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Black Betty at The Oxford Tavern- MONSTROUS Meat Feast

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You know the day is still young at the Oxford Tavern because everyone has got their clothes on. It’s very un-sleazy here at Black Betty as they have been firing up an American-style barbecue of smoked juicy meats as well as Australian classics. If you’re a meat freak like me then you can expect the menu to include brisket, pulled pork, sausages and other BBQ offerings.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (1)

 Monstrous Meat Platter at The Oxford Tavern

You’d appreciate the BBQ menu on weekends, with their outdoor custom-made American meat smoker. The meats are cooked overnight for approximately 18 hours and ready to be seduced from midday the following day.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (20)

BBQ Smoker

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (2)

Awesome painted walls

The lust is in the air when you discover the menu. I think I’ve just found the perfect BBQ joint to warm cold winter weekends.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (2B)

 I want to try a bit of everything!

You won’t go hungry here at Black Betty because there’s just too many meaty goodness waiting for you. I’m sure the Drink N Dine Executive Chef Jamie Thomas can help you out.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (3)

 Executive Chef Jamie Thomas

My inner freak came out when I saw this this THIS…GIGANITIC BEEF BRISKET! *Heavy Breathing*…*HEAVY BREATHING*

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (4)

 Drum rolls please for the beef brisket entrance.

Majority of the meats are weighted and sold by the 100gram, so don’t expect the numbers to be exactly 100grams.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (5)

Ready to be weighed?

Oh! Look at this bad boy…just laying there and looking so seductive. I just want to nom nom nom you all up!

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (6)

 *Faints* Such a beautiful view

So much sexual attention is given to this MEAT PLATTER. Where on Earth should I begin? The platter contained a mix of EVERYTHING including snag, ribs, brisket and pulled pork with BONUS side of a bun and slaw. The cost of this platter was about $50 for two people. You can eat with 2-3 people but I suggest go for it yourself, if you dare.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (7)

  Monstrous Meat Platter ready to be undressed.

If you love Smoked Pork Snag ($7) then get involved. This is heavenly delicious with a nice amount of fattiness in the centre and teensy weensy amount of spiciness. It really kicks up the flavours of pork that is smoked.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (8)

 Smoked Pork Snag ($7)

You’d be a sucker for the Lamb Ribs ($6 per 100 grams)– These ribs are surprisingly meaty and marinated to perfection. Pretty incredible flavours that your tastebuds will be ready for. Just look at that beauty!

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (9)

 Lamb Ribs ($6 per 100 grams)

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (10)


It’s nice to meat ya Pulled Pork ($6 per 100 grams)-There is plenty of taste in this shredded pork and is seriously rewarding if you dress it up with the bun, however it’s sad to say it was a tad dry. It’s ok, I guess you can serve it with a thick, tangy sauce.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (11)

 Pulled Pork ($6 per 100 grams)

I need you darling Pork rib ($7 per 100 grams) although these are not melt in your mouth rack of ribs, but they are quite a treat if you squirt some barbeque sauce on top.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (12)

 Pork rib ($7 per 100 grams)

Can you feel the Beef Brisket ($8 per 100 grams) slowly getting to your nerves? With amazingly smokey taste, it’s a forgiven wonderful cut of beef. The meat doesn’t reach the wow factor of melt in the mouth like Papi Chulo’s, however it’s a winner with anyone who loves a bold rich beef brisket in this style.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (13)

 Beef Brisket ($8 per 100 grams)

Lashing onto you BBQ Pork ($8 per 100 grams) – This immediately reminded me of Chinese BBQ Pork. It smelt divine and this brisket promises something fresh and tasty. Pretty much heaven if you have it with the slaw.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (14)

BBQ Pok ($8 per 100 grams)

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (15)

 Out of my mind that I want dessert!

There’s some pretty interesting quirks on the dessert section of the menu. Mr Clark Kent and I couldn’t resist to order the Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($9) with 100 and 1000’s. It’s so wrong yet so right, however Mr Kent and I both agree it didn’t meet its perquisites. Shockingly it turned out soggy for both our golden gaytime’s. Somewhere out there a unicorn just shed a few tears.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (16)

 Deep Fried Golden Gaytime ($9)

There’s a number of characteristics in this MONSTER DESSERT, The Jelly Wrestle ($20). The waitress each gave us a pair of rubber gloves. It is not for the faint-hearted that no cutlery is allowed. Oh so bad oh so good! Slowly the giant plastic golden platter piled with huge scoops of vanilla ice-cream, red and green and blue jelly, toasted waffles, candied popcorn, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, raspberry syrup, chocolate syrup and sprinkles of fairy godmothers rainbow. Not to mention lots and lots of cherries (we count at least six). It was fun and we enjoyed it regardless of how stuffed we were.

