Memorable Moments in Melbourne (Part 2)

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Not surprisingly, Melbourne has so much to offer, such hype I’m surrounded by festivity, food, fashion and fun. I was blown away by a bakery store called N.Lee Bakery that I had tried, recommended by a friend of mine, who conveniently works down the road.

He mentioned the lines would be enormous and it was best to go before the lunch hour rush. Thank goodies I followed his advice. When we got there we were lucky last in the queue. One minute later *gasped* I turned around I see a line full of people behind me, coming from main streets, alley way streets and even cars. It’s quite a culture that draws attention to their delicious freshly baked crusty breads and flaky pastries.

N Lee (1)

Their service is quick and friendly, it’s an efficient in and out service, but if you’re a person who really can’t wait then there’s a few wooden tables and chairs for you to unwind.

N Lee (4)

Packed full of cooperate dressed people, I knew there wouldn’t be a slight chance for us to sit and eat in. So we decided to order *drums rolls* their classic Vietnamese Roll ($6.90)ย for take-away.

I can finally see the reason why my friend suggested this roll. I was possessed by the lot. Starting from the bread, the outer glazed layer, I had to HAD TO brush my fingers a few times on the outer layer and say my good-byes before I deconstructed it. Gently unfolding the roll, I could see the bright colours of fresh veggie ingredients of shredded carrots, few strands of coriander that perfumed the entire roll, looking innocently towards me. Tucked beneath the overcrowded veggies, a slice or two of roast pork and Vietnamese pork and drizzled fish sauce that had soaked in the warm fluffy bread.

Taking that first bite was mind-blowing. The crunchy, crispy and flavoursome feeling I had absorbed lead to me forget everyone around me and that included my friend. It got a little messy as crispy, flakey pieces of the outer layer roll kept falling as I took a bite every single time.
N Lee (2)

After lunch I spent my precious hours wandering through the busy streets and touristy places. Constantly walking back and forth the CBD I was drawn by the electric colours on the walls at Croft Al off Payness Pl. With curiosity circulating in my mind, my body took control on its own and drifted towards the rusty alley way.

I was influenced by the artistic walls that was graffitied along the entire alley way. I was a little concerned whether to continue walking or do a u turn as I was by myself, so I suggest bring a friend or a bunch of friends to share the electrifying experience.
Art  (1)

Art  (2)

Art  (3)

Art  (5)

The night ended with the craziest Korean Fried Chicken aka KFC at Gami for dinner.

Gami (1)

Move over Arisun! Gami has taken over your crown and introduced the most mouth-watering, lip smacking and finger licking experience one can never imagine with fried Chicken. I was amused by the constant cries and facial expressions of my friends thinking they were constipating, but really they were just enjoying that chicken.

We ordered Half Original Fried Chicken ($16)

Gami (6)

We also ordered a jug of Gami house bitter [Brunswick Bitter] ($14.50) which came with a bowl of side dishes, sweet and sour radish and prawn crackers. This would be great if soccer was on!

Gami (2)

Cheese, yes please! Corn Cheese ($9) enveloped so well together with the sweet sweet corn drenched in mayo and stretchy baked cheese becomes pretty addictive!

Gami (3)


Gami (5)

It was such a bummer the Seafood & spring onion pancake($13) turned out to be a disappointment. At first I questioned if we ordered this as it was served to our table. I must be seafood blind as I couldn’t see any…Maybe call it spring onion pancake next time. There was plenty of spring onions in this pancake of ours.

Gami (4)

To avoid disappointment make a booking before heading there! Otherwise you’d be only watching others eat that juicy chicken.

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Gami at Lt Lonsdale on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Memorable Moments in Melbourne (Part 2)

    chocolatesuze said:
    July 14, 2013 at 7:38 PM

    oh em gee that fried chicken looks amazing!

      Nessy Eater responded:
      July 15, 2013 at 1:34 AM

      it really was! ๐Ÿ˜€

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    July 24, 2014 at 5:00 PM

    […] The hunt for the perfect golden battered fried chicken may be overโ€ฆor not. A birdie told me that Gami is still number one. All I know is this delightful crispy chicken sure wasnโ€™t at all oily. The […]

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