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HELLO FOODIE FRIENDS! How was your weekend? Mine was spent figuring out where is the best place to eat wagyu. What better way for a meatilicious dinner is at Rengaya for the ALL YOU CAN EAT WAGYU for $69 per person. It is best to make a booking before heading over there because you may be three times disappointed when the kaiwaii Japanese waitress tells you that there’s no available seats, especially on weekends. Don’t think you can manage all that MEAT?! No need to worry! They’ve also got rice dishes, soup, salad, sashimi and even soba noodles.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (1)

Whenever I go to a Japanese BBQ joint it’s just so good that hygiene comes first before sighting on the menu.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (2B)Hot hand towels are served before we begin our feast!

Had to start of with some salmon and avocado salad that includes chunky pieces of chopped salmon, teaspoons of golden cavier, scoops of avocado, sliced onion and mixed salad. Then served with soy french dressing to add an attention-grabbing flavour. So much healthy goodness in this bowl that the balance tastes so right.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (2)Salmon and Avocado Salad

Let’s not dwell on the grossness of how this Beef Rib Porridge looks but rather how awesome it tastes and had TONNES of flavour that we accidently ordered three large bowls for the table. The ribs gave the soup an incredible flavour that it didn’t require any additional salt or pepper. It was INSANELY addictive and bare in mind there were heaps of rice buried down there.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (3) Beef Rib Porridge

The menu definitely has salted special ox-tongue which become meltingly tender in texture when it is cooked quickly over high heat. We managed to devour this twenty serving of thinly sliced meat <5 minutes. Then seconds later guess who ended up ordering another twenty servings? Hehe.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (4)A HUGE plate of Salted Special OX-Tongue.

Like a good steak, you are only required to flip these bad boys once on the barbecue. I’ll admit it’s just so ridiculously addictive to continuously keep adding meat to the hot pan and flipping them over every single second. It was tough focusing my eyes onto the grill as thick heavy smoke kept heading my direction but nuuuu that didn’t stop me from cooking or eating!

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (5)Ox Tongue slowly melting…OH YEAH!

A selection of raw wagyu meat just may of killed your mood to eat this but hey think of all that drool worthy fat that’s about to head your way soon. The size of the plate was twice the size of my head. The sight of the meat must of been at least 2kgs! There goes the thought of detoxing…haha.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (6)Wagyu Selection

The meat was extremely extremely marbled. Just imagine the lines of white running through the thick slices. It was super easy to get these meat burnt, so a quick toss and turn and your ready to eat.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (7) Liking the view? 😛

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (7B)And if you’re heading to the restroom do expect a wooden cat to greet you.

One way to take a break from the meaty world is ordering the Chinese cabbage kimchee filled with pickled vegetables. It is a great stable side dish for any BBQ with a peppery and briny flavour. The slices of chopped cabbage had a deep and complex texture that tastes fresh.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (8) Chinese Cabbage Kimchee

What weirded me out was reading wagyu rib finger and it turned out to be the second best meat for the table. It was truly juicy and marinated to perfection. This is finger licking good!

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (9)Wagyu Rib Finger

We only managed a couple of pieces of the wagyu rib finger…only a couple of pieces…cough four servings cough. Tehehe.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (10)Look at that juicy greasy meat! Can you handle it?

Before we could catch our breath, the wagyu yukke arrived and for some this may be an extraordinary experience because it is served 110% raw. This was superbly chewy with a lovely creamy feeling from the yolk. Yeah this will blow your little taste buds away!

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (11)Wagyu Yukke

Just when it seemed that I couldn’t handle another slice of wagyu, the outside skirt was brought to our table and we were off to grilling this. The ultimate tenderness that actually taste beefy.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (12)Wagyu Outside Skirt

Of course the night is not over until we order a bowl of salmon flake rice that contains sprinkle of salmon flakes over the rice with seaweed. You may find fish foe hidden between the steamed rice that tastes even better when it bursts.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (13)Salmon Flake Rice

Straight to the good times you might want to add a few slices of wagyu onto the rice. It is the most common kind of method to let the rice soak the wagyu’s juice to create a new flavoured rice.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (14) Medium rare wagyu outside skirt goes so well with steamed rice.

Besides wagyu, Rengaya offers sashimi and trust me it is hard to avoid ordering fresh salmon. Hmmmmm…so good!

