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Whitewater Restaurant- Right Opposite Manly Beach

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It’s hard to believe I was at the beach recently happily diving my toes into the dry cold sand. I struggled to stay away from the sun and knew if I didn’t, I would miss my lunch date with these kids; Excuse Me Waiter, The Food Diary, The Kawaii Kitchen, Milkteaxx, Drool Worthy World, Mademoiselle Mange à Sydney and The Casual Food Blogger. Sun tanning on an empty stomach can be dangerous…so what makes it better? Two little things I would like to share with you, food and more food. Tehehe.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (1)Decisions, decisions, decisions!

When I dropped by for lunch at Whitewater Manly on sunny bright weekend, thanks to Excuse Me Waiter’s invitation, we were lucky to have sat indoor but still managed to face the stunning view of Manly beach, which is right opposite the restaurant. Before we were seated, we had a quick look at the restaurant’s NEW FUNCTION room that caters at least 30 hungry guests as well as it comes with full air-conditioner if ever you’re a host at the party and it’s too hot to handle the guests, just flick a switch and ta-da…breeze.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (2)Inside look at Whitewater’s NEW FUNCTION ROOM

I’m really not used to dining at a restaurant with a picture perfect beach view so I really enjoyed starting with the smallest of things like ordering beverages. I’m really not used to dining at a restaurant with a picture perfect beach view so I really enjoyed starting with the smallest of things like ordering beverages. Forget soft drinks and unwind on Kryptonite ($17) which features absinthe, green apple schnapps, midori, lime juice, pineapple juice and dash of sugar syrup. Seriously a green haven!

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (3)Kryptonite ($17)

It wasn’t a lunch time garden party, but the sparkling pimms ($17) with hendrick’s gin, pimms, sliced cucumber and sparkling adds a fruity look and has a kick that will bring a smile to your face, even by just gazing at it.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (14)Sparkling Pimms ($17)

So I heard that grapefruit juice ($5.50) is ranked among those highest in antioxidant activity and that is why I had to order it. Besides attempting to be heathy I was stuck between either driving to Manly beach or catching a bus. To avoid drink driving I headed straight to the mocktail section of the menu. I also like to point out if you ever plan to drive to Manly on a weekend, GOOD LUCK with finding a car spot. Its torture let me tell you and it cost $9/per hour, so just imagine how many Ben & Jerry’s scoop of ice-creams I could have had. BUT if you are obligated to show off your red Lamborghini at Manly, then I have good news for you. The carparks in Manly are 2 hours free (paid onwards) near Manly Library OR I was told you can ferry ride to Manly, which I totes forgot!

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (5)Grapefruit Juice ($5.50)

I think I’m one of a few that sees the words bone marrow on the menu and takes advantage of ordering it. The roasted bone marrow ($9.95) was very rich dish and some could only handle a few teaspoons, whereas I prefer mouthfuls. It’s another love of mine that rarely is offered in restaurants. I was impressed by the seasoning of garlic, parsley, mustard seeds, sprinkles of chili and 3 slices of warm buttered bread.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (6)Roasted Bone Marrow ($9.95)

Next up fish tacos ($17.95)– A joyful jumble of a JUMBO beer battered fish fillet with a cabbage slaw. These two ingredients run and swirl together, amplifying each other’s flavours. As you can see the taco shell couldn’t handle carrying the fish!

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (7)Fish Tacos($17.95)

Roasted Chinese Duck ($22.95) also known as Peking duck is an interesting take on. A savoury selection pocketed in homemade pancakes and if you wrap it up with shallots, cucumber and splash it with plum hoi sin sauce it be almost the best in town for Manly.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (8)Roasted Chinese Duck ($22.95)Whitewater_Nessy Eater (9)Be shore of yourself. Come out of your shell.

