Take 2: My Food Bag- Healthy Recipes‎ Made at Home

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What a surprise we are halfway through winter. With this cold season making feel a little insecure about my eating habits, we’ve become attached to My Food Bag, so that we can ease our way through to eating healthy again and reminding ourselves that there’s FRESH fruit and vegetables options for when we cook at home. 

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (1)

That healthy rainbow spread right at your door step.

There has been some recent improvements that My Food Bag product and experience made. 

New Monday AM delivery time – Enjoy delivery while you sleep! My Food Bag now offers their foodies the added convenience of a NEW delivery window, Monday 2:00am – 7:00am. Win back your weekend and wake up to a delivery on your doorstep! It’s all part of continuing to offer a convenient service to suit the busy lives of their foodies.

New planet-friendly packaging – My Food Bag is committed to delivering their foodies only the freshest seasonal produce available, in packaging which is planet-friendly. They’re now delivering the goodness in their 100% recyclable Chilltainers and Brown Paper Boxes, all kept cool by their new recyclable ice bricks. This new packaging has replaced their traditional bags to continue to ensure the best quality delivery service.

New suppliers – My Food Bag has teamed up with a number of new local suppliers to continue to bring their foodies only the best! While of course remaining free-range, organic and sustainably sourced (wherever possible)

Reduced recipe times – A team of nutritionists and dietitians have been working hard to reduce their recipe preparation time, while retaining variation and a healthy balance of ingredients

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (2)

No kidding about freshest local Australian produce, meat and fish.

Let’s experience first-hand the following changes… 🙂 Excited (*Insert* happy dance)

Now let’s start with delivery…I must say My Food Bag does keep you informed through email and text, even days before your order, so that you are aware your groceries are coming. Thumb up for that top quality service. Whilst I was in bed dreaming about the things I’m going to cook for that week I did receive 2 alerts on my phone; one for when they deliver and the other saying my groceries are in front of my door.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (3)

Delivery came on time just before I head to work. Many ticks for that!

Unpacked my goodies around 8am and they were still nice and chilled. I could smell all the ingredients even before I had opened the brown box. Now that’s another thumb up for quality food supplies.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (4)

Didn’t need to waste time hitting the markets to find fresh meat. Thumbs up for that effort!

I dare you to take a peek at the latest scrumdiddlyumptious creations from Nadia Lim and her team for easy recipes cooked in your very own kitchen.


Taste: An old-fashioned favorite made with the freshest of ingredients. Enjoyed tasting the blend of vegetables with the marinated spice mix fish. It seriously was fresh from the fields to my dinner table. My tastebuds could separately taste the cubes fresh fish and veggies. The only thing that bugged me was my sweet potato wasn’t cooked as I followed the recipe. Other than that this was an earth friendly meal.

Verdict: Let’s taco bout this recipe baby, it felt like a fun Friday night meal that was super perfect for my boring Monday night in. I spiced up my nacho bowls with edible Old El Paso Stand ‘n Stuff soft tortilla bowls instead of using the suggested homeware bowls. I mean life is easier when everything is edible, right? Muahahaha. Saved myself from cleaning more dishes by adding my own idea to this dish and yes I was completely stuffed with two nacho bowls.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (5)

There’s something fishy about this dinner…haha.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (6)

Mexican Fish & Sweet Potato Nacho Bowls


Taste: Might I say fresh, generous, and prepared to perfection, this chicken stuffed with parmesan and basil will leave you wanting more. I was stunned that I made this all by myself. It truly had extraordinary flavours that I never knew it was possible. Don’t normally eat chicken breasts because it always turns out dry for me whenever I cook it, but nope not these breasts. Super juicy because of the parmesan. Loved the fragrant of the basil, garlic and red onion whilst it was cooking in the oven. Gold medal for the rich and hearty flavour.

