly golden crumbed barramundi. It was beyond my expectation and certainly a burger I’d like to order again.

 B…Burrr…BBarramundi Burger

Trust me when I say this burger is worthy for your tastebuds to enjoy. The red cabbage slaw with mayo combined flawlessly with the burger as it had bold cruciferous and peppery flavour.

Side view of the Barramundi Burger

In between meals you might want to give their coffee a try as all their coffee beans come from The Grounds of Alexandria. So we opted for Moccamaster ($4) which was a batch brewed filtered coffee resulting in a heavenly clean sweet taste. You won’t get your usual bitterness but great option for filter coffee starters.

Moccamaster ($4)

And if your heart is set on the traditional brekkie dish then look no further because Breakfast Plate ($21) can sure be a real hearty meal as it includes two poached eggs, grilled chorizo, chunks of avocado, goat’s curd, roasted truss tomato, sprinkles of pomegranate, quinoa salad and on the side sourdough toast. I don’t think you need to eat dinner after this as it was an endless spread of all things nutritional.

Breakfast Plate ($21)

I could happily look at the Acai Bowl ($16) all day as it was just too pretty to eat. This so called bowl but served on a plate contained half sliced strawberries, generous sprinkles of blueberries, a piece of banana, chia seeds, crushed almonds, shredded coconut & the most importantly granola. It was all high in antioxidants and incorporated into this sugar-free and healthy breakfast. Winning for the health junkies out there!

Acai Bowl ($16)

At Flower Child Café on the weekends you’re best off dining in groups of two or four as it’s quite a train long wait. As for service it was surprisingly efficient and hassle free when ordering. Now for the food and beverage it was reasonable for what you pay for and I was quite surprised how the Barramundi Burger tasted, thumbs up.


Photos by Vanny Tang

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Southern Taste at New Orleans Cafe

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Due to many weeks of renovation New Orleans Cafe was having, I managed to past by Crowns Nest and thought I’d pop by to see if everything was complete and hooray they finally opened.

New Orleans Cafe provides an indoor and outdoor seating area, making it an ideal place to seat with a large group of friends outside where the sun is shining bright or for the romantic couples who prefer a bit more privacy-indoor.

If you enjoy a lively atmosphere,  you would want to go on a weekend,  I heard this cafe gets PACKED on a FRIDAY and SATURDAY night with LIVE MUSIC.

New Orleans is out of the ordinary for its Southern American cuisines. New Orleans offers unique milkshake flavours and you can taste the difference. Their All American Apple Pie ($13.70) with apple ice-cream that included chunks of caramelized apples pieces is absolutely one of the best apple pies I’ve had, it was MIND-BLOWING.  And, witnessing my friends passionate facial expressions, I’d say it was that SUGAR-RUMPTIOUS!

ResizedNew Orleans (1)

Although their service lacked not jotting down the correct orders for a flat white in cup instead presented a Flat White in a Mug ($4.90). It was an average coffee and piping hot then regular coffees, but we were pleased it did not taste burnt whatsoever. So THUMBS UP for not burning it!

ResizedNew Orleans (2)

The Peanut Butter Milkshake ($6.70), which tasted so NUTTY was OUTSTANDING! Whilst sipping the milkshake, chunky pieces of crunchy peanuts would get sucked into the straw as well. Resulting a great combination of flavour and texture. I honestly didn’t  mind another glass of milkshake…but I needed to save some space to try the rest of what we had ordered.

ResizedNew Orleans (3)

Whilst waiting for food to arrive I found WOODY…just kidding!

ResizedNew Orleans (4)

Orleans BENNY ($15.90) was not one of the best eggs benedict  as one of the eggs were overcooked, luckily the other survived to be gooey and runny. Didn’t enjoy the extremely TANGY hollandaise sauce, perhaps it was cooked American style? And I usually come across the British version. But it’s worth giving it a try if you fancy tangy hollandaise sauce!

ResizedNew Orleans (8)

We couldn’t miss “The BIG EASY” full breakfast ($20.90) with not so crispy bacon, instead of poached eggs we asked for scrambled that tasted scrumptiously perfect but looked bubbly with hollow bubbles- hard to describe, see photo. Very tender chorizo sausage is a must try, pan fried field mushrooms, juicy roasted tomato, mammy’s beans on a warm toasted crispy sour dough.  A great pick if you are REALLY HUNGRY!

ResizedNew Orleans (7)

Our last dish Aunty Betty’s Southern Pancake Stack ($15.90) served with their famous Buffalo bourbon maple sticky syrup and apple pie ice cream was heavenly delicious. BUT, for that price I’d much prefer heading down to Pancake On The Rocks! Because they fill the plate with A LOT of seasonal fruits and most importantly for a much lower cost.

ResizedNew Orleans (6)

ResizedNew Orleans (5)

I was completely stuffed by the end of the whole brunch, as a result it was satisfying brunch!

Highly recommend to give All American Apple Pie a try!!!

Photos by Vanny Tang

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On that board The chalkboard cafe, Waterloo

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Are you desperately on the lookout for good quality breakfast, lunch or even a quick coffee in the Sydney suburbs, but want to keep away from touristy spots, then head to The Chalkboard Cafe (197 Young St Waterloo, NSW 2017).

The Chalkboard Cafe (1)

The cafe is beautifully decorated with wood and funky stainless steel chairs. Majority of the furniture have  price tags on them, as it appears the cafe was located at an art gallery showcase.

The Chalkboard Cafe (2)

The Chalkboard Cafe (3)

The Chalkboard Cafe (4)

Smart innovative invention using chopped wood pieces as decoration.

