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Bring on Sashimi and Sushi Busshari, Potts Point

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HEY Foodie Friends! It’s been a while since my last post and I’m slowly coming back to planet Earth. Forgive me, but ERMAHGERD winter is here. Since I’m slowly returning to the eating world I thought it was time to visit Busshari in Potts Point that is minutes away from Kings Cross Station. As I entered the restaurant I look around and it’s dark with a few dim lights, but that didn’t matter because I easily spotted the bar seating, YIPPEE!

Busshari_Nessy Eater (1)

Is your belly excited or what for some Japanese food?!

Busshari_Nessy Eater (17)

What? There’s sashimi and sushi at Busshari?

Busshari_Nessy Eater (16)

Busshari Bar Seating 

We started with the chef’s selection sashimi plate ($34) that includes ocean trout, tuna, scallops, kingfish and fabulously decorated with red kombu and seaweed. Undoubtedly fresh! What a way to start dinner.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (2)

Chef’s Selection  Sashimi Plate ($34)

Was it really necessary to take another photo of the fresh sashimi plate? YES IT WAS! My favourite was the ocean trout and tuna which had an utterly decadent texture to it and had us fighting over the last piece with our wooden chopsticks.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (3)Liking the side view?

There was an impressive looking sake menu and well I had to order one for the team. Teehee. We tried spotting a waitress with our sake bottle, but instead she brings a selection of handmade sake cups to our area first and excitingly informs us to choose a cup. I took a gamble and embarrassed myself by singing eeny meeny miny moe. Look below what I picked…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (4)

Which sake cup shall I choose?

The Tengumai sake ($17) had the perfect sweet balance and matched incredibly well with sashimi and the sushi plate. Just a tip: If you order sake’s lukewarm/hot in winter they’re usually the ones where you instantly feel the alcohol going around to your head (like you might with vodka). After two shots of sake it did its job making my world spin.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (5)

Tengumai Sake ($17)

I felt comfortable staring at the chef’s selection sushi plate ($34), it was hot property between two hungry food lovers. I try the unagi that’s freshwater eel broiled with a sweet brush of teriyaki sauce and tamagoyaki as well as uni nigiri and they were wonderful. The textures made me crazy that I didn’t want to share so what else to do but to continue to eat….

Busshari_Nessy Eater (5B)

Chef’s Selection Sushi Plate ($34)

This has got to be the LARGEST tamagoyaki I’ve ever had as I found it hilarious that it looked like a Japanese surf board and it’s edible. It looked so LOOOOOOOOONG that I compared it with my iPhone, almost the same height. It was tasty nonetheless.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (6)

 My Tamagoyaki looked like a surf board. HAHA!

We applaud when the plate of  sushi roll rainbow ($17) arrives. Usually normal people would eat the sushi but I had to do investigate each sliced sushi piece. Rainbow rolls are awesome in my world because you get a nice variety of fish, and they’re colourful and I love colours. There was a mix of ingredients including tuna, salmon, yellowtail and prawn.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (7)

 Sushi Roll Rainbow ($17)

Turns out I was lucky enough to eat three quarters of this dish. These babies didn’t disappoint and had a tasty inside of avocado, cucumber and crabstick. I loved the fragrance of the rice as it was well put together with the other ingredients.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (8)

It’s ALL mine! 

Fasten your seat belts because the soft shell crab karaage ($18) was FREAKEN INSANCE and finger-licking good. There was good chemistry with me and those crabs. It did look double battered, but looks can be deceiving my friends. It didn’t take much to make my happy with this dish and certainly wasn’t willing to share. I take the biggest piece that I could find and it was light and crisp. It almost felt as if each piece was hollow inside but had a strong flavour of the crab. A very exciting dish to order if you HEART FRIED STUFF.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (9)

Soft Shell Crab Karaage ($18)

Well when there’s fried food on the table one has to order Asahi beer on tap ($9.50) just to balance the flavours…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (13)