Verdict: I’m really not sure what to say because I have never been in this kind of situation before, but HEAVENS YES I’d make this again, any day. First time stuffing these breasts with an intriguing filling that I could not have imagined. A delicious and easy-to-prepare chicken breasts that makes a great presentation and fills up any big stomach. Felt guilty (NOT) eating parmesan for a Tuesday night but when it’s mixed with red onion, basil and garlic, you know you have to let the guilty card slide. Thank the veggie gods for arriving on time to balance this meal. So far so good! I think this has become my signature dish for when friends come over to eat.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (7)

There’s there’s THERE’S parmesan in this dish 😀

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (8)

This is new for me…parmesan, basil, garlic, lemon and red onion mixed together…

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (9)

 Using toothpicks for this recipe. Don’t pick on my breasts! Haha

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (10)

Just winged it. Teeheehee.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (11)

Parmesan & Basil Chicken with Lemon Potatoes & Charred Greens


Taste: Sadly this dish was my least favourite (insert sad face) because it didn’t blend so well together. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sourness taste of the tomato base dish, then moving on to the creamy mayo flavour from the spinach and finally the garam masala beef strips. Don’t get me wrong, all 3 dishes had a full burst of flavour, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. On a much happier note I enjoyed dipping my Lebanese slice bread into the mushroom ragout.

Verdict: It’s a great destination meal for those who heart mushroom and cherry tomatoes. Would suggest to substitute the spinach with cos lettuce so it would marry so well with the garam masala beef strips. I had plenty of leftovers and decided to mix the mushroom ragout with brown rice and as for the gram masalsa beef it turned out to be a kebab using the bread and adding with spinach.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (12)

Garam Masalsa Beef with Mushrooms Ragout Spinch & Flatbreads


Taste: Silver medal for this dish as there was no game smell of the lamb and who knew you could cook kale. I was shocked you could mix lamb with sweet chilli sauce. It was a great steak that was so juicy that you accidentally bursted the water pipe…well almost. Loved the subtle hints of sweet, chilli from the lamb and as for the kale…OH MY! Incredible flavour that I wished I found this sooner. As for the rice I totally forgot about that being there because I was so distracted by that lamb leg and veggies.

Verdict: I am very like VERY sensitive to wanting to cook lamb  in my own kitchen and eating kale during dinner time because both don’t mix so well in my books, but I was wrong. A winning pair of kale and lamb leg bursted intense flavors and alluring aromas. Loved the serving of solider carrots and mountains of kale.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (13)

There’s lamb leg and kale on the menu…first time cooking these ingredients.

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (14)

Lamb Leg Steaks with Coriander Pesto Lemon Kale & Rice


Taste: This dish didn’t go bacon my heart…thank the food gods, instead it was warming my heart. This risotto covered in a decadent creamy texture and dusted with parmesan made me lick my plate clean. A healthy pile of greens with the added pear fruit as a side salad offered a bright crunch when paired with the risotto.

Verdict: I must say I’m surprised with this recipe. Risotto is something I don’t normally whip up in the kitchen because rice doesn’t cook properly, but it turned out very smooth and creamy.  As for a salad that has slices of pear in it, impressive. I do like pear salad now, thanks to My Food Bag!

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (15)

It’s so hot inside, I’m bacon!

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (16)

Bacon & Zucchini Risotto with Pear & Parmesan Salad

Thoughts about My Food Bag

Regards to the following changes that was mentioned at the beginning of this post, let’s see if it approved on the Nessy Eater radar.

  1. Delivery time – Spot on with timing and they text you before and after to confirm delivery to your home 
  2. Packaging – Can’t blame if it’s recyclable and helping the environment 
  3. Food Products – Still impressed with the high quality and fresh ingredients. I’m still intrigued with lamb leg steaks! YUM! 
  4. Reduced recipe times – 4 out of 5 recipes was super easy to assemble as it only required chopping and assembling the ingredients into one pot, so yes it did reduce 5-15 minutes. 

Other notes

  • My Food Bag menus use only fresh seasonal produce, so there’s nothing frozen and they choose free-range and sustainably farmed products
  • Nutritionally balanced meals for all 5 nights
  • Read more here

When it comes to purchasing a week’s worth of groceries, it’s frightening to try new things for example purchasing new meat parts, spices or vegetables because it’s very costly and it takes so much of your time thinking about what to make out of it, but with My Food Bag they’ve done the dirty work for you.

Overall my view on My Food Bag hasn’t changed even for my previous review. My Food Bag does an excellent job with providing fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that can cater for those who cannot cook (that’s me).