During the time of every blogger digesting their heavenly delicious entrees, I had to race back to my car and find another available car spot. Luckily I didn’t miss the mains! Thanks guys and girls for not stuffing your face with my Whitewater seafood plate ($43.95). This is seriously the perfect celebration on a plate. Do you see freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters, king prawns, tuna tataki, marinated octopus, smoked salmon and prawn cocktail? The tuna tataki was seasoned to perfection with a proprietary blend of sweet and salty.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (12)Whitewater Seafood Plate ($43.95)

Besides seafood there’s crumbed lamb loin ($27.95) that’s generously cloaked in olive and pistachio crust for extra crunch. Buried underneath truffle mash and a lamb jus. The crust kicked ass and the lamb was marinated so well. Not at all dry because of the river of jus.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (10)Crumbed Lamb Loin($27.95)

The 4o Degree Ocean Trout ($26.95) was a food lover’s dream come true. It had a soft pink flesh with a delicate refined taste. Very silky and smooth as I cut through it with a knife. Hidden underneath the trout was watercress salad and a horseradish mayo that is versatile with any seafood.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (11)4o Degree Ocean Trout ($26.95)

Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of food we had just devoured. We had to order a few more summer drinks to wash it all down. The Whitewater Juice ($5.50) was a favourite of mine that included a mix of pineapple, grapefruit and orange juice. Doesn’t it look so refreshing?

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (15)Whitewater Juice ($5.50)

As I had to face not drinking any alcoholic beverages including the coco-mango daiquiri ($17). I think I can say Mademoiselle Mange à Sydney really enjoyed this summer slushy drink as she managed to quickly finish it before our desserts arrived. This is totes a drink for active people! It features a blend of havana club white rum, malibu, mango liqueur, mango puree and lime juice.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (4)Coco-mango Daiquiri ($17)

Fresh, vibrant, beautiful are the three words I use to describe how I feel after looking at this strawberry Juice ($5.50).

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (16)Strawberry Juice ($5.50)

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (17)Please don’t claw me Mr. Crabbie.
Whitewater_Nessy Eater (18)OH MY GOD! Seating booths…it’s leather alright.Whitewater_Nessy Eater (19)MASSIVE open kitchen

Soon enough our vanilla creme brulee ($17) arrived looking very HUMUNGOUS! The photo below does not do it justice. It was basically the size of three to four iPhones put together. Served cold it was a real cool treat. That light egg custard with a GIGANTIC sable biscuit was a great combination. You can taste the eggy-ness with the caramelized and slightly burnt sugar on top. Mmmmmm I’m feeling hungry again…

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (20)Vanilla Creme brulee ($17)

Another dessert option included ice-cream ($13) which contains 3 reasonable scoops in a bowl. The flavours include vanilla-almond nougat, baileys and sherry-raisin.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (21)Ice-Cream ($13)

I know that there are mixed feelings about the affogato plain ($8) but having two of my favourite things; coffee and ice-cream put together in one dessert cup is like winning a lottery ticket. The shot of coffee was intense and a powerful taste of bitterness took place. Then something rewarding comes with it…a scoop of vanilla ice-cream to add that creamy quick-melting flavour. It was superb!

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (22)Affogato Plain ($8)

How much fun does the lemon tart ($17) look? It contains sable Breton with lemon financiere and Italian meringue. It was magnificent with explosions of zesty flavours of lemon. Loved the layer of light golden-brown shortbread crust.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (23)Lemon Tart ($17)

The proportions of the chocolate ganache ($17) was flawless mainly because it also contained the right amount of salted caramel sauce, chocolate and mango carrot sorbet. It looked so fine I really wanted it to be all mine.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (24)Chocolate Ganache ($17)

To end this fantastic lunch feast at Whitewater’s the kitchen surprized us with a dessert platter, decorated with all sorts of their desserts on their menu. I seriously couldn’t handle another bite, but it’s desserts after all…

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (25)Dessert Platter (A mix of desserts)

Whitewater Restaurant opposite Manly beach is one popular restaurant on a weekend. The service is attentive and friendly. While their menu prices are on the dearer end, Whitewater does have its highlights of having first class view of the beach. The dining atmosphere is very laid back and it’s certainly a spot to hang-out after a swim in the ocean.

Whitewater_Nessy Eater (26)It’s so packed at Whitewater on a weekend!