 Asahi beer on tap ($9.50)

We genuinely liked the wagyu beef sizzling tobanyaki ($33), however for the wrong reason. After a friendly start with the wagyu beef sizzling in a clay pot with extremely hot charcoal we waited for a few minutes before we dived our chopsticks in. To my surprise the meat was kinda bland and lacked that wagyu melt in the mouth texture, but it was overall juicy. Some pieces were a tad chewy and whilst others were somewhat tender. It’s quite a popular pick for the locals as it looks fun, so do give it a go and maybe you’d get lucky with the flavour and texture of the meat. Make sure to ask for a bowl of rice ($4) to accompany those juicy pieces of wagyu or at least turn that boring plain rice into something meaty.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (10)

Wagyu Beef Sizzling Tobanyaki ($33)

I had high levels of affection with the mixed sizzling vegetables including corn, asparagus, mushroom and a piece of carrot carved into the shape of a flower. Something about vegetables being sizzled on a hot clay pot taste so much more awesome that I required a guard to make sure none of these pieces gets stolen from me while I went for a toilet break.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (11)

Top view of the wagyu at its best!

We struggled eating the last two pieces of wagyu and it was a real shame that it wasn’t the highlight of this dish, instead the mixed fresh veggies were. We had to make sure we didn’t get the wrong dish and had asked the waitress to clarify if this was the the wagyu beef we ordered. She confirmed this was the dish and informed us it was the wagyu shoulder. For some gut feeling I didn’t want to believe it. But hey I ate all my vegetables at the end of the day and most of the meat. How can one complain when meat is sizzling right in front of you…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (12)

Woooo this pot comes with hot charcoal inside and a flame…

Busshari_Nessy Eater (14)

Handmade plates made by the Chef himself, Nobuyuki Ito.

Our very last dish had to end with the dessert platter ($15) and I went way to emotional with choosing three part desserts. Living in my own little bubble the pumpkin mousse brulee made me feel like Cinderella who lost her shoe at midnight, but instead I just got fat. Teehee. The brulee was reasonably smooth and had a tiny bit of raw pumpkin flavour. Next the sesame tart was crazy intense with a good solid crunchiness to it and it was pretty generous with the sesame seeds as you can see. For the black sesame ice-cream it was undoubtedly rich and smooth and I just wanted to slab a few tablespoons onto the tart but I was too late. AND if you are a Washoku Lovers member you get a scoop of green tea ice-cream for FREE. All you need to do is just flash that card of yours to the staff. How easy was that?!

Busshari_Nessy Eater (15)

Dessert Platter (3 Choice- $15) 

It was entertaining to see Chef Nobuyuki Ito show off his knife skills as well as plating each dish during the night with freshly cut sashimi and hand-making sushi right in front of us. I can see why Busshari is so popular at Potts Point as they recently celebrated their 9th Year Anniversary. I loved the bar seating area, the food was pretty up there, however very sad the wagyu wasn’t as great as I imagined. I do have plans to revisit this place again soon and try the rest of the sake menu.

Busshari_Nessy Eater (18)

Concentration is key at Busshari when it comes to making seafood sashimi salad.

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater plus guest attended Busshari, thanks SD Marketing Global and Washoku Lovers.

Some meals in this post were independently paid for.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Mother’s Day at Wagyu Angus Grill

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To the ladies who recently expecting to be a mother, became a mother or grandmother and already a mother just want to say Happy Belated Mother’s Day. Papa bear spent his time this year secretly growing this lovely purple fuchsia colour flower. I have never seen such stunning purple colour flower before. So it was quite shocking for me how papa bear can hide a garden of flowers without us knowing.

WAG (1)

We decided to dine at Wagyu Angus Grill (51 Majors Bay Road, Concord NSW) recommended by my lovely mama bear.