My Food Bag 2016_Nessy Eater (17)

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater received a trial of My Food Bag-Classic, thanks to My Food Bag.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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My Food Bag- Weekday Meals Made Easy at Home

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“What’s for dinner tonight?” seems like the most important question on everyone’s mind every night. Dinner ideas can be really frustrating especially when you just finished a stressful long day at work. When you finally figure out a dish you want to cook (usually the same idea: chicken and broccoli or steak with chips), then comes the chore of having to purchase the ingredients and lining up in the supermarket queue. By the time you finish unloading your groceries onto the kitchen table, you’d be ready to jump into bed. Rewind everything you just read and let’s just order seven days of take-out food for dinner. Luckily there is a solution for this and here is how: My Food Bag. Full stop!

My Food Bag was born in New Zealand in March 2013. After a huge success and support from their kiwi fans, it hopped on to a plane to Australian soil and launched in Sydney, Melbourne and soon to launch in other Australian cities. What My Food Bag offers is a selection of healthy recipes, AND EVERYTHING you need to whip up to make a 5-star dish (minus a fraction of pantry staples that you may already have at home e.g. egg, salt and or pepper).

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (1)

Food rainbow 

There are three different Food Bags to choose from to suit different households and tastebuds, unfortunately this does not include pets if you count them as family, sorry. Delivered on a Sunday so you’re all prepped for the week ahead:

  • The Family Bag, designed for a family with 2 adults and 2-3 young children ($169 for 5 people for 5 days)
  • The Classic Bag, designed for a family of 4 with 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 older children ($129 for 4 people for 3 days)
  • The Gourmet Bag, designed for two people ($149 for 2 adults for 4 days)

The first thing I noticed about My Food Bag is that they are great with communicating with their hungry customers. For instance we received an email on Friday informing us what recipes we’d be cooking the following week. I must confess all recipes for my week looked MOUTH-WATERING. On Saturday they send us a text telling us time slot for our delivery. And on Sunday it felt like Santa popped by because as promised My Food Bag-Classic arrived right on our doorstep. As we unwrapped our presents, everything seems to be top notch. The organic meat and free range chicken to spices and brown rice was meticulously labelled. Fruits, vegetables and herbs smelt ridiculously healthy. Totes give My Food Bag a HUGE TICK of APPROVAL for freshness.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (2)

What’s in the My Food Bag Classic?

For your first delivery My Food Bag gifts you with a mini folder where you can store your deepest darkest secrets of your favourite recipe cards. All recipe cards are seasonally based and are created by their top dog Head Chef, Miguel Maestre (from Channel 10’s The Living Room), as well as Zoe Bingley-Pullin who co-host of Channel Ten’s Good Chef Bad Chef and 2011 MasterChef New Zealand winner, Nadia Lim.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (3)

Time to unwrap the recipe bag…what’s cooking good looking.

Get ready to be rescued from starvation in your own home! What are you waiting for…keep scrolling for more healthy home cooked meals.


Taste: Great start to a Monday with a fat piece of salmon that smelt like it just had been caught from the ocean before it was then pan fried. I loved how the salsa verde from The Cooking Room made the warm salad much more tastier. The downside of this dish was the salmon flavour seemed to be super strong in freshness that it didn’t blend so well with the salad. Maybe I should have marinated the fish with the salsa verde….note to self for next time.

Verdict: I was absolutely stuffed eating this dish and had half a plate of leftovers. It was a fantastic warm-up exercise to get started in the kitchen. I noticed there was vegetables on my plate and I cooked it (GASP).

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (4)

OH EM GEEE! What am I cooking?

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (4B)

Salmon with salsa verde, smashed potatoes and spinch


Taste: This dish was pretty darn addictive. The Lebanese fattoush was enough to send me running to the nearest farm and pick up the same ingredients to make it again. I did not know mint and parsley can go so well together with salad, it tasted refreshing. The chicken was so flavoursome like it had been marinated for hours but really it was max 10 minutes, so applause to za’atar. As for the pieces of Lebanese bread I made a new batch right after demolishing this dish. So much goodness in this recipe!

Verdict: To my surprise I now know how to make a fattoush salad using herbs and learnt how to use za’atar spice with chicken thighs. Also what an excellent idea of substituting deep fried chips with baked Lebanese bread and it’s served hot. Great for winter snacks that’s just around the corner and doesn’t increase your waistline.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (5)

Gonna make the most delicious dish on the planet! Can you guess?