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (17)

 The Jelly Wrestle ($20)

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (18)

 No cutlery allowed for Jelly Wrestle. Let me pretend to be a surgical doctor, call me Dr. Eater! 

Black Betty’s selection of BBQ meats will satisfy even the greatest carnivorous cravings. The décor’s and space is amazing. It’s not hard to find the Oxford Tavern as it is located in the corner or find the police station across the road. It’s winter in Sydney, so you have to indulge in all that irresistibly moutherwatering meaty goodness!

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (21)

 Seductive sign

The Oxford Tavern_Nessy Eater (22)

Maybe this is more seductive then the topless girls. 😀

Photos by Vanny Tang

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EatNow on the go- Caesar’s Pizza Palace

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Are you living in a busy hectic schedule that you just don’t have enough time to cook? To make sure you have one less thing to think about, why not order or pre-order your favourite food on the move. EatNow is providing take-away lovers an easier solution by simply downloading their iOS App. Not only does it this app features include cuisine or rating but you’d be able to benefit specials deals and discounts.


For a first time user, download the EatNow app. This shouldn’t be hard for the iphone users.


Now, it’s time to select where you are. For Nessy Eater girl, Sydney’s her home.


After selecting your suburb, time to select a take-away spot you’d like to eat. For me, I think my stomach was rumbling for Caesar’s Pizza Palace and also because I spotted first time users get 20% off total bill. WooHOO!




When time is precious, look for skip to button and this automatically leads to starters, pasta, pizzas…etc.


Getting excited to check out! Once you’ve selected all the foods, click CONTINUE.


Ok, you got me! I clearly decided to be lazy and asked for delivery. Delivery was free, only when you spend a certain amount for example this one was min $20.


You have the option to connect to your Facebook account or just sign up using an email address.


It’s payment time and it takes only 1 minute to fill this in.


ALMOST DONE! Double checking my orders and press the place order button.


How convenient was that? It took me roughly 10 minutes including deciding what to eat and filling in the details.


Don’t have a receipt? NO WORRIES! EatNow will definitely send you a confirmation and order number so you can track your food.


They even do email too, just incase you gave them the wrong number.



Shame delivery for me was 10 minutes late, but that wasn’t a problem for me because the pizzas were waiting. My first food item that I quickly unpacked was the delicious lamb medium ($19.90). I think I was crazy for the marinated lamb fillets, thinly sliced green capsicums, finely chopped onion and lots of feta topped with lemon zest. The pizza dough was nicely thin with a gentle flavour and soft chewy texture.


Delicious lamb medium ($19.90) sure was DELICIOUS.

You may or may not be a little excited for the Lasagne ($13) but this had a ridiculous amount of tomato and minced beef  made with several layers of lasagne sheets. Not what I expected, but I think they may want to brush up on the presentation on this one.




 Looking so red there lasagne…are you blushing in front of me? 😛

Moving onto my next pizza, I present to you Penang Chicken Medium ($19.90). This was heavily marinated with chicken, roasted capsicum, onion, halved peanuts topped with satay sauce and MORE peanuts. If you like a bit of tang in your pizza, the wedge of lemon serves its purpose. You’ll fall into pieces if you don’t get a slice of this.


 Penang Chicken Medium ($19.90)


 Coke ($2.50)

I easily get trapped with words like Homemade Cakes ($7.90), so I had to put that in the checkout. I think the plural made it even more convincing for me to order this, but it turned out to be just a huge slice of tiramisu. It was a rich dessert of Italian meringue, mascarpone and soft biscuits soaked in coffee and a good dose of liqueur was detected. The highlight of EatNow for me was the special discounts and free items, but that only depends on the restaurant. Overall, using EatNow iOS app was super easy to use and a great on the go tool making it easy and simple to order a variety of cuisines.