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended Whitewater Manly Restaurant thanks to Platinum Restaurant Group (opportunity provided by Excuse Me Waiter). Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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China Republic Restaurant Pre-Opening- A DuckTastic Night

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ResizedChina Republic (1)

Thanks to China Republic for sending me an invite to their Pre-Opening last Thursday and is NOW OFFICIALLY OPENED today (Tuesday 12 November) . I fondly remember a handful of chefs flown in from all parts of China specialising authentic Asian cuisines, the opportunity to get an exclusive tour around the restaurant and the sacred peking duck room where all the ducks are crafted to perfection.

ResizedChina Republic (1B)

The service team represented an energy that was impressive and friendly however there were a few hiccups with the orders for example some of the dishes we didn’t order miraculously appeared to our table. But hey, its a pre-opening, mistakes are bound to happen. If you ever happen to come across a waitress who is down to earth and enthusiastic then that’s Lauren. She was my personally favourite that night as she managed to deal with the tiny errors. Unlike grand-openings, China Republic’s Pre-Opening provided an irresistible menu besides having to taste a tasty selection of canapés.

Looking at the menu, I honestly wanted to try every single dish, but my main focus was to try their signature and recommended dishes. Therefore I quickly grabbed one of the host “K” to order for us. I never would have thought for a pre-opening that all their dishes that night were meal sizes. “K” had ordered a total 9 dishes plus 3 cocktails for two people. Having the opportunity to feast I finally experienced how it feels to be in the position of an emperor. Wow, I really am very grateful 🙂 🙂 🙂

Feast your eyes by reading on foodie lovers.

Throughout the entire evening Charles the Bartender Manager made the most amazing cocktails. They’re far from just sweet concoctions for the bitter sting of alcohol.

Charlies Angel Cocktail supplies great flavours of shiraz wine mild on the palate, bringing a hint of rich sweet strawberry to still keep the refreshing clean finish.

ResizedChina Republic (5)

Charlies Angel Cocktail

Vee Vee Cocktail remarkably an island mist fruity beverage with the blend of muddled kiwi, crushed mint, lime, vodka and sugar syrup. This cocktail sure adds a whole new level of freshness.

ResizedChina Republic (7)

Vee Vee Cocktail

ResizedChina Republic (6)

Close up of the Vee Vee Cocktail

Phenomenal is the Oolong Long Island Ice tea– A complex and sophisticated flavor appears earthy with the decoration of fresh mint. With its fresh green floral aroma, this highly prized tea releases sweet flavours and delicate mouthfeel.

ResizedChina Republic (22)

Oolong Long Island Ice tea

Cold Pork, Beef and Chicken served with Salt and Special Sweet and Sour Dressing ($18) apparently has 12 flavours. Can you guess all 12 flavours? Cleverly presented on a stone cement plate all the meat presented is a snack of food heaven.

ResizedChina Republic (8)

Cold Pork, Beef and Chicken served with Salt and Special Sweet and Sour Dressing ($18)

ResizedChina Republic (9)

Cold Pork

ResizedChina Republic (10)


ResizedChina Republic (11)


Apart from its impressive cold cuts their sweet dressing may tempt you to bathe your sliced meat before eating.

ResizedChina Republic (15)

Salt and Special Sweet and Sour Dressing

Holy Tofu! Seeing the Beijing-style Tofu with Shallots and Fish Roe ($9) is absolutely stunning. This cold dish separated in 3 parts probably is ideal for foodies who don’t want to share. Teehee.

ResizedChina Republic (18)

ResizedChina Republic (20)

Beijing-style Tofu with Shallots and Fish Roe ($9)

ResizedChina Republic (13)

Simply stunning dish

ResizedChina Republic (17)

Doesn’t this remind you of a Dragon boat ?

Seaweed Soup with Tofu and Scallops ($9)–  It was nearly identical to the texture of chicken broth soup. Generally served warm, this soup should not be underestimated as it lets you explore all the flavours in a bowl.

ResizedChina Republic (31)

Seaweed Soup with Tofu and Scallops ($9)

ResizedChina Republic (34)

Wave those spaghetti hands tofu. 

The Spinach Soup with Enoki Mushrooms ($9) tastes noticeably different compared to other creamy vegetable soups. A healthy nutritious soup full of flavour and is no spinach soup I’d ever had. This soup worked beautifully on it’s own and has inspired me to eat more spinach.