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (5B)

Za’atar crusted chicken with Lebanese fattoush

Being oh so childish as always and pretending to be creative in the kitchen, I thought it would be fun to make a fattoush boat. This would be great for the kids as it was served in a small portion. Do you like my work of food art?

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (5C)

Nessy Eater’s fattoush boat (Please don’t judge me!)


Taste: There was plenty of vegetable element in this dish and all ingredients married so well together even the curry mayo. Life’s too short to just have one serving. Teehee. The pork steak bathed in curry powder was beautifully paired well with the salsa and had the perfect sweet/salty balance as well as a bit of tanginess from the dressing. LIP SMACKING DELICIOUS RECIPE!

Verdict: I am gobsmacked that I made a sweet potato rosti. Never knew sweet potato can be used like that before and that’s why I never buy sweet potatoes at the supermarket, but that’s going to change from now on. Besides the rosti the salsa was screaming summer all over the plate. Not only did this dish bring happiness to my belly but it kept me dreaming about it the next day.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (6)

I think I can smell a healthy meal coming soon…

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (6B)

Look how fabulous my sweet potato rosti looks before pan frying it.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (6C)

So weird to admit I made this…

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (6D)

Pork steak with sweet potato rosti, mango salsa and curry mayo


Taste: Get punched in the mouth with Zoe’s lamb with flavours of modern India. This curry was easy to make and sang with flavour, I wish it was a never ending pot. The lamb was tasty enough with the curry and wasn’t overpowering. I may have had a bigger appetite than Zoe with this dish, so thank goodness for leftover Lebanese bread.

Verdict: The curry was seriously amazing because well I cooked it. Haha. However I failed to cook the brown rice accordingly to the recipe card, but that didn’t stop me from eating it. On a much happier note I now can make lamb curry. This pot of curry would be pretty high up on my list for winter meals. To my shock I used curry leaves, tamarind puree and Bombay curry powder for the very first time in one dish. I think I’m ready to apply for the next MasterChef.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (7)

Need curry in a hurry? Make this!

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (7B)

May need to work on cooking brown rice a little bit more…

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (7C)

Zoe’s lamb, tamarind, pumpkin and yoghurt curry with brown rice


Taste: The rice noodles was fully coated with fish sauce and there was completely no sign of lack of flavour. I quite enjoyed the slices of beef sirloin steak that combined so well with the super refreshing salad. It was very juicy and tender that it was pretty impossible to share. Pretty impressed with using Thai herbs and eating 3 vegetables. Can be easily served hot or cold because that sweet sour flavour doesn’t vanish.

Verdict: This was so easy to make that I could do this blind-folded. Most of the time spent was chopping up my vegetables into different shapes. Again I am still overwhelmed of using herbs in any of My Food Bag recipes.

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (9)

Bring on the next My Food Bag recipe!

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (9B)

Vietnamese beef salad with rice noodles

Aaaand that’s a wrap up of My Food Bag Classic. I have definitely gained a lot of skills during these 5 days and instead of eating my beloved steak and fried repeatedly during the weekdays, I have now got 5 recipe cards to use. It was great that every day was a mix of vegetables and meat so it wasn’t boring at all for me to be in the kitchen. There was plenty of left over spices and herbs that can be used for other recipes you can try at home. I love the idea of having not to use my brain to plan ahead of what to eat for dinner and go to the grocery store to buy each ingredient. My Food Bag is super duper convenient for families.

Top 5 Reasons to Try My Food Bag

  1. The ingredients you pull out of the paper bags is 110% fresh, you can smell it from miles away. All My Food Bag produce is organic and free range that is straight from the farmers. There is definitely a difference to the taste when it comes to organic vs. purchasing at a supermarket.
  2. Delivered straight to your door for FREE. This means fewer trips to the shops. No need to battle the supermarket queue on weekends- I know how frustrating that can get!
  3. Don’t need to menu plan because My Food Bag has already planned 5 days of delicious recipes for you and the family.
  4. Great family activity and bonding time with kids and or loved ones.
  5. You’ll be eating healthy for dinner. There are at least 2 vegetables or greens for each recipe without you even knowing!