Homemade Cakes ($7.90)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Disclaimer: Nessy Eater received $50 voucher from EatNow (opportunity provided by EatNow). Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

Korean Fried Chicken at Red Pepper

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So tell me dear readers…what is the best method to encourage one to exercise? For me, the only manner that’s worth exercising is my intestines at Strathfield Sports Club. Here at the club, magic finger licking starts with some Korean Fried Chicken at Red Pepper. You’d be keen to try this fry chicken joint as it offers over 10 different flavours.


Explore the Spring Onion Chicken (Half $18) with satisfying fried crunchiness with nothing but a light drizzle of wasabi sauce and a small puddle hidden underneath the bed of chicken. There’s a generous amount of happiness when the sauce touches your tastebuds and oh you won’t forget about that crispy satisfaction. Do you see a pile of green spring onion? Made me feel less guilty for eating this dish. Hehe

Spring Onion Chicken

 Spring Onion Chicken (Half $18) 

Soy Sauce Chicken (Half $17) is made for you if you simply just enjoy soy sauce on its own. This is the best KFC version for sticky delicate, crackly crust on the skin. It is marinated so well with a sugar snap of sweetness. Having this dish all to yourself is the key to happiness. Teehee.

Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken (Half $17)

MmmmMmm do you want cheese with that? The Snow Cheese Chicken (Half $18) is grated and dusted with cheddar cheese power. Everything together was kind of not what we expected, however it was tasty though.

Snow Cheese Chicken

 Snow Cheese Chicken (Half $18)

I have a thing for foods that have a hint of sweetness and you can bet the Sweet + Spicy Chicken (Half $18) was a winner in my eyes. HOT DAYUM! Each bite delights with rich spicy flavour and sprinkles of roasted garlic. It’s deliciously simple and you wouldn’t want to miss this!

Sweet + Spicy Chicken

Sweet + Spicy Chicken (Half $18)

Sweet + Spicy Chicken (2)

The chickens are marinated so well. 

Who is counting calories when there’s the original Fried Chicken (Half $16) to think about? The hunt for the perfect golden battered fried chicken may be over…or not. A birdie told me that Gami is still number one. All I know is this delightful crispy chicken sure wasn’t at all oily. The beautiful deep fried coating tastes as great as it looks.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken (Half $16) 

Give into temptation with the Spicy Chilli Chicken (Half $18) – It’s glazed in super spicy sauce and dear god your tongue will BURN! Warning: you may be in tears, so if you’re a guy, try to stay strong in front of the girls. Haha. These do look finger-lickin’ good, don’t cha think? I have discovered I do have a weakness for chicken and overtime been a fan for fried chicken. The sauce here at Red Pepper is delicious and you’ll find yourself demolishing the entire menu if you had a spare stomach. It’s worth the calories!

Spicy Chilli Chicken

Spicy Chilli Chicken (Half $18) 

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Devon by Night: Modern PersuASIAN Pre-Launch Tasting

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Already known for its gourmet breakfast including their signatures ‘Breakfast with the Sakumas’, ‘Devon’s Ultimate Toastie’ and the ‘Little Lost Bread’. The incredibly popular Devon Café is now open for dinner. SAY WHAAAAT? Devon does dinner now? It’s called ‘Devon by Night’ and it starts today. Since opening in 2013, Devon Café has pretty much warmed many existing to new foodie souls and devotees cannot Instagram enough snapshots to show their appreciation. You can find some incriminating evidence on my Instagram account here, where I record 63’ egg porn. I bet you didn’t think I’d record porn did you? EGG PORN, I mean. Teehee.

The story of Zachary Tan started at the age of 21, where he initially pursued studies in pharmacy, but soon focused his interest in learning French cuisines meant he quickly commenced training at Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. Feeling home away from home, Zach focuses each dish on his home town of Penang and the famous Hawker Street Food with a touch of French. In keeping with the café’s influence of Asian cuisines, and a mash-up with French techniques, head chef Zach Tan (who’s a former chef at Bistro Guillaume, Guillaume at Bennelong and Pier) will expand his trademark style and draw influences from Peninsular Malaysia with some Japanese charcoal barbecue features too. I can tell you the menu is ridiculously fun with exciting and creative categories like snacks, solo, larger plates and more. There’s a range of Asian and local beers and wines for the keen foodies who may have a thirsty sweet tooth. We’re offered top-ups of drinks and I’m most excited that it compliments the spiciness and robust flavours of each dish.