The Chalkboard Cafe (5)

Shiny silver metal stands that sparkle when the light shines right through it.

The Chalkboard Cafe (6)

Candle holders, a very classical piece  that suits the cafe.

The Chalkboard Cafe (7)

We enjoyed the professional, quick and friendly service. We were quite lucky to be served by the Front of the house Paula Gordon.

The Chalkboard Cafe (8)

It was brunch hour and so we ordered the Chalkboard Benedict with Bacon ($17) which was indulging and scrumptious . It was a very clever idea to replace the usual muffin bread with sliced layers of potato cake. The texture melds incredibly well together to form a perfect dish. The hollandaise sauce added on top made it even more tantalizing.

The Chalkboard Cafe (9)

It was chilly that day and soup always come in handy when our bodies have to endure blasting winds and freezing weather. So we ordered soup of the day -cauliflower, served with a thick slice of fresh sour dough bread and soft butter. We were super duper pleased we had ordered it. Although it had a very buttery aftertaste and could lead to a calorific spike, I still thought the soup was magnificent. Rich, smooth and creamy is what I’d describe this soup. In my opinion I think that’s how any soup should be, creamy. But hey! Everyone’s taste buds are different.  Would you  like more flavour in your bread? Perhaps dunk the sour dough in the soup and there you have it, a flavoursome tasty bread!

The Chalkboard Cafe (10)

The Chalkboard Cafe (11)

Couldn’t miss out on their signature blueberry and buttermilk pancakes ($16). It was a heavenly sweetish dish as it was approaching our table served with thick sticky syrup. Photos don’t  give it’s justice on how coma inducing it was!

The Chalkboard Cafe (12)

Pancakes we meet again! A close up shot of the multi-layered, rich, buttery, mouth-watering and fruity pancake.

The Chalkboard Cafe (13)

After brunch we walked upstairs and strolled around the art gallery showcase. Go check it out!

Photos by Vanny Tang

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It really is Two Good Eggs Café, Surry Hills

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Such a sweet coincidence the girls and I were free to catch up over lunch. It felt like the weather gods wanted us to stay indoors due to nasty wind and horribly cold weather that was forecasted throughout the day . This resulted in us spending a few hours wandering around Westfield Sydney to do some window shopping. In between shopping we also had tea time at Laduree.

Lunch time had arrived and so one of my lovely girl friends,  Almighty Princess, suggested Two Good Eggs Cafe (148 Goulburn St Surry Hills, NSW2010). And so with the handy Google maps we were on our way there.

It’s fact that Surry Hills has always been a home to the infinite trendy cafés, bakery and other various munchies. It’s the trend to not just brunch but lunch!

Two Eggs Cafe (1)

Holy molly ! They have the gigantic Nutella on display. You can tell their chefs are working hard. They even come to your table to serve your meals.

Two Eggs Cafe (2)

They have chalkboards to display their specials, which is quite helpful and friendly.

Two Eggs Cafe (3)

It was a coldish day, so we sat inside, under the roof, near the window where you’d assume no wind would blow in but I happened to sit right where the wind blew through the cracks. Thankfully there was a heater across the room to make my body temperature warmer.

Almighty Princess mentioned the interior is vintage, rustic, simplistic and homely, whereas Miss XY believed it to be retro.

Our appetite levels were skyrocketing, but luckily their service was quick and efficient. That’s what any hungry customer likes.

Drinks were first to arrive at our table, the Chai Tea ($4.40) served in an actual size Chinese teapot was hmmm… I’m not sure if I was patient enough to let the tea leaves soak in the flavour with the milk, but it was almost like the milk was overpowering the chai rather than vice versa.

Two Eggs Cafe (4)

I felt like a happy kid when I saw a bite size chocolate waffle biscuit sitting on the shiny teaspoon.

Two Eggs Cafe (5)

And check out the cloudy chai froth!

Two Eggs Cafe (6)

Miss XY ordered a Cappuccino ($3.30) which  tasted like an ordinary coffee, but do note we’re no coffee experts. It was simply enjoyable to have with her meal.

Two Eggs Cafe (7)

Almighty Princess was anxious in trying the special of the day smoothie- Mango and Passionfruit ($6.50) it was a smoothie she hadn’t tried in a while. It’s a reminiscence of Summer, the sweet, yet tangy taste.

Two Eggs Cafe (8)

The classic Two Good Eggs Breakfast ($17.90) that Almighty Princess ordered was absolutely  delicious. Although only one strip of bacon didn’t completely please her, she would’ve liked more. Place together with the amazing tangy sweet tomato chutney and you have yourself the best big breakfast! One enjoyable approach to eat the toasted sourdough is to place the poached egg onto the dough and spread tomato chutney on top. It will get messy, but just think of the combination of flavours. It’s lip smacking!

Two Eggs Cafe (9)

I wanted something different, so I thought I’d give the Breakfast burger ($10.90) a try. Filled with crispy succulent bacon, excellent poached egg garnished with spinach, bread drizzled with tasty bbq aiol and served with a mini sized jam jar tomato relish as an additional sauce. This dish is worth applauding too.  Boy, my stomach was no doubt satisfied!

Two Eggs Cafe (10)

Miss XY ordered the Eggs benedict ($17.90) and with relief she too quite enjoyed her meal. She found the poached eggs to be very gooey in the middle and done quite well. Chances of me trying her dish, zero…she demolished the dish before giving us girls a try. Guess that means she quite appreciated her meal.

Two Eggs Cafe (11)

[nicknames are provided due to privacy]

It’s worth stopping by and giving it a try!

Photos by Vanny Tang

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