Final Thoughts about My Food Bag

  • Felt like a 5 star chef in the house
  • Never knew I can use spices and herbs in my own kitchen
  • Had leftovers = YUM
  • Never ate 2-4 vegetables on one plate in one night before
  • Great family activity
  • Learnt a few new tricks

My Food Bag_Nessy Eater (10)

 Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater received a trial of My Food Bag-Classic, thanks to Porter Novelli and My Food Bag.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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Lunch with Poh Ling Yeow at PappaRich Parramatta

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It is PappaRich o’clock here at Nessy Eater and besides telling you readers a wide range of delicious food, Nessy Eater girl was very lucky to join Poh Ling Yeow for lunch. It’s a long story of how I first met Poh. Back in 2009 when Poh first appeared on a reality television series called MasterChef Australia I think that’s where I fell in love with this girl. She was my first girl crush I’ve ever encountered. Poh being the beauty queen on television and me avoiding homework just so I can watch her battle it out in the kitchen was something I truly never regretted as a teen. Having a long history of being one of Poh’s fans, I never thought this fan girl would ever experience her cooking, but I did. Click here. To top it with Poh cooking dinner for Nessy Eater girl the next thing we knew was we were joining lunch with her and other fun food bloggers at PappaRich Parramatta. We made sure we spent every single second with her! 

Poh PappaRich (39)
PappaRich Feast with Poh Ling Yeow ahead! READ ON!!!

Poh PappaRich (1) The line at PappaRich Parramatta is normal on a Saturday.

Poh PappaRich (3)What’s on the menu you Pappa?

Okay…so having lunch with Poh meant it was an obligation to bring our appetite along and I am certainly glad that I did. The first dish that came out to us hungry food bloggers was the Pappa deep fried chicken skin. To my surprise, this was my very first time experiencing those crunchy skins and I loved it. The crispy skins offer a bright crunch when paired with the sweet and sour sauce. A very satisfying dish that can be easily stolen.

Poh PappaRich (5) Pappa Deep Fried Chicken Skin

Poh PappaRich (6)Oh the skin was incredibly crunchy!

Another delectable dish was the roti canai that is freshly made in the restaurant and is served with curry dips and spicy sambal sauce. When you first look at the roti, you’ll notice the edges on the outside is crispy and when you dig into it it is super fluffy.

Poh PappaRich (7) Roti  Canai

Poh PappaRich (8)Doesn’t she look POH-FECT??? 😀 ❤ 

Would you like to be my chicken wing? Because these Pappa fried chicken wings is a delicious addition to any meal. I kid you not these wings provide a crackly crust that is the hallmark for PappaRich and shares a delightful salty flavour. I feel like these chicks been double fried because they are extremely crunchy. Each bite provides a handful of comfort.

Poh PappaRich (11) Pappa Fried Chicken Wings

We even had a highly dramatic and entertaining teh tarik demonstration during our lunch. This was fascinating and fun to watch as the demonstrator stretched the tea to about one meter long. By the way teh tarik means stretched tea and requires a lot of skills to master pulling the tea, especially when it’s fifty degrees hot!

Poh PappaRich (12) Teh Tarik demonstration

Poh PappaRich (13)Poh impressed with the teh tarik demonstration

Poh PappaRich (15)The boy has talent!

To overcome this fried madness we resorted to ordering many Malaysian drinks to cool our stomachs down. PappaRich beverages include Longan Milk HoneyMatcha Rocks that consists of green tea ice-cream with red bean and soy milk. Another famous drink that one often needs to quench a thirst is the Coconut Paradise.

Poh PappaRich (16)From left to right: Longan Milk HoneyMatcha Rocks  and Coconut Paradise

Malaysia is very popular for their beef and chicken satay, so duh it’s required for the table. It’s brilliant how PappaRich marinates these as they pay special attention to turmeric for that strong yellow colour. They do an excellent job at replicating the authentic flavours from Malaysia and the peanut sauce too.

Poh PappaRich (17) Satay Mix: Beef and chicken

Speaking of the chicken, you might want to try the Biryani rice with red chicken and sambal prawn– It’s a classic dish that comes with fresh juicy pieces of sliced chicken, cooked prawns and basmati rice. You will have to ask Irene’s Getting Fat on her thoughts about this dish, but I can tell you she happily left with a grin on her face.

Poh PappaRich (18)Biryani Rice with red chicken and sambal prawn

The Vegetarian siew mai is such a stunner. I still can’t quite figure out what’s in them and how they can be shaped like that.

Poh PappaRich (28)Vegetarian Siew Mai

Can’t quite put my finger on what’s inside the vegetarian fu chook rolls, but they are still tasty for the vegetarians out there.