ResizedChina Republic (33)

Spinach Soup with Enoki Mushrooms ($9) is perfect for vegetarians

Crispy Spicy Prawns ($32) is a versatile dish worth sharing, with its prawn sugar coated in chilli, garlic, strands of spring onion and cooked in special sauce, it’s just a dish you are looking for.

ResizedChina Republic (43)

Crispy Spicy Prawns ($32)

Sauteed Spicy Beef Mince with Basil served with Pocket Pancake China Republic ($32) will be easy peasy to eat if you have surgeon hands or you happen to be just naturally talented at handling delicate things, because their pocket pancakes are quite fragile. There’s a high chance you’ll be finger licking as this dish can be surprisingly addictive and messy.

ResizedChina Republic (35)

Sauteed Spicy Beef Mince with Basil served with Pocket Pancake China Republic ($32)

ResizedChina Republic (36)

Quite a filling dish

ResizedChina Republic (37)

Pocket pancake filled with minced beef- How freaken adorable! 

This is a nice change of pace from the typical Peking duck. Introducing China Republic’s Braised Lamb Brisket served with Pepper Salt and Mandarin Pancake with Dressing ($36) is going to overwhelm some people. When the chunks of lamb, salad and sauce are combined onto a piece of pancake it offers a decent mild flavour that doesn’t overpower each other.

ResizedChina Republic (24)

China Republic’s Braised Lamb Brisket served with Pepper Salt and Mandarin Pancake with Dressing ($36) 

ResizedChina Republic (26)

I was unable to identify a sweet subtle flavour in the braised lamb brisket, perhaps it’s a Chef’s secret ingredient added.

ResizedChina Republic (27)

Let your lamb brisket  roll around the crushed peanuts.

ResizedChina Republic (29)

Half a dozen peking duck pancakes

It’s no surprise peking duck is one of the world’’s favourite dishes and I am certainly glad China Republic has bought Signature Peking Duck ($88) to Sydney. China Republic’s duck take a total of 8 days to prepare before placing them into an oven. Firstly the ducks are cleaned, then hung up to be blow dried for a day. Next the ducks are pumped with air to set the skin structure before dipped in boiling water for a short while then it is hung up again to dry. While it is hanging, the ducks are thoroughly smeared with layers of date syrup, honey and special sauce. The ducks are then placed into a 16c freezer for 7 days. Before being roasted and turning golden brown the ducks are rinsed once more with hot water. To allow the ducks look evenly shiny and crispy, they are rotated systematically with a stick for 40-45 minutes in a 250c oven.

ResizedChina Republic (39)

Signature Peking Duck ($88)

ResizedChina Republic (75)

The Chef who masters at delivering authentic peking duck

ResizedChina Republic (41)

My Oh My…Just look how the  duck skin is glisteningly puffed.

As a mad peking duck lover, we were looking forward to the duck arriving at our table, but having two plates of juicy ducks that’s just INSANE for 2 people to share. We soon learn after this is one whole duck!

ResizedChina Republic (42)

 Excited at the idea of two plates of peking duck.

The real difference in China Republic’s peking duck shines through with the duck’s skin. Whether eaten on its own or with the pancake, the crispy skin noticeably melts quickly in your mouth is very much like sinking your tongue into s’mores except in a savory version.

ResizedChina Republic (47)

Juicy roasted duck that is served boneless.

ResizedChina Republic (46)

Crispiest Peking Duck skin is beautifully moist and tender. 

ResizedChina Republic (45)

With every peking duck comes with 2 dozen of peking duck pancakes plus a few gua bao buns.

ResizedChina Republic (38)

Every time I picked up my next pancake or pocket pancake, I think deeply about what nasty things I’m going to do with it. Teehee.

In case you’re not familiar with filling your peking duck pancake, I recommend asking one of their friendly staff for a pamphlet on how to eat a peking duck. No joke! China Republic offers a PAMPHLET. Did you know China Republic suggests 6 ways of filling your pancake? With supplied 8 ingredients including:

– White sugar

– Garlic paste

– Shallot

– Cucumber

– Sweet bean paste also known as ho sin sauce

– Pickled cucumber

– Chopped red onion

– Chinese mustard

You must play with your food, YOU MUST! Even if the angel voice pops in your head “don’t play with your food”. I personally ignored it that night and got messy. The excitement of decorating your own pancake is fun and delightful.