Devon by Night (3)

Devon by Night menu

Wahhhhh the prices for ‘Devon by Night’ will remain pretty reasonable, with its fine-dining approach to casual café food. Foodie fans are able to dine for around $30-$45 per head, depending on your stomach’s desire. For the indecisive foodies, just order everything! I think my Instagram pics last night was enough to arouse your appetites, so enough chit chat and let me start with snacks and we have two bamboo cups filled with Roasted peanuts ($3) with Indian-flavoured fried noodles that look like short toothpick sticks and Kacang kuda ($3) – That’s spiced crispy chickpeas. It seems like the table were more fascinated over the chickpeas because I don’t think any food blogger has ever tried CRISPY CHICKPEAS before.

Devon by Night (1)

Roasted peanuts and Kacang kuda ($3 each)

Devon by Night (5)

Look how crispy the chickpeas are.

Devon by Night (22)

Maybe have a glass of Baby Doll Pinot Nior ($9) to go with the snacks?

You’ll notice as you read on, majority of these dishes are made to share, so if you have intention on being greedy, surrender now and no one gets hurt. The Yellowfin tuna sashimi ($16) arrives with six chunky slices of tuna resting on tomato jelly, avocado droplets and sprinkles of chives to decorate. Strange idea that the crystal clear tomato jelly actually works well with the tuna, the effect is deeply aromatic.

Devon by Night (7)

Yellowfin tuna sashimi ($16)

There is plenty of earthy green colours in the “Prawn and scallop wontons” ($16) served with a generous portion of crispy wonton slices. The peanuts offer a crunchwhen paired with the scallop and prawn ceviche, green mango, peanuts and nahm jim. Each bite provides a refreshing comfort. This little tapas-sized package does require hands on. It was fun watching other guests try not to make a mess.

Devon by Night (8)

“Prawn and scallop wontons” ($16)

Devon by Night (9)

Pretty delicious

Devon by Night (12)

Look how crisp the wonton sheet is.

Just begging to be Instagrammed is the Lobster Roll ($15) – A food lover’s dream come true to try this roll before Devon by Night opens tonight.  A unique flavour experience with house-made brioche roll, inside slices of perfectly cooked lobster, topped with baby radish, tatsoi and a drizzle of kewpie. The buttery bun is heavenly delicious, but it was be the smell and taste of the lobster that was intoxicating. It’s easier to eat as all the finest ingredients are glued onto the bun with kewpie mayonnaise. I don’t think anyone was going to leave any traces or evidence of eating this roll. You’ll have to taste this baby to believe it!

Devon by Night (14)

Come to Mama Lobster Roll ($15) – What you see is probably half a kilo of lobster.

Devon by Night (11)

 Behind the scenes and I snapshot Philip from Philsosophyy.

Devon by Night (13)

 Being a food blogger is hard work.

Devon by Night (16)

Baby you’re so fine!

An interesting take on was the Chargrilled corn ($5 each) with coffee miso butter– This sweet and soft baby corn is something I didn’t expect. Flavours of the miso butter impart a rich texture and combined together with coffee powder creates a new palate.

Devon by Night (18)

Chargrilled corn ($5 each) 

There’s a new Korean style fried chicken in town and it’s called KJI fried chicken ($15- 6 pc). Here, these chicken wings are firstly dusted in flour and then bathed in hot oil until golden and arrive to our table crisp. There’s plenty of room to smother these bad boys with go chujang and peanut sauce.

Devon by Night (26)

KJI fried chicken ($15)

Devon by Night (27)

That wing!

Chargrilled Jumbo prawns ($29) is an impressive dish. The prawns are no doubt jumbo and juicy and with Penang Hokkien mee flavours add a bit of spice and tanginess that stands out.

Devon by Night (24)

Chargrilled Jumbo prawns ($29)

Devon by Night (23)

Another glass won’t harm me. It’s Juniper Cabernet Merlot 2011 ($12)

The concept of Mum’s Chinese egg custard ($28) is very new and exciting to me, despite my cravings for it now as I type this. You’ll notice shitaki mushrooms, black fungus, yellow needle flower, goji berries and since it is winter there’s fresh shaved WA truffle. Aside there is Chinese deep fried bread sticks that provides a crispy crunch. This dish has the potential to become a wintertime staple at Devon. The slices of truffle perfumes the dish. As for the custard, it’s silky, soft and sweet. Each bite more delicious than the last.

