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Buns & Balls – A Cheeky Burger Buzz

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Just before summer ends, I paid a visit to a Sydney’s sassy suburb, Kings Cross for a twist in burgers and nibbles at Buns & Balls – HAHA I LOVE THE NAME, it uniquely stands out. It is the trendiest bar with a bit of hip, graffiti walls and an outdoor mini green grass field. You better pay a visit on Friday and Saturday night since there’s DJ’s playing music all night.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (1)

First up, Fresh Watermelon and Vodka ($9) make a great ADULTS ONLY summer cocktail. Made with watermelon juice with a splash of vodka comes well together refreshingly. It’s a perfect drink for someone who really likes watermelon.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (3)

Fresh Watermelon and Vodka ($9)

MOTHER OF CHICKS! When the Spicy Louisiana Wings ($1 each) arrived along with Blue Cheese Sauce, we immediately dived our long arms into the small snack box. It turns out, these tiny wings are chilli S-P-I-C-Y with a lot of flavours. I got zapped on the first bite, but you can control the heat of these wings by covering it up with their deliciously addictive blue cheeeeeeese sauce. What you see is just one third of what we ordered, we kept begging for more of them WINGS and CHEESE! They are DANGEROUSLY ADDICTIVE, so I suggest you get your 3, 6 or 9 pack and don’t share. Otherwise you’ll be crying!

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (4)

Spicy Louisiana Wings ($1 each)

I was interested to how the Fish Meat Balls ($9) would be served up. Larger in size, made from barramundi, chopped parsley and rolled around in breadcrumbs, these croquettes are positively an eye catcher. Straight out of the fryer these balls will sure cause a few OOOOHHH and AHHHH sounds because of fresh fishy fragrance that appears. A tasty nibbly that provides flakey fish filling and a crispy texture with every pieces of breadcrumb attached. To enhance the flavours, bury those fried dumpling into a pool of BB’s Tartare sauce.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (5)

Fish Meat Balls ($9)

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (5A)

Inward shot of the Fish Meat Balls .

The not so sexy looking Braised Chilli-BBQ Beef Burger ($14) appeared to look at us like err…this, BUTTTTT don’t be fooled, perhaps it disguised itself with juicy tender BBQ beef stripes, a slice of melted cheddar cheese ooze slowly out of the burger, grilled onions, chunky coleslaw and wait for it…CHILLI, just so people like me won’t pinch it off. DAME…SO GOOD!

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (6)

Braised Chilli-BBQ Beef Burger ($14)

Good grief there is no burger as delicious as Tempura Fish Burger ($12) -Made from scratch with fresh barramundi battered in tempura style, dressed in lettuce, cheese and BB’s dill and lime tartare sauce. Seriously MOUTH-WATERING with thick succulent fish fillets that are surrounded by a thin golden layer of crunchy juicy batter. The bun itself been warmed up by the hot heat of the fillets make a good burger partner.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (7)

Tempura Fish Burger ($12)

There’s no need for fancy fries when you have Handcut & Twice Cooked Fries ($8), TWICE COOKED?! That’s just like saying I double dipped! But apparently the secret method of good chips is to fry them twice at two different temperatures. Each hot golden potato chip is lengthways long and is extra crispy. Put little pats of leftover Blue Cheese Sauce and you’ve gone to FRIES PARADAISE.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (8)

Handcut & Twice Cooked Fries ($8)

YES, PLEASE to the Ice Cream Sandwich ($6) with two choc chip cookies sandwiching a layer of vanilla ice-cream and it comes with warm melted Belgian chocolate dipping sauce. It’s the simplest dessert that can sure put you in a good mood.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (10)

Ice Cream Sandwich ($6)

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (10A)

This ice cream is really STRONG that it can stand upwards. HAHA.

Buns & Balls_Nessy Eater (2)

Buns & Balls seating.

Now it’s your turn to taste Buns & Balls! Located minutes away from the Kings Cross Station, so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND to CATCH A TRAIN because this suburb has very limited car park spots and you don’t want to end up looking grumpy at the pretty bartenders. Teehee.

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Photos by Vanny Tang

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