Poh PappaRich (29)Vegetarian Fu Chook Rolls

Now lets get serious about the Pappa prawn mee laksa that’s a fabulous heart warming Malaysian-Chinese fusion containing spicy prawnshalf boiled egg, shredded chicken, bean sprouts and spinach. Buried in the red sea includes long yellow noodles!

Poh PappaRich (24)Pappa Prawn Mee Laksa

Deliberately held my stomach to try the Pappa chicken rice with steamed chicken. This is an all star favourite as their chicken is perfectly smooth, juicy and tender. You might want to experiment with the flavours and textures in this dish as it includes half cooked bean sprouts and chicken broth soup.

Poh PappaRich (27)Pappa Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken

Let’s take a quick look at the dry curry egg noodle with steamed chicken. The noodles hands down complements the thick curry sauce. It definitely stimulated my appetite with the side dish of fresh pieces of chicken that’s bathed in sesame oil and sweet soy sauce.

Poh PappaRich (26)Dry Curry Egg Noodles with Steamed Chicken

And what do we have here that taste so extra special…It’s the dry koray teow with steamed chicken. It’s not your regular kind of noodles for Sydney but an absolute favourite in Malaysia. It’s something that shouldn’t be missed out when you visit PappaRich. Although it looks simple, however this plate is packed with flavours that’s waiting for your taste buds to give it a go.

Poh PappaRich (20)Dry Kuay Teow with Steamed Chicken

Poh PappaRich (30)PappaRich Parramatta owner Allan with Poh Ling Yeow

Poh PappaRich (31)MasterChef Australia 2014 Emily Loo with Poh

Poh PappaRich (32)Girls. This is how you say POHHHHH… 😛 ❤ Photo credit: Milkteaxx

So sad our lunch had to end and saying good-bye to Poh was very difficult for me. And if you look closely at the image below, it’s a photo within a photo!!! Tehehe 😀

Poh PappaRich (41)Poh remembers Nessy Eater GIRL!!! Photo credit Snapshots of Food 

To sum up, it was very lovely seeing Poh again and I am so thrilled she signed my photo. PappaRich does deliver authentic Malaysian cuisines at an affordable price. Make sure you do not miss their roti, satay skewers and Pappa chicken rice with steamed chicken.

Poh PappaRich (25)Feasting it out with Poh Ling Yeow at Papparich was POH-fecto!

Photos by Vanny Tang

Disclaimer: Nessy Eater attended “Lunch with Poh at PappaRich Parramatta”, thanks to Wasamedia.

Opinions are however, Nessy Eater’s own.

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EatNow on the go- Caesar’s Pizza Palace

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Are you living in a busy hectic schedule that you just don’t have enough time to cook? To make sure you have one less thing to think about, why not order or pre-order your favourite food on the move. EatNow is providing take-away lovers an easier solution by simply downloading their iOS App. Not only does it this app features include cuisine or rating but you’d be able to benefit specials deals and discounts.


For a first time user, download the EatNow app. This shouldn’t be hard for the iphone users.


Now, it’s time to select where you are. For Nessy Eater girl, Sydney’s her home.


After selecting your suburb, time to select a take-away spot you’d like to eat. For me, I think my stomach was rumbling for Caesar’s Pizza Palace and also because I spotted first time users get 20% off total bill. WooHOO!




When time is precious, look for skip to button and this automatically leads to starters, pasta, pizzas…etc.


Getting excited to check out! Once you’ve selected all the foods, click CONTINUE.


Ok, you got me! I clearly decided to be lazy and asked for delivery. Delivery was free, only when you spend a certain amount for example this one was min $20.


You have the option to connect to your Facebook account or just sign up using an email address.


It’s payment time and it takes only 1 minute to fill this in.


ALMOST DONE! Double checking my orders and press the place order button.


How convenient was that? It took me roughly 10 minutes including deciding what to eat and filling in the details.


Don’t have a receipt? NO WORRIES! EatNow will definitely send you a confirmation and order number so you can track your food.


They even do email too, just incase you gave them the wrong number.



Shame delivery for me was 10 minutes late, but that wasn’t a problem for me because the pizzas were waiting. My first food item that I quickly unpacked was the delicious lamb medium ($19.90). I think I was crazy for the marinated lamb fillets, thinly sliced green capsicums, finely chopped onion and lots of feta topped with lemon zest. The pizza dough was nicely thin with a gentle flavour and soft chewy texture.