Devon by Night (29)

 Mum’s Chinese egg custard ($28) is Devon-nately delicious.

Devon by Night (20)

Do you have a few thousand dollars to spare for WA truffle?

Devon by Night (21)

Spotted Irene from Irene’s Getting Fat.

Devon by Night (30)

Zach is so generous with the truffles.

Here’s a trend that is worth witnessing is the Aunty Tulia’s beef short ribs, tomato & basil relish ($28). You won’t see me denying the importance of devouring the beef ribs. The beef is indeed tender and flavoursome. It does not require a knife as the meat slowly peels off if you’re using a fork.

Devon by Night (31)

 Aunty Tulia’s beef short ribs, tomato & basil relish

Now, what’s inside the foil you ask? I’s Cultivated Mushroom parcels ($10) – There’s plenty of Asian mushrooms that is prepared with soy sauce, a slice of lemon zest and butter. A vegetable treat guaranteed to make any food lover drool.

Devon by Night (32)

Cultivated Mushroom parcels ($10)

For dessert, intense flavours of the Tamarind chilli popsicles ($5 each) was immediately obvious. A mix of sweet and sour makes this popsicle unique. For some guests, it turned out to be not the perfect treat. I personally enjoyed the spicy kick and oddly this dessert reminded me of a Chinese plum candy (Li hing mui). It had a strong distinctive flavour with a little tanginess. I think my childhood memories are coming back, thanks toDevon Café.

Devon by Night (33)

 Tamarind chilli popsicles ($5 each)

Devon by Night (35)

Childhood memories, thanks to head chef  Zach.

Along with owners Derek and Noni Puah, Zach and his team hope to provide a sophisticated twist to each dish, making Devon the go-to for a thrilling exciting evening. Devon by Night runs during Thursday to Saturday 6pm-10pm.

 You can also read my brunch at Devon here.

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended as a guest thanks to Wasamedia. Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Above & Beyond Dim Sum Lunch Set- Hong Kong

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Have you been to Above & Beyond Restaurant in Hong Kong? Just imagine a perfect picture postcard from the Hotel ICON’s 28th floor. Up here, the restaurant during the day is stunning and I can already imagine at night the buildings would twinkle their lights and this would be breathtaking. With enormous crystal clear windows that offer a vertiginous panorama outlook of Hong Kong’s skyline, I think time seems to be moving at a relaxed pace. It’s a perfect lunch date with an intimate and sophisticated space with a modern classic twist in elegance. Throughout the restaurant, artworks of hand painted landscapes of Hong Kong and traditional Chinese characters offer another enjoyable scenery too! Mamma Mia, the décor is super sleek with leather chairs, marble bar tables and stylish lounge area.

Hungry yet? You should probably continue reading then…

Above & Beyond (1A) Nessy Eater

Lunch with a view

The view is just as important as the food, right? So for 3 people, we decided to order the Dim Sum Set Lunch– Priced at HKD $218 per person ($32 AUS) (minimum 2 persons). The reason behind ordering this set is because I’ve heard insane reviews about their famous Crispy Taro Cake with Whole Abalone. I can confirm, it’s one of the most impressive dish I’ve had. Though, it would have been nice if there is an option to upsize the abalone… 😛

Above & Beyond (2) Nessy Eater

Seats are actually leather

Above & Beyond (3) Nessy Eater

Modern setting

Above & Beyond (4) Nessy Eater

Views from Above & Beyond 

We began with complimentary Marrowfat peas in XO sauce – The beans are highly seasoned with a kick of chilli. You’ll notice a salty savoury sweet Chinese condiment coming from the chopped bamboo shoots and in between shredded dried scallops.

Above & Beyond (5) Nessy Eater

Marrowfat peas in XO sauce

Folks, please say hello to Mr. Walnut- This complimentary Honey Roasted Walnut with Sesame seed is lightly sweet and extremely crunchy in texture. There’s a nice aroma of coated toasted honey on the outside with generous sprinkles of sesame seeds.

Above & Beyond (6) Nessy Eater

Caramelized walnuts are quite a treat

I believed Soup of the Day was a Chinese traditional pork rib and is very popular soup in Hong Kong. The bone broth seemed to have been nourished for a very long time, therefore the flavours last very long on your tastebuds.

Above & Beyond (7) Nessy Eater

Tasty soup of the day

Above & Beyond (7A) Nessy Eater

Enjoy a selection of fine beverages at the bar area.