ResizedChina Republic (44)

Besides Hoisin sauce China Republic offers additional 7 ingredients, that’s a total 8 

ResizedChina Republic (48)

Me thinks minion Phil wanted some pancakes too…Teehee.

I admit, we were completely stuffed but when the dessert menu arrived in a satin silk cover. We’re told by “K” there’s a few intriguing treats in their menu that I must try. Indeed there is a fair few fascinating desserts…just a fair few… 😀

ResizedChina Republic (49)

Whatever your sugar hungry tummy wants and the giddiness of ordering the entire dessert that the menu has to offer, first start off with their Assorted Dessert Plate for 2 ($21.50) Also available for 6-8. This EXTRAORDINARY Chinese antique themed dessert goes above and beyond with the presentation of desserts. It is an art plated dessert were the individual sweets are very uniquely delicious and creative.

ResizedChina Republic (54) A

Can’t go wrong ordering the Assorted Dessert Plate for 2 ($21.50)

ResizedChina Republic (57)

Steamed Rice cake with Sweet Stuffing

ResizedChina Republic (58)

Glutinous Rice Roll with Waffle Cookie

ResizedChina Republic (60)

Glutinous Rice Cake served with Rose Jam

ResizedChina Republic (62)

Mashed Sweet Pea Cake

ResizedChina Republic (61)

Glutinous Rice Cake served with Mashed Fruits

ResizedChina Republic (53)

Black Sesame Jelly

ResizedChina Republic (63)

Rice Pudding

Right after our HUGE FOOD FEAST, “K” gave us a tour around their stunning Chinese themed restaurant. Whether it is for a few cocktails before dining, or a few drinks to catch up with friends, this elegant bar area is perfect place for conversation and relaxation after work.

ResizedChina Republic (71)

Sophisticated bar area

ResizedChina Republic (70)

Interesting decorations 

ResizedChina Republic (66)

Second Level were they offer private rooms for functions.

ResizedChina Republic (67)

A piece of hand crafted Chinese Teapot. 

ResizedChina Republic (69)

Apparently this classic emperors house is made of sticks, also handmade. Jaw-dropping.

ResizedChina Republic (68) A

Antique pieces imported all the way from China.

ResizedChina Republic (65)

Photo with Head Peking Duck Chef Jian Wang

As we reached the end of our tour, Charles continues to make a variety of tropical cocktails. To create an enjoyable mixed drink it must be shaken.

ResizedChina Republic (73)

Such a small world I bumped into my old high school friend who I haven’t seen in years since our High School Graduation and he is now a Chef at China Republic. Surprised his the man behind the peking duck making.

ResizedChina Republic (74)

 Photo with Peking Duck Chef Linyi Yuan

ResizedChina Republic (3)

Ridiculously clever way to fold napkins. 


-Peking Duck

-Spinach Soup with Enoki Mushrooms

-Braised Lamb Brisket served with Pepper Salt and Mandarin Pancake with Dressing

-Assorted Dessert Plate for 2

A good peking duck is usually a good sign for a decent meal and so far China Republic menus is tempting to try again in my books. A passionate chef will go out of their way to make a dish worth it and clearly these chefs have done so in my opinion. 

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater dined as guests of China Republic Pre-Opening. Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

Update on 16/11/2013: Check out an article Good Food has written for China Republic here

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Old Town- Dixon St. Inspired by Hong Kong

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How is it possible to have a mix of Asian cuisines including Arisun Korean fried chicken, nasi goreng at Delima, tempura gyoza at Kura and now a fairly new eating joint on the block,  Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine on one street? Dixon Street, off course.

Old Town (1)

The two levelled interior is downright fancy, setting back to the early 1920s blending with party light bulbs glowing across their ceiling to add an extra vibe to the restaurant. Be amazed as you walk past their conventional steaming kitchen corner on the left where a displayed Peking Duck or Char Siu is in between a soft white bun enclosed in a glass dome. It kind of represents a classic Disney Princess movie Beauty and the Beast, doesn’t it? The concept of transparency of the glass dome is exactly identical as the one that is represented in the movie. Obviously the difference is there is no floating red rose in this clear case however both objects represent the same meaning, which is unconditional, everlasting love- this is undeniable.