Delicious lamb medium ($19.90) sure was DELICIOUS.

You may or may not be a little excited for the Lasagne ($13) but this had a ridiculous amount of tomato and minced beef  made with several layers of lasagne sheets. Not what I expected, but I think they may want to brush up on the presentation on this one.




 Looking so red there lasagne…are you blushing in front of me? 😛

Moving onto my next pizza, I present to you Penang Chicken Medium ($19.90). This was heavily marinated with chicken, roasted capsicum, onion, halved peanuts topped with satay sauce and MORE peanuts. If you like a bit of tang in your pizza, the wedge of lemon serves its purpose. You’ll fall into pieces if you don’t get a slice of this.


 Penang Chicken Medium ($19.90)


 Coke ($2.50)

I easily get trapped with words like Homemade Cakes ($7.90), so I had to put that in the checkout. I think the plural made it even more convincing for me to order this, but it turned out to be just a huge slice of tiramisu. It was a rich dessert of Italian meringue, mascarpone and soft biscuits soaked in coffee and a good dose of liqueur was detected. The highlight of EatNow for me was the special discounts and free items, but that only depends on the restaurant. Overall, using EatNow iOS app was super easy to use and a great on the go tool making it easy and simple to order a variety of cuisines.


Homemade Cakes ($7.90)

Photos by Vanny Tang

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Korean Fried Chicken at Red Pepper

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So tell me dear readers…what is the best method to encourage one to exercise? For me, the only manner that’s worth exercising is my intestines at Strathfield Sports Club. Here at the club, magic finger licking starts with some Korean Fried Chicken at Red Pepper. You’d be keen to try this fry chicken joint as it offers over 10 different flavours.


Explore the Spring Onion Chicken (Half $18) with satisfying fried crunchiness with nothing but a light drizzle of wasabi sauce and a small puddle hidden underneath the bed of chicken. There’s a generous amount of happiness when the sauce touches your tastebuds and oh you won’t forget about that crispy satisfaction. Do you see a pile of green spring onion? Made me feel less guilty for eating this dish. Hehe

Spring Onion Chicken

 Spring Onion Chicken (Half $18) 

Soy Sauce Chicken (Half $17) is made for you if you simply just enjoy soy sauce on its own. This is the best KFC version for sticky delicate, crackly crust on the skin. It is marinated so well with a sugar snap of sweetness. Having this dish all to yourself is the key to happiness. Teehee.

Soy Sauce Chicken

Soy Sauce Chicken (Half $17)

MmmmMmm do you want cheese with that? The Snow Cheese Chicken (Half $18) is grated and dusted with cheddar cheese power. Everything together was kind of not what we expected, however it was tasty though.

Snow Cheese Chicken

 Snow Cheese Chicken (Half $18)

I have a thing for foods that have a hint of sweetness and you can bet the Sweet + Spicy Chicken (Half $18) was a winner in my eyes. HOT DAYUM! Each bite delights with rich spicy flavour and sprinkles of roasted garlic. It’s deliciously simple and you wouldn’t want to miss this!

Sweet + Spicy Chicken

Sweet + Spicy Chicken (Half $18)

Sweet + Spicy Chicken (2)

The chickens are marinated so well. 

Who is counting calories when there’s the original Fried Chicken (Half $16) to think about? The hunt for the perfect golden battered fried chicken may be over…or not. A birdie told me that Gami is still number one. All I know is this delightful crispy chicken sure wasn’t at all oily. The beautiful deep fried coating tastes as great as it looks.

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken (Half $16) 

Give into temptation with the Spicy Chilli Chicken (Half $18) – It’s glazed in super spicy sauce and dear god your tongue will BURN! Warning: you may be in tears, so if you’re a guy, try to stay strong in front of the girls. Haha. These do look finger-lickin’ good, don’t cha think? I have discovered I do have a weakness for chicken and overtime been a fan for fried chicken. The sauce here at Red Pepper is delicious and you’ll find yourself demolishing the entire menu if you had a spare stomach. It’s worth the calories!

Spicy Chilli Chicken

Spicy Chilli Chicken (Half $18) 

Photos by Vanny Tang

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