Above & Beyond (7B) Nessy Eater

Bringing back the classic but modern touch

This may not sound like a big deal but the steamed Shrimps and Bamboo Shoots Dumpling contained chunks of fresh seasoned shrimps and stripes of bamboo shoots. I loved the sticky silky dumpling wrap that tightly hugs all the ingredients together. The texture has a gentle consistency of chewiness and solid amount of shrimps. If you notice on the right side of the bamboo tray, the Pork Dumpling shows characteristic with a mixture of steamed pork, black mushroom wrapped in a thin golden pleated wrap witha spoonful of crab roe atop.

Above & Beyond (8) Nessy Eater

Shrimps and Bamboo Shoots Dumpling and also Pork Dumpling

BRACE YOURSELFS because I welcome you the Crispy Taro Cake with Whole Abalone – You seriously have to commit to this dish…alone. The fresh bite-size whole abalone sits on a feathery delicate nest of crispy taro. It’s certainly a fresh spin on Chinese dim sum and Cantonese cuisines, sounds dramatic but this is the most luxurious highlighted savoury dish for Above & Beyond.

Above & Beyond (10) Nessy Eater

Crispy Taro Cake with Whole Abalone

Above & Beyond (11) Nessy Eater

Getting distracted…

Are you ready for some Cheese and Shrimp Spring Roll? Definitely not your typical spring roll as this is made with tasty melting cheese and cooked shrimps. It’s certainly not healthy as it’s deep-fried to perfection. Great taste also comes from the paper-thin spring roll pastry.

Above & Beyond (12) Nessy Eater

Cheese and Shrimp Spring Roll

Next we continued with the Rice Flour Rolls – Steamed rice rolls is such a traditional Hong Kong style. Super delicious and somewhat healthy as the filling includes bamboo pitch and mushroom. To add a bit of colour they have added fresh Chinese broccoli for a crunchy finish.

Above & Beyond (13) Nessy Eater

Rice Flour Rolls

When I looked at the Barbecued Kagoshima Pork and Marinated Cucumber with Minced Garlic– This dish surely looks shinier than my hair. Very tasty and wholesome with slices of seasoned pork. The pork was an explosion in my mouth. Overtime it does overpower your tastebuds but I like that meaty flavour. For the chubby stick figures of cucumber, the ingredients of the minced garlic was superb and not overcooked. Every bite was a nice refreshing solid crunch.

Above & Beyond (14) Nessy Eater

Don’t you pork me!

Another terrific bite is the Tossed Udon. I seriously found it hard to find any flaws in this dish. Ok, let’s face it, it does look plain and simple but boy the texture of the udon is fab-u-lous. With added light soy sauce and in between minced pork with chopped spring onions, I think I can now convert to eating just udon’s for the rest of my life. I am impressed how they have cooked the udon’s without undercooking or overcooking it.

Above & Beyond (15) Nessy Eater

Fresh and bursting with flavor is Tossed Udon.

Above & Beyond (15A) Nessy Eater


Above & Beyond (15B) Nessy Eater

Fantastic views over the harbour

We ordered an additional Barbecue Pork Buns (Cha Siu Bao) (HKD$38 for 3) ($5.45AUS)-The steamed buns were light and fluffy in texture, and filled with sweet marinated barbecue pork that were finely chopped. You’d want to eat them immediately because Above & Beyond serves it ASAP when the buns are ready to come out of the steamer. Hmmmm so fluffy!

Above & Beyond (16) Nessy Eater

Barbecue Pork Buns

As if all the above wasn’t enough, Dessert of the Day they served hot sago soup with fresh mango pieces. Sago soup was mildly sweet, but it taste really delicious when there’s chunks of mango.

Above & Beyond (18) Nessy Eater

Perfect dessert of the day

Above & Beyond (19) Nessy Eater

Mango chunks and sago, yes please.

Above & Beyond (21) Nessy Eater

So many chairs to choose from!

I was surprised to see the menu prices for Above & Beyond weren’t too dear. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to sample gourmet Chinese Dim Sum. It is quite impressive to have a mini yum-cha whilst overlooking Hong Kong.Yes, the work of art is, evidently, the stunning views of Hong Kong Island and the harbour at Hotel ICON’s 28th floor, Above & Beyond Restaurant.

Above & Beyond (22) Nessy Eater

Photos by Vanny Tang

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