Old Town (3)

Old Town (2)

Since it was bright and sunny day we ordered HK Style Ice Milk Tea ($4.50) originated from Hong Kong, consisted strong black tea with condensed milk served with syrupy sugar and cubes of ice in a tall glass. There is a reason why this popular milk tea is well known; usually it’s because of a method that makes the tea, a “commercial secret”, which are pantyhose. You heard me “SILK STOCKINGS“! Some have argued whether this is the correct process to filter the tea leaves and I personally think as long as it creates a smooth, intense tea outcome, it doesn’t matter how it is made but as long as those pantyhose haven’t been worn. Teehee.

Old Town (4)

Now there’s a sophisticated individual who ordered Coke with Lemon ($4.50) – A slice of fresh lemon makes all the difference, try it next time when you have cans of Coca-Cola lying around and lemons that need to be used. It’s taking soda with lemon to the next level.

Old Town (5)

Their signature snack we have been eyeing since we entered the restaurant was the Peking Duck with Bun (2 Pieces $8). The buns disappeared without a trace as soon as it arrived at our table. So what happens when delicious lip-smacking buns vanish? You order it again! 😛

Old Town (6)


It’s not difficult to over order these buns, we just love how innovative it is to eat compared to the ordinary way of eating, which is Peking duck with thin pancakes.

Old Town (7)

This is BUN-LIEVABLE… WILL YOU EVER STOP LOOKING THIS MOUTH-WATERING? It’s one of their top bestselling starters! Shaped like a ducks mouth, the super soft warm steamed bun filled with juicy tender slices of Peking duck, strands of spring onions, sliced cucumber and a splash of hoi sin sauce. The ingredients together justify the flavour. Please note it is recommended to eat these buns as soon as it appears in front of you as I was told by my foodie friend the bun quickly loses its warmth after sitting there for a few sseconds.

Old Town (8)

Go for one of their interesting dishes – Soft Shell Crab Curry Congee– A spicy curry fragrant served in a generous portion of rice porridge.

Old Town (9)

Comes with a bowl of deconstructed crispy brittle Soft Shell Crabs. Tastes godly fantastic!

Old Town (10)

Another hype is their Pork Dumpling in Bird Nest ($13.80) served on a hot ordinary kitchen pan. I was impressed with the presentation as it was shaped like a birds nest. Crisp around the edges made it so easy for everyone to fight over it. After tasted the dumplings, it was shame they were just ordinary. Thankfully the crunchy nest made up for the ordinary taste of these dumplings otherwise it’s an incredible dish on its own.

Old Town (11)


Old Town (12)

How on Earth can this nest still be attached ?! Just look how delicate the edges are…

Old Town (13)

Amazed how the dumpling is still glued to the nest.

Old Town (13B)

Not looking very spectacular the Wine Poached Chicken ($7.50) served cold was a flavoursome side dish, generally poached in water so it turns out to be succulent and tender in texture. Soon after it is then gently simmered or marinated in historic Chinese wine to create a deep flavour.

Old Town (15)

Shanghai Wonton with Noodle in Soup ($8.80) commonly found in every menu in Hong Kong serves its purpose by filling the bowl with large chopped shrimp filled wonton within thin silky noodles and pork broth to give it a distinct taste.

Old Town (14)

Durian, a fruit that has an unusual odour, filled with cream coloured squishy pulp that is edible and the flavour is indiscernible. My foodie lovers were a bit skeptical of me ordering Durian Pancakes (2 Per Serve $6.50) as it perfumes an odd odour. Luckily I listened to my instinct because the sweet dish itself was perfect. Normally pipped with thick cream and rich custard pieces of durian enveloped in a pancake. Every bite was luscious- soft, creamy and smooth.