Beautifully decorated restaurant with sparkling chandelier lights and marble tables. Chairs so soft and comfy may have imprinted my bottom the entire night. It was suggested by mama bear this place seemed exceptionally perfect for Valentine’s Day. Hint Papa bear.

Our table ordered the Mother’s day special set ($59 p.p), set B ($59 p.p) & set C ($69 p.p).

We were served complimentary sparkling champagne. It was only meant to be for Mother’s day set. But the owner was generous to provide additional champagne.

WAG (2)

As we waited for our meals to arrive. I was so fascinated with the side plate. Shaped into a quirky heart.

WAG (3)

Our starter ocean trio (for all set menu) soon arrived served onto the most adorable arty seafood themed glazed plate.  Fresh oyster, smoked salmon in a creative rose shape placed on a slice crisp cucumber and prawn cocktail trenched with thousand island mayo.

WAG (4)

I was amused when the seafood chowder soup (MDS Set menu) was served at our table. It reminded me of one of the Simpson’s episode. I honestly don’t know why (insert giggles).

The light fluffy shell pastry was perfection that I had stroked it a few times with my clean fingers before giving it to my mama bear. As she unfolded the crackling layers of pastry, laid below was the soup that was so thick and creamy with chunks of seafood pieces made it worth the wild to persuade my mama to give me the rest of the soup.

WAG (5)

The Peking duck wrap (MDS Set menu) was tasty. It’s differently made compared to traditional Peking duck courses I’ve come across. Usually the pancake wraps are soft and chewy, but this one nicely toasted and crunchy served with chunky mango pieces. And check out the serving plate. Funky Chinese shaped fan. Their presentation is extravagant.

WAG (6) (A)

WAG (6)

LOOK at that mouth watering Wagyu steak! (Set B menu) Full blood 400 day grain fed wagyu MBS 9+ sirloin. It literally melted into my mouth. After my first piece I had eaten, I stayed silent and continued my steak until I had devoured all of it. Papa and Mama bear kept eyeing my steak. I did not surrender the steak to my parents because it was soooo juicy and tender. It was the perfect fatty and meaty ratio to be served.

WAG (7)

Surf and turf (Set C menu) included Wagyu Steak and Lobster Delight in Lobster Florentine sauce. As stated above the Wagyu steak incredibly amazing. The lobster meat was so so but the lobster Florentine sauce made the dish enjoyable to eat overall.

WAG (8)

WAG (9)

Grilled king prawn (MDS Set menu) surprisingly addictive especially the caramelized sauce. It would have been more delightful if it was served with a piece of freshly baked dinner rolls or even with rice. Papa bear almost licked the plate if It hadn’t been a large group of people sitting near us. Lol!

WAG (10)

Triple Indulgence dessert (for all set menu) sounded so epic on the menu. And it was! Chocolate mousse, snowball and cheesecake. Chocolate mousse rich in chocolate flavour. Snowball ice cream so smooth and creamy covered with chunky mango. The triple layer cheesecake wasn’t so much mama bears favourite as it wasn’t enough cream cheese rather a lot of fluffy whipped cream. Alongside our sweet sweet treats we were given complimentary coffee or tea.

WAG (11)

By the end of the night we were the last seating tables due to the continuous conversations on rambling over silly subjects with my family. The business owners managed to take their time to speak with us about how they started their business. Both husband and wife retiree’s opened a few months ago and successfully continued their business. Now opens fusion yum cha from Friday to Sunday.

They opened their business just for fun. It inspired me to think of something to do when I retire. This is a very long time from now. Perhaps travel around the world on a cruise ship. But that’s another story to tell.

Just before we waved our hands goodbye to the owner’s we received free environmental friendly gift bags (MDS Set menu). Very creative gift. Matching cup and plate.

WAG was just the perfect restaurant to celebrate Mother’s Day. Can’t wait to try their yum cha next time I’m there!

WAG (12)

Photo by Vanny Tang

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