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (15)Salmon Sashimi

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (16) Bottle decoration

Yes I was making friends with fresh scallops. I was easily fooled by their size when they first arrived at our table. By the time these pepper grilled scallops were cooked it shrunk to the size of a dollar coin. But that didn’t ruin my judgement of the taste. It was rich and slightly buttery with a hint of sweetness.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (17) Scallop

Besides eating boiled prawns, another way to cook it is grilling them over the pan. The secret to great-tasting prawns lies in how fresh they are and let me tell you they were fresh indeed.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (18) Prawn

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (19)

Sometimes the perfect way to end a 90 minute wagyu marathon is finishing it off with edamame or for others dessert is the only option.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (20)Edamame

I’m still a sucker for Rengaya’s premium meat even after a year and a half of visiting them. Click here. Some may question is it worth $69 per person and I’d say “Are you kidding me?” I only wish I could arrange this buffet for all my readers to experience this wagyu marathon.

Rengaya_Nessy Eater (21)Looking very traditional Rengaya Entrance.

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Kenzi Sake Bar & Restaurant – Sake Cups

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Rumour has it Kenzi Sake Bar is definitely a first stop destination for spectacular Japanese sake and a perfect venue for people who had a long day at work.

Kenzi (1)

Empty sake bottles floating across the ceiling for decoration purposes, heavy wooden furniture and tug-a-war ropes are a sign that this is a fancy Japanese restaurant. Their service is warm and friendly also very very informative about each dish particularly sake.

Kenzi (2)

Like most Japanese restaurants, sake is highly versatile in every meal; therefore we ordered the “Takara” Shochikubai Kimoto 360ml ($32) candy sweetness on the nose that pairs well with sushi, tempura and spicy dishes. The essence of this sake is truly excellent with its rich rice flavour and is unbelievably smooth.

Before our sake was handed over to us, the waitress placed a dark wooden tray on our table, inside filled with magical hand crafted pieces of sake cups that ranged from different sizes and colours. She politely informed us it’s best to pick a cup that is smaller than regular standard sake cups as we requested to have our sake to be served warm.

Kenzi (3)

We proudly went with these funky printed sake cups, although it would be fun to taste sake in another cup. Teehee

Kenzi (4)

This juicy golden tempura battered Popcorn Prawn ($13) turned out to be err…just pieces of prawn. Don’t get me wrong, these mouth-popping prawns are amazing especially when heavily dipped in wasabi mayonnaise but maybe, if it was cut into actual popcorn sizes then sure will make the cut of BEST KILLER prawn POPCORN.

Kenzi (5)

Crispy and utterly addictive is the Lotus Chips ($8) – A lightly unique fried snack of joy will be gone in a flash. It is outrageously difficult to find a restaurant that offers lotus in the form of chips. FREAKEN MINDBLOWLING!

Kenzi (6)

I couldn’t control my Spiderman fingers slowly approaching the basket of thinly sliced pieces of lotus. Simply LOVE IT!

Kenzi (6B)

Pork belly has always been one of those guilty pleasures of mine. Without hesitation we ordered Buta Kakuni ($16) – A Japanese version of braised pork belly that originated in Japan’s South and is similar to Chinese pork dishes including dong-po pork is greatly seasoned with koikuchi shoyu, dashi, black sugar and sake. It’s true, juicy chunks of tender glazed pork belly are hard to resist.

Kenzi (7)

In Japan, teppanyaki is commonly ordered and is served on a heated surface grill. The most famous teppanyaki-style dish is Teppan Wagyu Yakiniku ($24.50) – The tenderness of the medium rare beef made it to my favourite list. It appears this dish has a lot of different presentation from almost every angle imagined because of the ingredients including bean sprouts, chopped cabbage tucked underneath the wagyu, asparagus covered in a cheese swirl. To garnish, slices of red onion, spring onions and lemon slices.

Kenzi (8)

Magnificent Teppan Wagyu Yakiniku presentation I have seen so far.

Kenzi (8B)

Please excuse me while I drool…

Kenzi (8C)

Too bad the Kushiyaki Chicken Thigh Momo ($4 each piece stick) was only ordinary and overpriced. The sweet tangy soy sauce is intense and is enough reason for you to try it but I personally wouldn’t order it next time.

Kenzi (9)

Their signature dish Taste of Kenzi ($31.90) is not afraid to go a little over the top in presentation. A variety of nigirizushi including ebi, tamago, salmon, toro, maguro, squid and hotate. All nigiri have in common is fermenting vinegared rice that turned out to be cooked just right. Eating each piece of nigiri allows your tastebuds to really enjoy the flavour of the raw fish and this plate of sushi certainly focussed its flavours accurately to each piece of nigiri.

Kenzi (10)

Turned the plate around and you get the other side of their delicious nigiri.

Kenzi (11)

Give me some NIGIRI!!!

Kenzi (12)

Best to go to Kenzi Sake Bar with a group of workmates after work as they have a variety of tapas and many sake to choose from their menu. You’d be completely surprised with their decorations as you enter their restaurant.

Kenzi (13)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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