Old Town (16)

We instantly fell in love with this place as soon as we looked at their displayed buns in a glass dome. This immediately reminded me of the movie Beauty and the Beast. Only downside about this Peking Duck in a Bun was the price. The rest of the dishes display an Authentic Hong Kong flavour, truly magnificent dishes. Overall, Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine is a never-ending popularity to the upper Dixon Street.

Old Town (17)

Old Town (18)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Perfect Peking Duck Groupon Deal at Zilver

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Monday night the girls and I had dinner at Zilver. Almighty Princess bought Groupon vouchers or here for Peking Duck Feast for Four ($95). I had no expectations for the food, service and atmosphere because the deal was purchased online and seemed too good to be true.

On arrival we were all given a glass of Complimentary House Sparkling Wine. It was very tricky of them to serve us Tea and charge us ($2.50) per person even when we did not ask for it.

Zilver Peking (1)

Then entree arrived, two bamboo steamers with four handmade vegetarian Mushroom Dumplings in each steamer. It was perfectly hot and chewy. Massive chunks of chopped mushrooms with a hint of soy sauce. Highly recommended for vegetarian lovers.

Zilver Peking (2)

It was such a let down on service, one of the waiter was carrying our Chicken Dim Sims and bizarrely enough he managed to slip eight dim sims out of his hands. OH NO! My eyes were WIDE OPEN. I was HORRIFIED the dim sims were lying on the floor.

Soon after a waitress placed the two orders of dim sims across our table. The four of us were a little confused.  Luckily another waiter knew it wasn’t for them as it only catered for four people and the other table had 12.

Zilver Peking (3)

Zilver Peking (4)

Helloooo the two fresh hot Peking Ducks arrived roasted looking all shiny, crispy and lip-smacking.  Looked so APPETIZING! I picture myself drooling at this point

Zilver Peking (5)

It  was very generous in the coupon to offer more than the usual pancakes.  For four people 16 constructed  Peking Duck Pancakes were ready for us girls to devour. That’s 4 pancakes per person!

Usually beforehand I have a habit of removing raw spring onion because it overpowers the entire pancake.  Please tell me I am not the only one?

The pancake was a bit too rough and floury in my opinion, however the other three ladies loved it.  Traditional hoi sin sauce was offered to our table. It was plenty enough for me to slab a few more tablespoons onto each pancake because I love the sweet and savoury flavour. The balance of flavour is just exquisite with the juicy crispy duck tucked in between the pancake and the sauce, scrumptious.

The classic presentation of the duck was marinated to perfection. You can actually see the oven baked golden brown crispy skin. It was extremely crisp.  It felt like I was popping chips in my mouth.

Zilver Peking (6)

The Duck Meat Sang Choy Bow got messy from time to time but we quite enjoyed overstuffing seasoned chopped duck meat in our lettuce. You see they only served one lettuce per person.  A very meaty delightful dish. Sadly I wasn’t fast enough to take a photo of the fresh lettuce wrapped with yummy duck meat.

Zilver Peking (7)

Zilver Peking (8)

Deliciousness on the Duck Sliced into Succulent Cuts (The rest of the duck) arrived looking so beautiful on a plate.  It was good to see a lot of tasty skin attached to the meat. You know what that means? Teehee. Being the greedy one I had to grab the first few pieces first.

Zilver Peking (10)

Thumbs up for the Chinese Style Fried Rice with Egg and Vegetables. This was amazingly good! Although lacked presentation, but was darn tasty. Surprised myself how I can eat fried rice without any meat.

Zilver Peking (9)

Overwhelmed we were unable to finish the fried rice, sliced duck and duck meat from sang choy bow. I suggested we should take a doggy bag to take home with us but the girls knew it would be me who would appreciate the duck more than any of them.

By the end of our set meal Sweet Dessert Soup was served to our table.  Very smooth sweet potato soup.

Zilver Peking (11)

It’s difficult to rate Zilver because the food especially the duck was outstanding as the service is appalling. In my opinion hospitality is vital so I  think they should brush up with their service.  Overall give Peking Duck a try.

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Mother’s Day at Wagyu Angus Grill

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To the ladies who recently expecting to be a mother, became a mother or grandmother and already a mother just want to say Happy Belated Mother’s Day. Papa bear spent his time this year secretly growing this lovely purple fuchsia colour flower. I have never seen such stunning purple colour flower before. So it was quite shocking for me how papa bear can hide a garden of flowers without us knowing.

WAG (1)

We decided to dine at Wagyu Angus Grill (51 Majors Bay Road, Concord NSW) recommended by my lovely mama bear.

Beautifully decorated restaurant with sparkling chandelier lights and marble tables. Chairs so soft and comfy may have imprinted my bottom the entire night. It was suggested by mama bear this place seemed exceptionally perfect for Valentine’s Day. Hint Papa bear.

Our table ordered the Mother’s day special set ($59 p.p), set B ($59 p.p) & set C ($69 p.p).

We were served complimentary sparkling champagne. It was only meant to be for Mother’s day set. But the owner was generous to provide additional champagne.

WAG (2)

As we waited for our meals to arrive. I was so fascinated with the side plate. Shaped into a quirky heart.

WAG (3)

Our starter ocean trio (for all set menu) soon arrived served onto the most adorable arty seafood themed glazed plate.  Fresh oyster, smoked salmon in a creative rose shape placed on a slice crisp cucumber and prawn cocktail trenched with thousand island mayo.

WAG (4)

I was amused when the seafood chowder soup (MDS Set menu) was served at our table. It reminded me of one of the Simpson’s episode. I honestly don’t know why (insert giggles).

The light fluffy shell pastry was perfection that I had stroked it a few times with my clean fingers before giving it to my mama bear. As she unfolded the crackling layers of pastry, laid below was the soup that was so thick and creamy with chunks of seafood pieces made it worth the wild to persuade my mama to give me the rest of the soup.

WAG (5)

The Peking duck wrap (MDS Set menu) was tasty. It’s differently made compared to traditional Peking duck courses I’ve come across. Usually the pancake wraps are soft and chewy, but this one nicely toasted and crunchy served with chunky mango pieces. And check out the serving plate. Funky Chinese shaped fan. Their presentation is extravagant.

WAG (6) (A)

WAG (6)

LOOK at that mouth watering Wagyu steak! (Set B menu) Full blood 400 day grain fed wagyu MBS 9+ sirloin. It literally melted into my mouth. After my first piece I had eaten, I stayed silent and continued my steak until I had devoured all of it. Papa and Mama bear kept eyeing my steak. I did not surrender the steak to my parents because it was soooo juicy and tender. It was the perfect fatty and meaty ratio to be served.

WAG (7)

Surf and turf (Set C menu) included Wagyu Steak and Lobster Delight in Lobster Florentine sauce. As stated above the Wagyu steak incredibly amazing. The lobster meat was so so but the lobster Florentine sauce made the dish enjoyable to eat overall.

WAG (8)

WAG (9)

Grilled king prawn (MDS Set menu) surprisingly addictive especially the caramelized sauce. It would have been more delightful if it was served with a piece of freshly baked dinner rolls or even with rice. Papa bear almost licked the plate if It hadn’t been a large group of people sitting near us. Lol!

WAG (10)

Triple Indulgence dessert (for all set menu) sounded so epic on the menu. And it was! Chocolate mousse, snowball and cheesecake. Chocolate mousse rich in chocolate flavour. Snowball ice cream so smooth and creamy covered with chunky mango. The triple layer cheesecake wasn’t so much mama bears favourite as it wasn’t enough cream cheese rather a lot of fluffy whipped cream. Alongside our sweet sweet treats we were given complimentary coffee or tea.

WAG (11)

By the end of the night we were the last seating tables due to the continuous conversations on rambling over silly subjects with my family. The business owners managed to take their time to speak with us about how they started their business. Both husband and wife retiree’s opened a few months ago and successfully continued their business. Now opens fusion yum cha from Friday to Sunday.

They opened their business just for fun. It inspired me to think of something to do when I retire. This is a very long time from now. Perhaps travel around the world on a cruise ship. But that’s another story to tell.

Just before we waved our hands goodbye to the owner’s we received free environmental friendly gift bags (MDS Set menu). Very creative gift. Matching cup and plate.

WAG was just the perfect restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to try their yum cha next time I’m there!

WAG (12)

Photo by Vanny Tang

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